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Indo-US Workshop on HFCs 18-02-2011. Incorporated in the year : 1991 Number of Members : 250 Headquartered at : New Delhi Category of Members : Individual,

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1 Indo-US Workshop on HFCs

2 Incorporated in the year : 1991 Number of Members : 250 Headquartered at : New Delhi Category of Members : Individual, Institutional, raw material manufacturers, machine manufacturers, catalyst suppliers and various types of foam manufacturers. Coverage : Entire India and also suppliers from Overseas. Indo-US Workshop on HFCs

3 Popularize Polyurethanes in India and expand the Business. Help members to source new technologies. Advice members on environmental issues. Publish periodic News letter. Conduct seminars and training programmes. Conduct PU Tech Exhibition, once in 3 years. Liaise with Government on the issues affecting the industries. Liaise with other Polyurethane Associations abroad. Liaise with other industry and trade associations. Activities INDIAN POLYURETHANE ASSOCIATION Indo-US Workshop on HFCs

4 Presence of large number of Small and Medium Enterprises in the Sector HCFC Consumption scenario Indo-US Workshop on HFCs

5 In India, today HCFCs are being used by more than 450 units as blowing agent in processing of PU Foams. Majority of which are SMEs. Indo-US Workshop on HFCs

6 The Major sub sectors where HCFCs are used in foams as blowing Agent Domestic Refrigeration / Appliances Commercial Refrigeration Continuous Panel Discontinuous Panel General Insulation Spray / In-Situ Thermoware Integral Skin Polystyrene Foams Indo-US Workshop on HFCs

7 Year 2009 Year 2010 Indo-US Workshop on HFCs

8 HCFC 141b Rigid PU Foam IFS Rigid PU Foam IFS PENTANES Rigid Foam Currently there are only two main blowing agents being used by polyurethane industry in most of the article 5 countries including India. Pentane is highly flammable and needs fire safety measures in transportation, storage and during manufacturing process. Indo-US Workshop on HFCs

9 VIEW POINTREQUIRMENTS Environmentally Acceptable ODP – 0 Lower GWP Higher Energy Efficiency Safety Non-Toxicity Non-Flammability High- Volume Resistivity System Durability Thermal & Chemical Stability Material Compatibility Easy Management Reasonable cost/Commercially viable Technically Proven Easy Handling

10 India has large number of small and medium size enterprises, quite often located in crowded areas. It is very important that an option selected should cater the need of SME sector. HFCs can be used in combination with other blowing agents which can give good balance of foam Performance, cost and energy efficiency. Indo-US Workshop on HFCs

11 Most promising alternative technologies for Indian Foam Sector are CompoundMWPhysical State Boiling Point ( o C) LFL/U FL Lambda 25 o C (mW/mk) ODPGWP HFC-134a102Gas-27None01300 HFC-245fa134Liquid15None HFC-365mfc148Liquid403.4/ n-Pentane72Liquid Iso-Pentane72Liquid Cyclo- Pentane 70Liquid Indo-US Workshop on HFCs

12 CompoundMWPhysic al State Boiling Point ( o C) LFL/ UFL Lambda 25 o C (mW/ mk) ODPGWP Methylal76Liquid / Very Low Methyl Formate 60Liquid31.55/ Very Low FEA Dupont NALiquid33NoneNA0Very Low Note: These alternatives are not yet technically proven and their environmental benign ness and economical viability is yet to be established. Indo-US Workshop on HFCs

13 Applications: steering wheel furniture (armrest, headrest, seat) Key requirements: Skin formation Aesthetics Good Abrasion resistance Blowing Agent Options: Zero ODP : HFC -134a and HFC fa/365 Indo-US Workshop on HFCs

14 Domestic Appliance Key requirements: Foam insulation properties ( K-factor) Fast productivity Commercial Appliance Application: supermarket counters horizontal freezer Visi-coolers food service equipment Thermoware Key requirement: Fast productivity Low cost Blowing Agent Options : Zero ODP: HFC -134a low level, HFC -245 fa & HFC -134a/HFC- 365 Indo-US Workshop on HFCs

15 Application Cold store Building Panel Telecom Shelter Key requirements Low k-value Faster Productivity FR Blowing Agent options : Zero ODP- HFC -134a,HFC -134a/HFC-365, HFC -245 fa Indo-US Workshop on HFCs

16 Applications include: Walls, crawl spaces, enclosed attics, roof decks Key requirements Good Foam mechanical properties Good Foam insulation properties Low Moisture vapor resistance Low Flame spread Low Smoke generation Blowing agent options: Zero ODP: HCF -134a, HCF -134a/HFC- 365 & 245fa Indo-US Workshop on HFCs

17 SMEs are the backbone of Indian economy. The Polyurethane foam sector, SMEs consists of 91% of the total Foam Industry. Presently available alternates are mainly HFCs, such as 245FA, 134 A, 365FA and Hydro Carbons(Pentanes) Hydrocarbons are highly inflammable and it is not feasible to use them in pre blended Polyols which is widely used by SMEs Indo-US Workshop on HFCs

18 The Polyurethane Foam Industry is open for a Dialog with its counterpart US Industry to understand about the low GWP alternative if any, including their economical & Technical viability and the time frame for its availability. Indo-US Workshop on HFCs


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