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Baleen whales BY ZOE.

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1 Baleen whales BY ZOE

2 TABLE OF CONTENTS Food Babies Habitat Enemies Description
Communication Interesting facts Would this animal make a good pet

3 FOOD The Baleen whales eat seals and snail fish

4 Enemies The Baleen whales enemies are…seals

5 Description My animal has two blowholes it is blue. It has one tail.

6 Communication Whales communicate in many ways.
They different sounds such as whistles. Some slap there tail on the surface. Of the water that makes a loud sound

7 Interesting Facts The baleen whale is very big so it so
it needs a big amount of space. The baleen whale gets to 80 feet in length. 3. The baleen whales are the largest animals in the world. 4. The baleen whale skin is 5 to 7 mm thick.

8 Would this animal make a good pet why or why not
No the baleen whale would not make a good pet because it is to big

9 Ending comment I feel it is good. Because I am learning all about baleen whales.

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