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Wrap-up & Call to Action

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1 Wrap-up & Call to Action

2 WebSphere Process Integration 6.0.2 STEW Review Objectives
Provide new PI Specialists a baseline Replace now defunct PI 6.0 STEW Material Educate experienced PI Specialists with information on 6.0.2 Changes / Additions to the products Technical Sales Approach Process Integration End 2 End Demo For both groups provide a baseline for aSTEWs

3 Reusable STEW Deliverables
Standard Technical Sales Presentations Process Integration Technical Overview All 5 product presentations Process Integration End 2 End Demo VMware image Script Presentation (including Flash versions of key parts of the demo) Students go away armed with an arsenal to deliver technical sales presentations & demos Matching DITL Demo for Sales will be available (very) soon

4 Advanced STEWs – aSTEWs
Take one topic (e.g. Human Tasks, WMQ/WMB Integration) and dig deep 2-5 hour event depending on the topic, ThinkFriday compatible Delivered via Web Conference and Hands-on Labs Scheduled as necessary – approximately each 1-2 months List of topics on Wiki Page Feel free to add new topics Voting feature on the Wiki will be used to determine which topic to be covered next Voting announced on Wiki’s News page and the PI Newsgroup Voting period: 1 week

5 Tech Puzzles
Puzzle published on Monday Contains Scenario description Clues / Hints – may be used/ignored Pointers to forums for Technical Q&A Sample solution available the following Monday Dedicated server available for hosting remote “artifacts” LDAP WAS/WPS WebSphere MQ FTP Server

6 Example Puzzle …

7 WebSphere Process Integration Technical Sales Community
Wiki You can “Watch this Space” Newsgroups Process Integration Newsgroup news:// Complete list of relevant Newsgroups on the Wiki

8 WW Technical Sales Mission
Work with Americas, EMEA and AP Geos to make the Revenue Targets Perform Enablement and Engagement activities Build worldwide Virtual Communities of focused technical specialists Use the Wiki:

9 Your Mission Make sure you are able to present the 6 Technical Sales Presentations All have Speaker Notes, Recordings on the STEW page Make sure you are familiar with the VMware image Take some time to practice doing a demo Take some time with your Sales Rep to make sure you are synchronized Rep can do DITL demo You can follow up with VMware demo You can then follow up further with EOTs, POTs and ePOCs PARTICIPATE IN THE COMMUNITY Let us know what we can do to help you do your job!

10 Thank You Gracias Obrigado Merci Danke Grazie Thank You ! Thai
Traditional Chinese Gracias Russian Spanish Thank You English Merci Obrigado French Brazilian Portuguese Arabic Grazie Danke Thank You ! Italian German Simplified Chinese Japanese

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