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How to Take GOOD Notes for a Research Paper

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1 How to Take GOOD Notes for a Research Paper
How to Think for Yourself and Eliminate Your Dependence on the Photocopier

2 Organize as you go: Put the source (usually the author’s name and book/source title) at the upper left corner of card. Put the correct page number where you found the information along the left margin. If you change pages, make sure you note that in the margin. Take notes only on the front of the card. Quotation marks around anything copied word for word Best if all notes are in your own words Don’t cram everything on Stick to only one topic per card Follow card numbering system

3 First Step: Get Notecards
(use 4x6 cards -- lined is best) Source ID Topic of Notes; Card # Pg. # Notes

4 Example: Your paper is on the physical characteristics of the Big Bad Wolf
Pig, First Little Teeth #1 p. 32 Teeth are long, pointy, sharp Strong bite; big mouth No cavities Can chomp off pig’s head in seconds and go back for more p. 33

5 Second card from same source:
Pig, First Little Claws #1 p. 57 Claws like teeth -- long, sharp, pointy -helps him run fast; grip earth can climb on roofs Can dig huge holes under houses

6 Third card: different source
Hood, L.R.R. Teeth #1 p. 108 Teeth strong enough to eat humans - ate Grandma Teeth also dead give-away; no human has teeth like wolf’s

7 Helpful Hints Be as precise as possible with topics
Use pen; pencil smears If using more than one book by same author, put book title w/ author’s name at top of card If book is series of essays/articles by different authors, identify each author you use, not just the editor of the book Internet sites have no page numbers Make source cards for each source you use; easier to write works cited page later Keep track of EVERY source you use

8 What IS a Good Internet Site??
Often edu. sites -- but be aware that students also post articles as part of a class requirement. Best to use work of a student in grad school. Information has been previously published in scholarly magazine Information is from a recognized educational site Information is written by an authority whose credentials are listed on the site or in the “about” section

9 What ISN’T a Good Internet Site?
A blog A site by an unknown author or an author whose credentials are questionable or absent Any site you have to pay to get information from (BookRags, SparkNotes, CliffsNotes, PinkMonkey, 123Cheat (duh!), etc. ) An on-line encyclopedia, including Wikipedia Any site that seems to be biased in any way Any site that has bad grammar or misspellings

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