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Initiatives vs. Activities GoToMeeting June 2010.

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1 Initiatives vs. Activities GoToMeeting June 2010

2 Why are we focusing on initiatives?

3 Difference between being busy & being productive Need to be entrepreneurial; not bureaucratic Aim is quality initiatives that make tangible and meaningful impacts in peoples lives Difficult to demonstrating value –Government, Volunteers & Stakeholders Challenge identifying good initiatives to fund Focus on outcomes; not effort or outputs Status quo was not workable in the longer term

4 What Does the PBF Criteria Say?

5 CF1-A: Quality of initiatives in annual IBP: –Specific project with clear objectives and measurable results; –incremental to day-to-day activities,(i.e. does not include core activities such as meetings, facilitation etc) –Defined timelines (beginning/ end dates); –will stimulate diversification of communities’ economies, increase competitiveness and prosperity; has linkages and partnerships within the community; is beneficial to the economic development of a community; and leads to sustainable and viable economic activity

6 CF1-A: Five Criteria 1.Long term benefits/impact to the region – Must demonstrate employment generation & show improvements to regional infrastructure. 2.Sustainability – Should demonstrate it can generate revenue for future operational and development costs, or the proponent for can sustain it. 3.Regional Scope – Must be a regionally-based or demonstrate benefits to more than one community.

7 CF1-A: Five Criteria 4.Linkages to Government priorities – Must enhance community or regional capacity through the development of competitive, productive, strategic sectors; strengthen community infrastructure in rural communities to improve their economic development capability; to enhance communities’ capacity to overcome economic development challenges & take advantage of their strengths, assets and opportunities presented.

8 CF1-A: Five Criteria 5.Partner Engagement – The board should demonstrate a partnership approach to the development and implement of the initiative. These partnerships should be sustained after the initiative is completed.

9 Defining an Initiative

10 Initiative: A series of related activities directed towards a major tangible output (product / service) intended to contribute to a specified desired future outcome. An initiative must have a well-defined objective, an understood scope, start & end dates, known resource requirements, etc.

11 Activity Meet with municipalities to review ICSPs and discuss opportunities for collaboration - a step in developing an initiative but we cannot know the specific output or outcome Initiative Form a regional joint council. The REDB will research governance structures, chair & lead formation of steering committee, develop by- laws, facilitate MOU development, promote regional collaboration, …

12 Activity Update Regional Labour Market Profile. The REDB will compile relevant information using community accounts and share with area businesses - Specific labour market need not clear Initiative Worker Recruitment project. The REDB will develop a newcomer attraction website with local municipalities, lead formation of “welcoming region” committee, form a business network of seasonal employers to collaborate on worker retention….

13 Initiative vs. Activity - Ask yourself: Is it a substantive piece of work? Can I describe clearly the project scope/ schedule/ budget/ quality standards, how it will be accomplished, what outputs it will produce & what outcomes it will contribute to? Does it satisfy CF1-A criteria? Will I be able to point to it as a tangible success story when completed?...would key stakeholders agree?

14 Questions & Discussion


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