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Registration and Course Request Process PART TWO Career Cruising.

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2 Registration and Course Request Process PART TWO Career Cruising

3 We’ve been thinking of you… …since your Part 1 visit @ MCI…

4 …have you been thinking of us?

5 To continue to prepare you for the secondary school Course Request Process: a) Learn Career Cruising b) Meet deadlines Learning Goal

6 1)Registration Booklet 2)MCI Course Request Planning Guide 3)Pink Pathway Planner & Gr. 9 Optional Courses sheet Items in Package

7 All registration booklets due to Middlefield on Monday February 3 rd, 2014…PRINT NEATLY !! Grade 9 Registration Booklets

8 Course Request Planning Guide

9 Compulsory Courses

10 Courses Requiring Prior Approval

11 Grade 9 Optional Courses

12 Regional Course Directory 1. 2. 3.

13 So…let’s get going with this course request process…

14 Print ‘draft’ several times. Double check with parents and teachers. Submit electronically. Print. Sign. Submit to homeroom teacher. Course Planner/Request Steps… 6 compulsory + 2 electives OR 7 compulsory + 1 elective up to 3 additional music IF desired (If no music, maximum of 3 spares entered ) 3 alternates

15 Career Cruising Demo…

16 Research Consult Reflect Ask lots of questions!!! How do you WISELY determine which courses are best for YOU?!?

17 MCI Course Request Planning Guide (MCI Course Offerings 2014-15 centerfold) YRDSB Website to Career Cruising YRDSB Website to Regional Course Directory (Prerequisite flow charts) Course research resources

18 When requesting your courses on Career Cruising…

19 Read Carefully!

20 Think Carefully!

21 Choose Carefully!

22 Draft Copy …

23 All course requests due on Career Cruising online Tuesday February 18 th, 2014. Signed hard copy course requests (course planner) forms due on same day to MCI Tuesday February 18 th, 2014. Due Dates… Your Gr. 8 teachers will create your school’s deadlines, but…

24 We will send you verifications in March to return to us if any changes are needed. We’ll see you at our MCI May Tours. We will see you at the end of August for Orientation Day. First day of school is Tuesday September 2 nd, 2014. So exciting!! Next Steps …

25 See you soon! From your Guidance Team @ MCI…

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