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La Amistad.

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1 La Amistad



4 Joseph Cinquez or Sengbe Pieh

5 James Covey

6 Mende language

7 Roger Baldwin

8 Kin-na

9 Significance

10 It was the 1st human rights case to be heard, fought & won in the US Supreme Court.

11 It weakened Spanish (Cuban) & American ties
It weakened Spanish (Cuban) & American ties. Queen Isabella II argued the case with 7 other presidents.

12 It was a cause of the American Civil War.

13 It strengthened the abolition movement and American & British antislavery groups grew in #’s.

14 It showed how a president could authorize actions that interfered with judicial process; thus, they strengthened the court systems.

15 Van Buren was not re-elected.

16 The slave fortress in Lomboko was found and destroyed.

17 Missionaries went to Africa to teach Christianity and to educate them.




21 Text of the court case.


23 53 Africans were transferred to La Amistad, a ship chartered by two Spaniards who had “purchased” the captives at auction in Havana, Cuba.


25 On the Teccora


27 Mende language

28 Letter to John Quincy Adams
Kali's January 4, 1841 letter pleaded: "All we want is make us free."

29 Slaver Montes points at Cinque

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