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Initiative Overview BC 211 Initiative Presented by:

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1 Initiative Overview BC 211 Initiative Presented by:

2 2 What we will cover: 1.What is 211 2.Progress to date & current status 3.What next, and how does this involve you?

3 3 What is 211? The 211 service is an integrated telephone and web system of help for information about community services.

4 4 Distinct Yet Complementary 211 Community information & referral 311 Municipal gov’t services & police non-emergency 411Directory assistance 511Canada: reserved but not assigned. US: traffic information 611Telephone repair assistance 711Message relay service 811Non-urgent health care telephone triage services (Canada). US: contractors & others to call before conducting excavation activities. 911Emergency services

5 5 Who would call 211: A senior citizen wanting home care support to live independently. A recent immigrant needing language & employment training. A family searching for child care services in their community or close to work.

6 6 Who would call 211: A concerned neighbour trying to help a friend in an abusive relationship. A family trying to find services for their son with a newly diagnosed illness.

7 7 Canada’s 211 Initiative Goal To ensure that one-third of Canadians in at least five provinces have access to 211 by 2008, and to extend 211 to all Canadians by 2011.

8 8 The 211 Success Story 211 serves over 56% of the US population-- 169 million people—through 189 active systems in 40 states (15 with 100% coverage) plus Puerto Rico. 211 system serves 15% of the Canadian population through centres in Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary, Niagara and Simcoe. In 2006, Quebec City will commence service, becoming the world’s first 211 centre operating primarily in French. By the end of 2006, Canada’s first province- wide 211 service is expected to be up and running in Nova Scotia.

9 9 211 serves the public interest 1.Provides a cost-effective & efficient way for people to navigate the complex maze of human services agencies and programs. 2.Connects people seeking services or volunteer opportunities with appropriate community based organizations and government agencies. 3.Supports prevention & fosters self- sufficiency by making services easier to access. 4.Helps efficiently allocate resources by identifying service gaps & emerging local needs by collecting call data.

10 10 U.S. Cost Benefit Study 211 would ultimately provide American taxpayers up to $1.1 billion in net value over the next 10 years. The benefits of 211 systems increase over time, as new, innovative uses are employed for the number. University of Texas Ray Marshall Center for the Study of Human Resources for United Way of America

11 11 Canadian Cost-Benefit Study A Canadian 211 system would provide significant savings for individuals, government and other organizations, with total benefits exceeding total costs by a factor of more than two to one. A baseline scenario of 10 information centres providing around the clock service, found a net present value (NPV) of $202 M. Deloitte for United Way Canada

12 12 BC Cost-Benefit Study A provincial 211 system in BC could provide total benefits that outweighed total costs by a factor of 2.4 to 1 and a NPV of $38.9M over 10 years. The annual benefits, when the system has reached capacity, are expected to be $11.6M while ongoing costs to operate the system are expected to be $4.9M. Deloitte for United Way of the Lower Mainland

13 13 Qualitative Benefits * Individuals & Agencies Self Reliance Early Intervention Support for Homelessness Initiatives Improved Staff Job Satisfaction Reinforce Social Safety Net Multi-language support *BC 211 Business Case - Deloitte

14 14 Qualitative Benefits * Government Reduced Government 1-800 Lines Reduced Volume to Government 1- 800 Lines Reduced Calls to Politician Offices Improved Customer Service by Government *BC 211 Business Case - Deloitte

15 15 Overall 211 will offer: Improved Service Improved Program Reach Proactive Service Provision Community Building Timely Information Alternative to 311 and 911

16 Partnership Phase Project BC 211 Initiative Status Update

17 17 BC 211 Initiative The goal of the BC 211 Initiative is province–wide, free, and confidential, access to information about non- emergency social, health, government and community services through an effective, efficient, and sustainable 211 service.

18 18 BC 211 Objectives To connect British Columbians to services To provide mechanism to navigate services To compile and maintain information To establish 211 as the first point of contact To achieve government's commitment

19 19 BC 211 Objectives To promote value of social service sector in BC To enhance community planning To create economies of scale around administration in the delivery of Information & Referral services in BC To meet the CRTC defined success criteria To be fully integrated in North America-wide 211 service delivery system.

20 20 Where BC 211 Development is at Today 1)INITIATION PHASE Awareness/education Partners come together 2)COLLABORATIVE PHASE Business Plan Development 3)PARTNERSHIP DEVELOPMENT & IMPLEMENTATION PLANNING PHASE Partnership agreements in place Select viable model & develop plan for implementation Funding in place for implementation 4)OPERATIONAL PHASE Next phase plan approval Today

21 BC211 - Phase Summary Implementation Phase December 2005 October 2006 Partnership Development & Implementation Planning Phase Operational Phase Go-Forward Governance (BC211 Board Directors?) Current Governance (BC211 Steering Committee) Informs January 2007

22 22 How You Can Help During the Partnership Development & Implementation Planning Phase, you can help by: Copy to change as required

23 23 To Learn More Contact Us Martin Addison Vice President, Organizational Planning & Operations Phone: (604) 268 - 1324 E-mail: Mary Prodanovic Manager, Organizational Projects Phone: (604) 268 - 1311 E-mail: Links The BC 211 Initiative: Canada: America: (GOV’T CONTACT AS NEEDED)

24 24 BC 211 Questions and Feedback

25 25 BC 211 Thank you

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