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Border Collie By: Logan Miller.

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1 Border Collie By: Logan Miller

2 Intro In this power point presentation I am going to tell you about Border Collies

3 Dogs Name ‘Border’ comes from the border between England and Scotland
‘Collie’ means anything useful and coal

4 History Border Collies have been around for over 100 years
Some of its ancestors lived in the 1550’s

5 Appearance Border Collies have long skinny snouts
Its eyes are usually shades of brown

6 Appearance Border Collies have floppy, short ears
Their feet are Small and round

7 Activities Border Collies are excellent herding dogs
They can herd in all types of weather and on all terrain

8 Activities Border Collies will try to herd anything that moves (even cars) So many of them get killed by trying

9 Health Always leave water out for a Border Collie
Bath them 3- 4 times a Year

10 Health Adult Border Collies need 2 meals per day
Puppies need 3- 4 meals per day

11 Interesting Facts Border Collies can run 100 miles per day
They get along with kids and other animals very well

12 That’s The End of My Show
Thanks for watching!

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