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Insert the name of your organization here The Public Servants Disclosure Protection Act at.

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1 Insert the name of your organization here The Public Servants Disclosure Protection Act at

2 2 Today’s Presentation Overview of the PSDPA What is wrongdoing? Confidentiality Role of Senior Officer Role of supervisors Role of employees Intended Results What I’m doing Awareness activities

3 3 Overview of the Public Servants Disclosure Protection Act The purpose of the Public Servants Disclosure Protection Act (PSDPA) is: To encourage employees in the public sector to come forward if they have reason to believe that serious wrongdoing has taken place To provide protection to them against reprisal when they do so It also provides a fair and objective process for those against whom allegations are made

4 4 What is Wrongdoing? Wrongdoing includes any of the following: breaking laws or regulations; misusing public funds or assets; gross mismanagement; a serious breach of a code of conduct; an act or omission that endangers the life, health and safety of Canadians or the environment; or directing someone else to do these things.

5 5 Making a Disclosure If you have questions or concerns, or wish to disclose a possible wrongdoing, you can bring the matter to either: 1. Your immediate supervisor; 2. Your organization Senior Officer for Disclosure, (insert his/her name here); 3. The Public Sector Integrity Commissioner (

6 6 Confidentiality and the Disclosure Process Everyone involved in a disclosure and its investigation must make every effort to maintain the confidentiality of information related to the matter. This includes refraining from discussing any disclosure or the fact they are involved with it, except when required as part of an investigation. All files must be maintained separately, under the control of the Senior Officer for Disclosure Information collected in relation to a disclosure cannot be released under either the Access to Information Act or the Privacy Act.

7 7 Role of the Senior Officer Review disclosures to determine if there are sufficient grounds to investigate. Inform the employee(s) in writing if the Senior Officer will proceed further. Ensure that the rights of all those involved are respected during an investigation. Review the results of the investigation, prepare recommendations for action and report these directly to the (specify: President, Minister, other…). Refer cases concerning criminal activity to the appropriate law enforcement authority.

8 8 Role of Supervisors As a supervisor, you need to be aware of your roles and responsibilities to: Show visible leadership in fostering an ethical culture of right-doing. Inform employees about the PSDPA, their options for making disclosures, the protection the PSDPA provides and where to go if they need more information. Receive disclosures of wrongdoing from employees. Protect the identity of those involved in the disclosure process to the extent possible. Protect from reprisal the employee who discloses wrongdoing or who is involved in a disclosure investigation.

9 9 Role of Employees Be familiar with the main provisions of the Act – its mechanisms for disclosure, its confidentiality provisions, and its reprisal protection measures. Know what constitutes wrongdoing under the Act. Understand your choices in making a protected disclosure. Know what to do if you believe you are the target of a reprisal. Know where to get related information and advice.

10 10 Intended Results Enhanced ability for organizations to identify and resolve disclosures and prevent reprisals; Employees who feel supported and protected from reprisals when they disclose a wrongdoing; Leaders who foster and model ethical leadership and inspire employees to do the right thing; A sustained and supported ethical culture in a workplace of choice; and Increased public trust and confidence in public sector organizations.

11 11 What I do as your Senior Officer for Disclosure Implementation of disclosure procedures in the organization. Awareness-building on the PSDPA and on the process in place in the organization. Informing supervisors of their role and responsibilities. In this section, insert specifics, e.g. special phone number in place without call display, a filing cabinet, only accessible to me to keep disclosure information locked and separate from other files.

12 12 Informing Employees - Awareness Activities Activity/ProductTimeline In this section, list the awareness activities you have planned to inform employees. For example: Announcement/article in your internal newsletter Presentations to branch management committees / Team meetings Brown bag information session …

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