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Learning Portfolios Resume/CV & Teaching Dossier Course Assessment Student & Civic Engagement.

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1 Learning Portfolios Resume/CV & Teaching Dossier Course Assessment Student & Civic Engagement

2 Resume/CV Learning Portfolios allow you to develop and control your digital presence Combines academic, extracurricular and work life Gives you control over the context for the information, benefits of multimedia delivery

3 Resume/CV – Some Examples Office Admin Resume esentations/presentation_preview_popup. d2l?presId=7552 esentations/presentation_preview_popup. d2l?presId=7552

4 Teaching Dossier/Portfolio Teaching Dossiers can show your ability to develop lesson plans Demonstrates (some) technological aptitude Assess your own strengths as a teacher or facilitator Useful to gather feedback on your own teaching from peers

5 Teaching Portfolio Examples Educational Technology Portfolio entations/presentation_preview_popup.d2l ?presId=288 entations/presentation_preview_popup.d2l ?presId=288 BScN Teaching Portfolio esentation_preview_popup.d2l?presId=11 37 esentation_preview_popup.d2l?presId=11 37

6 Course Assessment Use Learning Portfolios to have students show their process of writing an essay Replace an essay with an assignment that taps into a student’s creative side Introduce peer (to peer) assessment Introduce reflection and feedback; develop them as a skills

7 Program Examples BScN Student Portfolio presentations/presentation_preview_popu p.d2l?presId=48206 Arts & Sciences Learning Portfolio ources/epexampfolder/HTML_eP_HtmlEx port_Emily_Vrooman_201206191111/index.html ources/epexampfolder/HTML_eP_HtmlEx port_Emily_Vrooman_201206191111/index.html

8 Course Examples Artfolio – English Major presentations/presentation_preview_popu p.d2l?presId=6017 Digital Media Portfolio presentation_preview_popup.d2l?presId=3 432 presentation_preview_popup.d2l?presId=3 432

9 Student & Civic Engagement Use Learning Portfolios to develop their own learning goals – and connect studies to their interests Connect civic engagement with academics Reflect on “real world” situations

10 Civic Engagement Examples Hamilton Harbour/Tourism Student esentations/presentation_preview_popup. d2l?presId=4601 Voluntourism entations/presentation_preview_popup.d2l ?presId=14046 entations/presentation_preview_popup.d2l ?presId=14046

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