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UNENE: A Research & Education network supporting the Nuclear Industry 25/08/2014UNENE briefing to CANDU Energy1.

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1 UNENE: A Research & Education network supporting the Nuclear Industry 25/08/2014UNENE briefing to CANDU Energy1

2 Purpose To introduce UNENE to CANDU Energy and learn of its current & future expectations of UNENE Invite CANDU Energy to join as the industry Design organization replacing AECL on the Board of Directors 25/08/2014UNENE briefing to CANDU Energy2

3 25/08/2014 Outline Current Scene What is UNENE UNENE Focus;  Education  Research UNENE Outcomes Summary UNENE briefing to CANDU Energy3

4 Current Scene: Nuclear Knowledge and Industry Priorities Maintain knowledge in design/licensing basis of current fleet of Nuclear Plants Support safe Long Term Operations & Competitiveness of Nuclear Plants Enable, through innovations, a future generation of reactors (Gen III, Gen IV) 25/08/2014UNENE briefing to CANDU Energy Refurbishment/ Life Extension EC6 (Gen III/III+) Gen IV Current CANDU Fleet (Gen II) 197520202075 2050 2010 4

5 25/08/2014UNENE briefing to CANDU Energy UNENE Objectives  Established in 2002 between the industry-universities with the following objectives:  Supply of Highly Qualified Personnel (HQP)  Support and fund nuclear research in universities  Create a respected pool of university-based expertise for independent industry and public consultation  Main focus: Education and Research 5

6 25/08/2014UNENE briefing to CANDU Energy Members AECL(to be revised upon confirmation of membership by Candu Energy Inc & CRL ) Bruce Power Ontario Power Generation Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission CANDU Owners Group AMEC-Nuclear Safety Solutions CAMECO NWMO (Nuclear Waste Management Organization) McMaster University Queen's University University of Ontario Institute of Technology University of Saskatchewan University of Toronto University of Waterloo University of Western Ontario Ecole Polytechnique University of New Brunswick Royal Military College University of Guelph University of Windsor 6

7 UNENE Structure 25/08/2014 UNENE briefing to CANDU Energy M.Eng. Program Graduate Courses on Nuclear Technology CRD’s 1)NDT sensors for Feeders 2) Seismic Risk analysis 3) Safety; sub channel Phenomena 4) D 2 0 Chemistry IRC’s 1) Safety & T/H 2) Materials 3) Risk Modeling & Reliability UNENE Management All UNENE Members UNENE Board of Directors Chair: J. Nathwani (U of Waterloo) Vice Chair: P. Spekkens (OPG) UNENE Education Advisory Committee (EAC) Chair: M. Pandey (Waterloo, IRC) UNENE Research Advisory Committee (RAC) Chair: R. Speranzini (CRL) 7

8 25/08/2014UNENE briefing to CANDU Energy8 UNENE Education Offers a course based M. Eng in Nuclear Engineering 10 courses OR 8 courses plus a project 3 of the 10 courses can be Business Courses from Advanced Design and Manufacturing Institute (ADMI) Accredited by Ontario Council on Graduate Studies Offered by McMaster, Waterloo, UOIT, Western and Queen’s Geared to the working professional Topics are relevant to industry work Scheduling recognizes full-time employees

9 25/08/2014UNENE briefing to CANDU Energy9 Typical Courses UN0802: Nuclear reactor analysis UN0801: Nuclear plant systems and operations UN0804: Nuclear reactor heat transport system design UN0803: Nuclear reactor safety design UN0603: Project management for nuclear engineering UN0901: Nuclear materials UN0805: Radiation health risks and benefits UN0702: Power plant thermodynamics UN0701: Engineering risk and reliability UN0601: Control, instrumentation and electrical systems UN1001: Reactor chemistry and corrosion UN0902: Fuel management UN0602: Nuclear fuel waste management UN08xx: Nuclear fuel design Core courses (required)

10 25/08/2014UNENE briefing to CANDU Energy10 Cumulative Enrollment

11 25/08/2014 UNENE briefing to CANDU Energy Current activities Working with COG and industry to harmonize training into a set of standard ones with various industry organizations under the COG umbrella (H.Chan) Some of current courses in M.Eng can be of benefit to industry if customized to organizational needs 11

12 UNENE Research Created Industrial Research Chairs (IRCs) in universities as ‘anchors’ for establishing R&D and strong research teams in key nuclear technology areas Sponsors Collaborative Research Projects (CRDs ) on technology topics complementary to R&D programs industry wide 25/08/2014UNENE briefing to CANDU Energy12

13 25/08/2014UNENE briefing to CANDU Energy Research Support Industrial Research Chairs McMaster (Luxat / Novog) – Safety / T-H Queen`s (Holt / Daymond) – Nuclear Materials Toronto (Newman) – Corrosion of Alloys Waterloo (Pandey) – Risk & Reliability Western (Jiang) – I&C, Electrical RMC (Lewis) – Fuel Technology UOIT ( Waker / Waller) – Health Physics Typically $200 K/ year (matched by NSERC ) 13

14 25/08/2014UNENE briefing to CANDU Energy Research – cont’d Collaborative Research and Development Grants (CRDs) (with NSERC) Waterloo (Xie) – Seismic Risk Analysis McMaster (Lightstone) – subchannel mixing Guelph (Tremaine) – D 2 O chemistry Western (Shoesmith/ Ramamurthy ) –SCC in Alloy 800 UOIT (Shahbazpanahi )– NDT Sensors (Feeders) Ottawa (Tavoularis) – Thermalhydraulics Queens (Daymond) – DHC Small projects ~$30,000/year for 3 years from 2005/6 14


16 Discussion 25/08/2014UNENE briefing to CANDU Energy16

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