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Getting By or Getting Better “The Power of Personal Choice” Presented by Wayne Hulley.

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1 Getting By or Getting Better “The Power of Personal Choice” Presented by Wayne Hulley

2 2 See Getting the Results We Deserve GetDo Personal Perceptions Actions Taken Results Achieved Tell Ourselves A New Story

3 3 Getting By or Getting Better Getting ByComplianceHead Getting Better Commitment Head& Heart

4 4 Getting Better Is A Choice ResponseStimulus Choice Response Stimulus The quality of your choices determines your level of RESPONSE -ABILITY Choice, not chance, determines human destiny

5 5 Getting Better By Choice Present Situation Response Future Situation Circle of Influence Circle of Concern Adapted – Stephen Covey – 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

6 6 Change Your Results Change Your Mind Change Your Behavior Is It Worth Doing? Can I Do It? Deliberate PracticeMonitor and Feedback Getting Better = Change

7 7 Is It Worth Doing? Personal Motivation – The Fire Within To LiveTo Love To Learn To Leave A Legacy Adapted – Stephen Covey – 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

8 8 Getting Better - Can I Do It? Getting Better Be Nice Focus on the Important Take TimeBe a Leader Manage Emotions

9 9 The Power Of Nice 1. Nice is luckier in love. Low-key, congenial people have one-half the divorce rate – University of Toronto 2. Nice makes more money. People who are cheerful, helpful and possess a service mindset get promoted 71% more. Primal Leadership 3. Nice is healthier. Americans who volunteer and provide support to others have a 60% lower premature death rate. University of Michigan 4. Nice spends less time in court. Doctors who spent an average of 3 minutes longer with a patient never got sued. Malcolm Gadwell - Blink The Power of Nice – Thaler and Koval – Doubleday - 2006

10 10 Find Time For the Important Urgent Important Not Important Q1 Management Q2 Leadership Q3 Deception Q4 Waste Others You Adapted – Stephen Covey – 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Not Urgent

11 11 Take Time We take time on things that matter to us. When we take time with people to listen, support and encourage we are telling them we care. Children spell love, TIME.

12 Emotional Intelligence Model Self Awareness Social Awareness Self Management Relationship Management 12 Personal Competence Social Competence What I SeeWhat I Do

13 13 Getting Better By Being a Leader Leaders are influencers. Influencers find strategies to that lead to change in themselves, others and situations.

14 14 Influence and Leadership Character Who you are Competence What you know and can do Influence Positive Change Leadership

15 15 Choosing Not To Lead “Getting By” Negative Situation Action Choices Complain Bad Mouth Subvert Join Others Transfer Result Negative Situation Continues

16 Choosing To Lead “Getting Better” Negative Situation Action Choices Work In Your Circle of Influence Offer Alternatives Implement Incremental Actions Result Opportunity For Positive Change

17 17 Your Ability To Influence Who You AreWhat You Can Do Integrity Work Ethic Treatment of Others Motives Level of Initiative Contribution Discipline Principle BasedPosition/Title Based Awards Fame Ranking Wealth Rare Accomplishments Compared With Others

18 Getting Better – Be Honest With Yourself The B Theory Motivation Skills Honey Bees Bumble Bees DronesS.O.B.’S LowHigh

19 19 AND THEN SOME…these three little words are the secret to success. Successful people always do what is expected…and then some. “They are thoughtful of others, they are considerate and kind…and then some. They meet their responsibilities fairly and squarely…and then some. They are good friends and helpful neighbors…and then some. They can be counted on in an emergency…and then some. I am thankful for people like this, for they make the world a better place. Their spirit of service is summed up in these three little words… And then some.” Carl Holmes

20 20 Eight Questions A Day 1. Do I want to be right or kind? 2. Will it matter a year from now? How about 100 years from now? 3. If I had an extra hour a day what would I do with it? 4. Is life an emergency? 5. When someone throws me the ball do I have to catch it? 6. When I die who will care? 7. Do I wrap my life around another’s weakness? 8. Do I live each day as if it were my last? It may be! How could I create an extra hour a day?

21 21 The Most Critical Question When Getting Better Matters What is it you do everyday that makes others’ lives better?

22 22 The Dash D.O.B.D.O.D. “The Difference We Make in Our Lifetime”

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