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Le Couloir Vert Rural Transit Project Management.

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1 Le Couloir Vert Rural Transit Project Management

2 Evaluating Free Project Management Software criteria softwarefree?Multi-users?simple?speed both PC & Mac financial info needed? flow chart?notes Base camp For 1 st 2 months multi-useryes no - for 1 st 2 months No? Good connection mechanism Ace Project yesmax 5 usersyes fairly fast don’t know not needed “task depend encies” max 2 projects, 250 mg data Huddlenoyes FastyesnoLots & lots Zoho Projects yes Yes, but adding users not straight- forward moder- ately easy fastyes Not needed has chat feature Google Docs Yesyes Moder- ately easy fastyesnoOKuniversal

3 To Do Securing use of a second, larger vehicle. Setting up the project as a legal entity–most likely a co-op. Convincing interested organizations and people to join the co-op. Working with a lawyer to review the draft leasing contracts, and any other required documents. – Negotiating the terms of those agreements. Applying for funding to the provincial government – most likely through the Small Communities Transit Fund ( Securing the Safety Fitness Certificates and the Public Service Vehicle licenses for the vehicles. Confirming and expanding community support for the project. Setting up the management systems for – accounting – rider scheduling and payment – driver licensing, scheduling and payment

4 Le Couloir Vert Rural Transit Arjun Marwaha Johnathan Thompson King Tshibanda Muntaqim Mohammed Ismail Hussein

5 Re-cap So far: – Introduction – Legal agreements Now: – Obtaining Class 4 license – Driver orientation

6 Obtaining a Class 4 license 10 to 24 passengers Requirements: – 18 years of age – Class 5A or 5I – Medical test – Road test – Written test Cost: $35 – Seniors exempt

7 Orientation Program Create comfort Our Culture About Us About the Job Paper work Acquaint

8 Responsibilities Customer service – Customer satisfaction – Pick-up and drop-off times Controlled substances and alcohol – Drug and alcohol free environment – Prescribed drugs

9 Responsibilities Hours of service and drivers’ log – Updated logs – Record mileage and time Vehicle inspection – Maintenance – General cleaning

10 Responsibilities Personal appearance and conduct Driver qualification Safety compliance Accident reporting Vehicle breakdown and road repair Driver pay Reporting to work

11 Methodology PowerPoint presentation Manuals

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