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Web CT Project - Examples of Elementary On-Line Classroom Resources 2004-2005.

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1 Web CT Project - Examples of Elementary On-Line Classroom Resources 2004-2005

2 A Few of the Many Benefits of an Online Classroom: Teachers can view all student progress. Teachers can provide information to parents. The classroom is secure. (Username/Password) Students can log on and work at home. Interactive (Student/Teacher/Parent). Vast possibilities (Technology integration, resource based learning, journal writing, quiz and test development [marking], audio dictations, etc.)

3 The Main Index Page This is the entrance page. Your classes are listed here. Any new information for each class is also listed here.

4 The Classroom Homepage This page lists all of the different components of the classroom. There are 3 navigation areas: the left bar, the top bar and the icons (pictures).

5 View of the Grade 5 Homepage

6 The Technology Lessons This section includes lessons which cover the entire grade 4 technology scope and sequence.

7 The Technology Lessons This section includes lessons which cover the entire grade 5 technology scope and sequence.

8 A Typical Unit Layout: Each unit has a table of contents. You can always add, remove or hide sections of the table of contents.

9 Grade 7/8 Math Resources on Web CT purpose layout and navigation other functions

10 Purpose curriculum aligned additional resources -lessons -questions Interactive stand alone non-evaluative

11 curriculum aligned follows grade course objective charts on the scs website

12 additional resources as lessons & questions

13 interactive

14 stand alone

15 Layout





20 Other functions provides additional resources on top of classroom instruction allows students to communicate with one another or the whole learning community other features such as the calendar, whiteboard and assignment options personalize the site to each classroom

21 Personalizing the Classroom You have 3 options Expert User – Complete control and designer of your own classroom along with aid via Cyber School when needed. Intermediate User- Some options to make changes and access aid via Cyber School Novice User- What you see is what you get along with aid via Cyber School.

22 Web CT Email This email program is very secure. Students may only email other students enrolled in the online classroom. Each email sent by a student is copied to the teacher as well.

23 Chat room/Whiteboard Chat rooms allow student discussions. This can be done from home or in the the computer lab setting. Communication occurs instantaneously. Chats can be logged and read by the teacher. The whiteboard is a drawing tool that can be used by teachers and students. Like the chat room, the drawings can be changed instantaneously and can also be saved for future use.

24 The Bulletin Board This area allows teachers and students to communicate in an open discussion. Only those enrolled in each specific online classroom can see what is posted here.

25 The Calendar This allows teachers and students to post important dates. Information can be posted publicly to all enrolled in the classroom or privately so that only the user can see the entries.

26 My Progress/Resume Course “My Progress” lets students see what they have covered in the classroom material. “Resume Course” allows students to return to the exact spot they previously left off.

27 Assignments This area allows the teacher to post actual assignments for the students. This can include anything from an essay to a math worksheet. These assignments can be handed in using Web CT and the teacher can then assign a grade and post it to the student’s Web CT classroom. Marks and teacher comments are always saved in the classroom.

28 Future Developments Learning Communities for each grade level. Access to all units developed by SCS and other avenues. Teacher sharing of information and work at their own grade level.

29 Future Developments cont’d More Math Resources Aboriginal Education kits (K-8) focusing on Cree and crafts

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