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To The Florida Everglades!

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1 To The Florida Everglades!
Come on Down! To The Florida Everglades!

2 You can Sunbathe…

3 people watch…

4 swim in an ancient solution pit
- pageBottom

5 join us for dinner…

6 or buy a condo, a boat, and destroy our habitat!

7 Everglades Flora and Fauna
gallinule sawgrass prairie egret Anhinga – the snake bird cypress stand Egret in Cypress Swamp

8 Over the next 6 weeks, you will read The Everglades, The Missing ‘Gator of Gumbo Limbo, poems, and non-fiction articles about the Everglades.

9 Your mission is to advocate for the Everglades by researching and publishing one of the following::
History of the Everglades – geological, early inhabitants, Seminole Indians Everglades Ecosystem – Flora, Fauna, keystone species Homelessness – its causes, enduring understandings, alternatives Dangers to the Everglades: Pollution, Invasive Species, Habitat Destruction, Endangered Species Restoration of the Everglades-plans & progress

10 Culminating Project Possibilities:
Everglades Eco-Travel Brochure OR Powerpoint Presentation on History of the Everglades – geological, early inhabitants, Seminole Indians Everglades Ecosystem – Flora, Fauna, keystone species Dangers to the Everglades: Pollution, Invasive Species, Habitat Destruction, Endangered Species Restoration of the Everglades Homelessness – its causes, understanding, alternatives Persuasive PSA to save the Everglades Informative PSA on homelessness Plan and Implement Videoconference with Everglades Middle School Plan and implement fundraiser for student trip to Everglades

11 Culminating Project Grading Rubrics
Eco-Travel Brochure Rubric Eco Travel Brochure Intern to a U. S. Senator Aide to a U.S. Senator Peace Corps Volunteer U. N. Global Ambassador Eco-Facts Human Factors Aesthetics - Literary Fallacies Mechanics Other

12 PowerPoint Rubric PowerPoint Classroom Presentation
Assembly Presentation Entrant in Green Magnet Documentary Film Festival Entrant in Tribeca Film Festival Eco-Facts Human Factors Aesthetics - Literary Fallacies Mechanics Other

13 Public Service Announcement (PSA) Rubric
College Radio Intern College Radio Host NYC Radio Show Intern NYC Radio Show Host Eco-Facts Human Factors Aesthetics - Literary Fallacies Mechanics Other

14 Calendar - Week 1: Everglades – Shared Read Aloud. Read Alone - Notetaking p. 89 Graphic Organizers: Word Web – Everglades- Category Chart – Assessment Sequence history of Everglades – Chronology Graphic Organizer Literary Language – Double Entry Journal: language = tone of story. Students find phrases that create atmosphere Missing ‘Gator , Forward – Chapters 3 (45 pp) –independent/group reading Assessment Interpretation-literary techniques – tension, mystery, visual language. Double Entry Journal Vocabulary Game Technology - Googledoc – collect images of Everglades, maintain bibliography Assessments: Explanation – Nature-Friend and Foe/Man Wrestles Nature. Use “Don’t You Agree?” chart to explain why alligators are our friend and foe. Interpretation – What does the destruction of the Everglades say about how man values nature. Journal - Speculation about Effects Journal ( Journal - Reflective Journal - Multiple Choice – 2 reading selections, 10 questions; Index Card Summaries-?s UbD WBp234

15 Week 2 Week 2: Review Chapter 1-3, Eco-Facts, Sociological Issues, Aesthetics Missing ‘Gator, Chapters 4-6 (42 pp) iSearch paper Homelessness Discussion – Research – One Minute Essay, Misconception Check – p. 234 UbD workbook Poem, “Some Rivers” by Frank Asch “Everglades,” a short history by Julie Greiner. Notetaking- p. 91 – Column – Dialectical Journals Assessments: Progressive Vocabulary Test – chapter 1 – 6 Progressive Test – Identifying Literary Techniques Empathy – Write a diary entry. Imagine how it might feel to have to leave your home because your safety was endangered. Use examples from book.

