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Applying to Medical School and other Health Care Professional Schools.

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1 Applying to Medical School and other Health Care Professional Schools

2 Introductions

3 Objectives At the end of this session, participants will: 1.Gain an understanding of the process of applying to a professional school. 2.Gain an understanding of required elements for a professional school application, as well as elements that will make their application more competitive.

4 What is a Professional School? Professions requiring extra training: Medicine Dentistry Nursing Pharmacy Physiotherapy/Occupational Therapy Radiation Sciences Many more!

5 Great… I think I know what I want to do. How do I get there?

6 Required courses + GPA Many professional schools have requirements Research requirements early on Many schools have cutoffs for GPAs (3.8/4.0 is competitive) GPA converter: Is there a required lab course? Are there social sciences/ humanities requirements?

7 3 - Brock, Guelph, Ottawa, Queen’s, Toronto, Waterloo, Western 7 - Carleton, McMaster, Ryerson, Wilfrid Laurier, Windsor GPA converter:

8 Application Contents: Vary by school Most often consist of Personal Statement, CV, Transcript, Letters of Recommendation, Professional School Standardized Test Different deadlines depending on the school Medicine: October 1 Physical Therapy/ Occupational Therapy/Speech Language Pathology: January 7 Dentistry: December 1 Pharmacy:December 20 Nursing: Varies by school and type of program

9 Letters of Recommendation Required for most applications including: medicine, dentistry, PT, OT Someone who knows you and can speak highly of you Consider different types of people Professors Summer Research Supervisors Volunteer Coordinators Community leaders Youth group leaders

10 Letters or Recommendation continued… When should you ask for them? The earlier the better! Multiple copies all at once for your different applications Accompany all “asks” with a Resume/CV, statement of interest, photocopy of your transcript and a brief description of your program What should they contain? How long someone has known you In what capacity Things that make you unique Your motivation Qualities about you (versatility, detail-oriented, team player etc)

11 Don’t forget to say Thank You! Your referees are busy people Send them a Thank You note to show you appreciate their effort in helping with your application

12 Admissions Tests Some Professional Schools require specific admissions test Offered at different points in the year Different tests: Medicine: MCAT Dentistry: DAT Pharmacy: PCAT

13 Admissions Tests continued… Register online and early to ensure you have a spot Preparation Self-preparation Kaplan, Princeton Review other courses Study groups Online resources

14 Useful Websites: Programs Medicine: Dentistry: tml Pharmacy: Nursing:

15 Useful Websites: Admissions Tests MCAT: DAT: PCAT: US/site/Community/PostSecondary/Products/pcat/pcathome.htm

16 Case Study: Medicine Jason wants to go to medical school What specific things should he consider in first year to present himself as the best possible candidate when he applies to medical school?

17 Application Process Marks Years I-IV Volunteer/ Work Years I-IV MCAT Year II Written Application Year III or IV Interview Year III or IV

18 Marks: What Can I do Today? Get high marks! (even in first year) Try to balance education Grades, not courses are important Majors are not important

19 Volunteer/Work: What Can I do Today? Cascading Mentorship is just the first step Do something you enjoy Don’t start two weeks before applying The application is extensive (48 item sketch!) Keep in touch with guidance counsellors/supervisors since they will be great verifiers Research important to some schools Reflect early and often

20 MCAT: What Can I do Today? At least “10” required in all sections Verbal Reasoning - tough for science students Do a lot of reading (New Yorker, literature, philosophy books) Practice exams – learn to write the test Prep courses

21 Written Application: What Can I do Today? Read Canadian medical journals like the CMAJ KNOW CANMEDS! Access the online application this summer! References - keep in touch

22 Interview: What Can I do Today? KNOW CANMEDS! Become a great public speaker Talk to family and friends Watch movies or TEDTalks Learn about the health care system Learn about medical ethics, and ethics in general

23 Conclusions Professional schools application requirements: GPA Standardized test (MCAT, PCAT, DAT, OAT) Extra-curricular activities Often an interview is required GOOD LUCK!

24 BEFORE WE ANSWER YOUR QUESTIONS We would like to tell you about an exciting opportunity that we are offering through Altitude Health Care Mentoring…

25 Virtual Mentorship Program Matches first year undergraduate students from underrepresented populations from any Ontario university with a medical student mentor. He/she will be able to guide you on choosing courses or extracurricular activities, help you with tips on getting research or volunteer positions, and answer some of your questions of what it’s like to be a doctor or another health care professional. The program will run from Jan to Aug Mentees will interact with their mentors virtually (e.g. skype, gmail, chat) at least twice a month and will also participate in bimonthly team mentorship events.

26 How do I apply? We are looking for first year undergraduate students from underrepresented populations (e.g. first in his or her family to attend a post-secondary institution, have low socioeconomic status or belong to rural, Aboriginal or Black communities) who are interested in pursuing a career in healthcare. Applications can be found on our website: Deadline for applications: November 30 th

27 But I have more questions! For more information, please go to our website: You can also contact Gary, the Director of Virtual Mentorship at

28 Are you asking yourself how can you stand out with your resume when applying to medical school and other health care professional programs? Come to our next Altitude@ Session…

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