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Transformational Change

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1 Transformational Change
founded on the principles of the blue economy

2 © be sustainable pte Ltd. JULY 2013
Contents 3 be sustainable pte Ltd 8 Our methodology 4 About the Blue Economy 9 Our approach 5 Profitable and sustainable 10 Areas of expertise 6 Blue Economy and your business 17 be sustainable activity hubs 7 Seeing the world through open eyes 19 Founders © be sustainable pte Ltd. JULY 2013

3 © be sustainable pte Ltd. JULY 2013
be sustainable pte Ltd is an international group of companies that provide complete, integrated services in the area of sustainability. By choreographing a global group of sustainability experts, be sustainable ® delivers solutions that bring about transformational change and enhance the triple bottom line of organisations and projects. Based on the principles of the Blue Economy, our ethos is to assimilate solutions from nature (biomimicry) to respond to global sustainability challenges more effectively. Nature’s systems are efficient, closed loop, produce a net positive impact and bring benefit to all. Our aim is to create value, employment opportunities and eliminate inefficiencies, bringing profitable advantages without negative outcomes. We draw upon Blue Economy thinking to facilitate a shift in the accepted paradigm, demonstrating how sustainable action can create multiple additional revenue streams and make good business sense. © be sustainable pte Ltd. JULY 2013

4 © be sustainable pte Ltd. JULY 2013
About the Blue Economy “Respond to basic needs with what you have, introducing innovations inspired by nature, generating multiple benefits, including jobs and social capital, offering more with less: This is the Blue Economy.” Gunter Pauli, initiator of The Blue Economy The Blue Economy is a progressive metamorphosis from the Green Economy. Based on the notion of thinking ahead so as to create more good, not just less bad, it uses strategic, opportunity-driven rationale to connect the environmental, social and financial puzzle. It is a business response to a changing economic landscape in which resource depletion and social costs are unsustainable. Explanation of The Blue Economy from the Simple Show © be sustainable pte Ltd. JULY 2013

5 Profitable and sustainable
The Blue Economy doesn’t mean managing with less, in fact it ultimately leads to abundance and prosperity. It follows patterns in nature that first respond to need and then flourish. Our present economic model relies on scarcity to create value and demand. This is unsustainable. The Blue Economy celebrates collaboration, innovation and the collective strength of organisations to create transformational change. . “Nature works with what is locally available. Sustainable business evolves with respect not only for local resources, but also for culture and tradition.” Gunter Pauli © be sustainable pte Ltd. JULY 2013

6 Blue Economy and your business
Businesses and organisations are complicated, dynamic systems with many facets. They face interrelated problems of a systemic nature. Traditional solutions can result in unintended outcomes. Blue Economy based interventions address the whole business model. They create sophisticated, systemically derived solutions that are efficient, effective and simple. Most importantly these principles eliminate unwanted consequences whilst positively impacting the triple bottom line. The results: people, planet and profit. Perhaps “dynamic interactive systems” Too many adjectives You could use “whilst creating net positive impact to the triple….” Have used twice now elsewhere. Avoiding repetition. Last statement is a fragmented statement that is actually meaningless in isolation – perhaps best to delete or incorporate into preceding sentence – Rosies suggestion and I like it – I’m trying to move away from lengthy sentences full of adjectives. People Planet Profit TBL Creating a fair society Living within environmental limits Building a sustainable business © be sustainable pte Ltd. JULY 2013

7 Seeing the world through open eyes
The Global Systems Crisis - Not one but many crises Food Crisis Water Crisis Energy Crisis Waste Crisis Economy Crisis Each crisis area is linked to the others, they are all interconnected Reactions to one have unintended outcomes affecting the others Resource Crisis Housing Crisis Climate Crisis © be sustainable pte Ltd. JULY 2013

8 © be sustainable pte Ltd. JULY 2013
Our methodology Our world is an interconnected ecosystem. Every action we take has a reaction elsewhere in the system. Our approach is to synergistically merge knowledge, skills, experience and creativity into a collective intelligence, creating nature-inspired solutions to man-made problems. be sustainable’s ® integrated solutions feed into each other, with the aim of closing loops and generating revenue and profit at each stage, while having a net positive impact. © be sustainable pte Ltd. JULY 2013

9 © be sustainable pte Ltd. JULY 2013
Our approach We build trusted client-side partnerships to convert costly, difficult-to-solve socio- enviro challenges into profitable multi-revenue opportunities, that demonstrate rapid ROI, by: Gaining an understanding of the overarching problem and pain points Verifying solutions and assessing risk and consequences be sustainable management group Engaging all key stakeholders to uncover hidden challenges Sourcing intelligent funding Convening a bespoke team of experts from the be sustainable ® family Implementing performance managed projects Applying our collective intelligence to design the most effective solutions Effectively communicating intent, progress and success with stakeholders © be sustainable pte Ltd. JULY 2013

10 Areas of expertise Advisory & Consulting Communications Governance Integrated, strategic advisory, leadership and consulting services Integrated, strategic communications, offering design, marketing and PR to deliver responsible brands Facilitating the successful adoption and integration of sustainable business practices into management and governance structures Brand values – collaboration, trust, partnerships, reciprocity – the be story - h Integrative Design Intermediary services Labs & Research Systemically derived, sustainable futures and designs for landscapes and the built environment Financed project and technology due diligence for impact funds, advice and consulting for project teams Industrial research and development, validation, verification and due diligence for third party technologies, innovations and solutions © be sustainable pte Ltd. JULY 2013