16 Week 3 Week 3: Chapters 7-9 Missing ‘Gator (50 pp)
Biome, A Journey into a Wetland, Notetaking p. 86 – Interactive Bookmark The Everglades, River of Grass by Marjorie, pp. 9-14 Assessments: Application: Multiple Choice 3 reading selections, 20 questions; Word/Concept Map – Index Card Summaries-?s UbD WBp234 Perspective: Role Playing Condo Owners/Woods-Alligators; Role Play Social Worker/Liza K on living in woods

17 Weeks 4-5 Weeks –4 - 5. Research
Journaling – Learning Log, Notetaking-Notemaking: Creation of Bibliography – Works Cited Research Paper – 400 words Assessments: Perspective – Debate Disneyworld Visitor vs. the Everglades Supporter ; Sugar Farmer vs. Environmentalist; Interpretation – 400 word research paper on homelessness, Everglades Restoration Self-knowledge: Meta-cognitive journal: Synthesis Journal: 3 columns: What I Did, What I learned, How I Can Use it.

18 Week 6 Week 6 – Presentations: Brochure, PowerPoint, PSA, Fundraiser
Journal for Fundraiser: Synthesis Journal Assessments: Application – PSA Advocate for Everglades Restoration, PSA Homeless Explanation – Brochure/Powerpoint informs on Everglades

19 See and learn more about the Everglades
Track Star - Created Track #383386, 'Everglades: Kartoo Type in key words - HOMELESSNESS This site was created for kids. "Wildlife Eco-Region Profile" from National Geographic. . Video about restoring the Everglades . Site to hear an American Alligator, Watch - Video: Gator Water Dance The Living Everglades. A website designed to provide citizens, scientists, teachers, and students access to a vast amount of information and data about the Florida Everglades. Environmental Kid's Club: URL: - A good site for younger students or second language learners. Uses graphic organizers.  - A site dedicated to education and information about toxins, pollution and programs.  - This site contains links and articles about Florida's environmental concerns.   - This site has good animations, 2-4 minute video clips,   URL: Comments: An excellent site with a wealth of information about wading birds in the Everglade. The site contains links to further resources and research.

20 Sources Alligator (Title Slide). National Geographic. American Alligator Basking on a Riverbank. National Geographic. .Retrieved 9/2/08. [ “Join us for dinner.” National Geographic. Retrieved 9/2/08. [ Alligatoridae. Словари и энциклопедии на Академике Мобильная версияДобавить поиск в браузерЭкспорт словарей на свой сайт. Retrieved 9/2/08. [

21 Vocabulary & Multiple Perspectives:
Scientific/ Eco-Facts Sociological/Human Factors Aesthetics Literary Techniques Cpver /Back Cover Eco-mystery lush Ecosystem Species Amidst Paradise Majestic Invaluable vanished Gumbo Limbo Hammock Everglades Balanced Eco-system Alligator-protector environment State official State laws Human fears Creation of sense of mystery Use of Imperatives: He must be killed. She must find Dajun Use of word must provides sense of urgency. “Her search will lead her into the heart of…”

22 Vocabulary & Multiple Perspectives
Scientific/ Eco-Facts/Vocabulary Sociological/Human Factors Aesthetics Literary Techniques Inside Blurb Survey Dense Willows Grass prairie Flags Banyan tree Govt Official/hunter vs alligator and woods people Visualization – Travis secreting himself – spying for Dajun Tension – Liza K. secretly spying on Travis Tensions: hunter vs alligator Woods people vs. govt official Forward strand Species Extinction interconnected Ecosystem Endangered wilderness Recycling pollution Endangered species Life interconnected Prairie ecosystem Old growth forest Man’s effect on nature Man’s responsibility - stewardship Weave the web of life We are a strand in the web We harm the web/we put a hole in it

23 Vocabulary & Multiple Perspectives
General Vocabulary Scientific/ Eco-Facts/Vocabulary Sociological/Human Factors Aesthetics Literary Techniques Chapter 1 Reedy Keen Waterscape Landscape Bask Condos Grove Disgruntled cagily Trade winds Armadillo-bony armor Pinelands Alligator food Cocoplums Pickerel week Birds of hammock:coots, gallinules, egrets, anhingas, herons Alligator shapes environment-makes beach, cleans lake Camouflage Closes nose when dives Pest ControlDept. Hunting curtailed Condos encroached on everglades Homeless in woods Travis’ view of girls Sun-spangled day Point of view – first person Trade winds chimed Sun-beaten face Like an armadillo-simile Winking surface of water Swampland royalty

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