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Learning & Teaching Enhancement Fund Breakfast with the Vice-Provost Academic September 9, 2013.

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1 Learning & Teaching Enhancement Fund Breakfast with the Vice-Provost Academic September 9, 2013

2 Overview The LTEF is an internal grant program :  Supports/promotes better engagement in the classroom and scholarly research on higher education teaching,  Funds compelling new strategies which reflect Ryerson's commitment to classroom teaching our diverse student body

3 Overview Funding range: $7,000 - $20,000 Submission deadline: October 20, 2013 Applications and guidelines are available at:

4 Theme: Connect, Engage, Inspire - Strategies and Tools for Today's Classroom Submissions must demonstrate that they: Create or use teaching methodologies in an innovative way to enhance student experience; Use online teaching tools and strategies to enhance courses; Facilitate greater faculty expertise in engaging our diverse student body Build on existing knowledge of the scholarship of teaching; or Lead to transfer of knowledge (e.g. presentation to the wider community, publication, conference).

5 Requirements- Continued Proposals must also:  Demonstrate impact (long term)  Provide a realistic budget  Be outcome based (the initiative makes a difference) The committee will consider other compelling ideas or higher grant amounts.

6 Eligibility  The principal investigator must be a full-time faculty member (RFA)  Limited-term RFA members may also apply provided that their contract has at least two years remaining at the time of application  CUPE members are encouraged to participate as partners with RFA members.

7 Process  Proposals vetted and ranked by a committee led by the LTO.  Members of the committee will include Teaching Chairs, faculty and Director, LTO.  Results of the process will be communicated to the individual applicants via internal mail.  Funds made available by January, 2013

8 Stipulations  The LTEF is not an equipment fund  Teaching releases will not be funded  Funds made available in January 2013 are to be expended no later than January 31, 2014.  A mid term report will be due mid grant period  A final report is required from the grantee within one month following the end of the grant.  The final report must demonstrate how the funds awarded were used to achieve the goals of the LTEF.

9 Anne McNeilly & Lisa Taylor School of Journalism This research aims to determine whether a "minimal marking" concept, which draws on experiential learning, can improve students' knowledge acquisition and save instructors valuable time now spent correcting surface- learning deficits, such as grammar, while marking papers/tests/assignments.

10 Funded to create a web- based narrated video tutorials and interactive 3D models to improve on conventional architecture pedagogy. Vincent Hui and Albert Smith Department of Architectural Science Title: Foundational Architectural Computing Modules

11 Mary Foster & Jane Saber TRSM Marketing Creating a flipped classroom for MKT100 Basic business concepts will be taught on-line Experiential and applied learning techniques will be used in class Students will apply business concepts to team based assignments Students must come prepared Will evaluate its value

12 Alexandre Douplik & Aditya Pandya Department of Physics Creating a completely hands free presentation system Creating a gesture recognition system for the classroom to release the lecturer from the podium Will create a 3D system to “grab” objects from the screen, manipulate them and rotate them for the students

13 Melanie Panich, Jason Nolan, Garrick Filewod, Catherine Frazee, & Kathryn Church Title: Out from Under, a Virtual Learning Environment Recreated the "Out from Under: Disability, History and Things to Remember” exhibit as an interactive, virtual world.

14 Past Projects: Highlights Art Seto, Dr. Martin Habekost, Jason Lisi, Rich Adams School of Graphic Communications Management Title: Rethinking Learning Delivery Methods - Podcasting from Gutenberg to the iPhone and Beyond Funding to created 20 video podcasts on fundamental concepts of graphic design and pre- media, printing processes, bindery and finishing, and management.

15 For more information:

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