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The International Year of Astronomy and Amateur Radio.

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1 The International Year of Astronomy and Amateur Radio

2 What IYA is about 2009 commemorates Galileo Galilei life's work and devotion to observing and discovering our universe. Brings awareness of Astronomy as a science on a global scale and how it has evolved over 400 years. Gets people out and observing when ever they can and sharing the experience with others.

3 The Vision A unique “out of the box” Idea Brings together Astronomy / Ham Radio Get both hobbies working together Ham are every where and talk at all times of day and night worldwide  Lets get them talking about Astronomy and IYA

4 How to become a radio amateur in Canada RAC (Radio Amateurs of Canada) Ham courses Learn Electronics, radio theory and Radio Regulations Examination  Levels of proficiency Basic  50% provides 29.5 Mhz and above Advanced  70% HF (world band radio) + all bands and all modes.

5 Radio Modes used in Ham Radio  HF (High Frequency)‏ Global communications Modes  USB, AM, FM  VHF (Very High Frequency)‏ Local / Global - through IRLP  FM, USB  IRLP (Internet Radio Linking Project)‏ VOIP

6 Amateur Radio callsign designations across Canada VE7, VA7 British Columbia VE6, VA6 Alberta VE5, VA5 Sask. VE4, VA4 Manitoba VE3, VA3 Ont. VE2, VA2 Quebec VE1, VA1 Nova Scotia VO1 Newfoundland VO2 Labrador VY1 Yukon VY2 PEI

7 But most of all Ham Radio is... Talking Making friends and tons of fun.

8 Special prefix has been granted for use by all amateur radio operators to use for two months during IYA 2009 January 1 st – Feb 28 th 2009 the prefix will be. CG for VE prefix's CF for VA prefix's CH for VO1 prefix's CI for VO2 prefix's

9 Special Event Station, VE7IYOA in Victoria, BC Canada, sponsored by WARA During June, VE7IYOA will be on-the-air and will coincide with Field Day, 2009. Field Day, an annual amateur radio exercise encouraging emergency communications preparedness among amateur radio operators around the world. In the United States, it is typically the largest single emergency preparedness exercise in the country, with over 30,000 operators participating each year.

10 Encourage other radio clubs, individuals in Canada to setup other IYA special Event Stations Would provide worldwide scope for IYA 2009 RAC (Radio Amateur's of Canada) would assist International scope ARRL ( American Radio Relay League) Encourage American radio clubs to set up Special Event Stations as well

11 IRLP can connect Amateur Radio Repeaters over the Internet on a Global nature. For example node # 1030 in Victoria, BC Canada might connect to #6506 In Victoria, Australia and hams could easily communicate about what observing is being done in real-time with students. This allows amateurs to talk around the world on a local repeater with simply a small handheld FM transmitter Using IRLP during IYA 2009 (Internet Radio Linking Project)‏

12 IRLP may also connect ham radio operators that belong to various RASC Centres across Canada on a semi-regular basis. Emphasis on Astronomy Day or during IYA events. Using IRLP during IYA 2009 (Internet Radio Linking Project)‏

13 Sample QSL Card

14 During April / May 2009 ISS / Expedition 19 It May be possible to do ARISS contacts during IYA 2009 as there will be Canadian Astronauts in space. ARISS (Amateur Radio on the International Space Station) WARA is looking to do a High School ARISS contact next year

15 What is Ham Radio really all about? Having Fun!!! and Making friends all around the world.

16 For more information Tnx Malcolm Scrimger, VE7DAO

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