11 Advisory and Consulting
Holistic solutions to sustainability challenges Strategic advisory services are offered using a holistic approach, based upon the principles of the Blue Economy. We assist organisations, corporates and government bodies in the co-creation of alternative sustainable futures, at any stage of their journey. We deliver advisory and consulting services, from C-suite level through to technical level, addressing leadership and mitigating strategic drift. We are experts in project scoping and opportunity harvesting. Led by Martin Blake – visit website © be sustainable pte Ltd. JULY 2013

12 © be sustainable pte Ltd. JULY 2013
Communications Delivering sustainable brands Communicate Blue is a full-service, sustainability communications agency offering holistic, integrated and strategic communications advice and implementation. Working solely on projects that have a social or environmental benefit, we help brands to build responsible and ethical business into their DNA. We help organisations to effectively communicate messages to key stakeholders, demonstrating the value of projects to the triple bottom line. Our services include: - Branding - Crisis communications - Design - Integrated reporting - Marketing - Media relations - Public relations - Social and digital media Led by Sarah-Jane Sherwood – visit website © be sustainable pte Ltd. JULY 2013

13 © be sustainable pte Ltd. JULY 2013
Governance Sustainable practice integration We provide director services and board level engagement as well as leadership, coaching and mentoring. Our governance team addresses issues relating to: Our expertise results in best practices in leadership, organisational success and longevity, as well as the successful mitigation of sustainability-linked risks. The overall result is enhanced shareholder returns and dividends. - Legal and regulatory - Risk management and transfer - Due diligence services - Organisational analylsis - Change and performance management - Global strategies and networking - Stakeholder management Ethics, ethical procurement and investment - Public relations Led by Andrew Garner – visit website © be sustainable pte Ltd. JULY 2013

14 © be sustainable pte Ltd. JULY 2013
Integrative Design - Design charrettes - Blue economy consultancy - Biomimicry - Energy efficiency - Total water cycle management - Low-pressure engineering - Sustainable development - Whole systems thinking - Ecological engineering A disruptive source of expanding returns to investments in energy efficiency We provide a multidisciplinary and collaborative team process that follows the design through the entire lifecycle. We work closely with organisations to gain a holistic understanding of the project, applying the principles of bio-mimicry to our work. Led by Nigel Grier – visit website © be sustainable pte Ltd. JULY 2013

15 Intermediary Services
Due diligence and risk mitigation in project funding be intermediary services assists impact funds with the due diligence and risk mitigation associated with deploying new technologies and projects. We provide advice and consulting services to inventors, manufacturers and project teams to ensure that projects are communicated successfully and funding is received. With our expertise in technology and complex systems, we provide market- friendly project reports that allow investors to quickly understand the potential value to their portfolio. We act as an intermediary between the parties, smoothing and easing the process and eliminating time consuming research and communications. Our end-to-end consulting process ensures that impact funds are invested wisely and lucratively and valuable projects are evolved. Led by Phil Risby – visit website © be sustainable pte Ltd. JULY 2013

16 © be sustainable pte Ltd. JULY 2013
Labs and Research economically attractive and environmentally conscious. We also incorporate industrial R&D, validation, verification and due diligence. Both divisions work closely with other research institutions and are fully commercially aware, partnering with academic resources as support where needed. be research offers a safe and attractive environment for internal or joint intellectual property to be held in Singapore. Solving global technical challenges be labs (Norwich, UK) and be research (Singapore) are sister companies that develop and support technical innovation to solve the challenges faced by organisations around the world. We have access to many of the technological innovations that can change the world, as identified by Gunter Pauli. The lab team not only develops new technologies but also validates existing innovations. Each division provides solutions that are Led by Phil Risby – visit website © be sustainable pte Ltd. JULY 2013

17 be sustainable activity hubs

18 Founders Martin Blake Co-Founder
Martin co-launched be sustainable ® in Singapore. He is a visionary strategist in the sustainable development movement and an award winning Top 100 Global Sustainability Leader. He has more than 30 years experience in sustainability and is the innovator of the holistic 6 Pillars Approach to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Martin has deployed one of the most successful energy conservation programmes in the world. His specialist expertise is in developing strategic plans and influencing high profile stakeholders with both governments and non-government organisations, as well as within the construction, healthcare, oil and gas, charity and logistics sectors. Dr Martin A. Blake

19 Founders Phil Risby Co-Founder
Phil is an inspirational leader with a strong scientific background and a track record of innovative, cleantech solutions. He has a proven track record of facilitating interconnections leading to highly effective outcomes. Phil has extensive technical understanding and proven engineering knowledge. His instinctive business sense has enabled him to establish and grow many successful companies globally. Phil has 20 years experience operating outside of the UK. His work has taken him to countries such as the Caribbean Islands, United States of America, South America, Europe, Scandinavia and India. He has worked in areas of waste management, water treatment, renewable energy and health care. Phil has also published research papers at University of Cambridge and holds several patents. Dr Phil Risby

20 Transformational Change
Observe and emulate the way nature’s ecosystems function, so as to create jobs, increase capital and revenue while respecting the environment. THANK YOU be sustainable ®: delivering the Blue Economy be sustainable pte Ltd, 20 Cecil St, #14-01Equity Plaza, Singapore

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