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Information Sessions Spring 2014 AGENDA Source: Statistics Canada table 282-0077.

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2 Information Sessions Spring 2014




6 Source: Statistics Canada table 282-0077


8 Legislation

9 Federal Legislation

10 Freeze on Departmental budgets adds to pressure on unions CITIZEN December 17, 2013 The Conservative government is freezing departments’ operational budgets for another two years, further ratcheting up the pressure on upcoming labour negotiations where wage increases will risk more job cuts. The Press Public servants waiting to see which vision will prevail in 2014 CITIZEN December 29, 2013 While their political masters develop a plan to make them more affordable and more like the private sector, Canada’s public servants go into 2014 waiting for their bureaucratic boss to lay out a new “vision” for the workforce. Le président du Conseil du Trésor, Tony Clement, propose une refonte du programme des congés de maladie des fonctionnaires. La Presse, 8 février 2014 Il suggère entre autres que les employés de l'État n'aient plus la possibilité d'en accumuler. M. Clement met de l'avant une formule qui comprendrait de cinq à sept jours de congé de maladie par année.

11 Bill C-4? Radical changes to:  Collective rights  Individual rights  Union’s rights and obligations

12 Ready, Set, Notice to Bargain! Months

13 Eenie Meenie Miney Moe... Who is YES and who is NO...

14 NO deal? NO Arbitration!

15 Individual Rights? - PSLRB - PSST = PSLREB

16 Work at own risk Changes Occupational Health and Safety portion of Canada Labour Code Reporting and investigation duties shift to Minister

17 Bargaining

18 CALENDAR March April 1 - 3 April 15, 16 End of April 17 - Survey - Bargaining training - Proposals Committee Meeting - Appointment of the Bargaining Team

19 CALENDAR May 13-14 August 2014 Fall 2014 December 2014 18 – First meeting of the Bargaining Team & CS Exec – List of Proposals Compiled – Notice to Bargain – Beginning of bargaining

20 LITTLE KNOWN FACT: Some bear attacks begin with a polite knock on your door.


22 Sick Leave Use



25 OUTSOURCING To give controls of our profession to private enterprise






31 Your voice Speak out against Attacks on our rights ! Email your MP..

32 Your voice Speak out against Attacks on our rights ! Email your MP..

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