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1 Successfully Implement SEP sesam Improve Your Novell Environment with SEP Backup Solutions NetWare to OES2 Migration - Made Easy Tim Wagner President SEP Software LLC Marketing and Sales for the Americas: 303-417-6316 SEP Software LLC

2 A simple philosophy: Backup every piece of data important to the enterprise How: --Simple installation --Consistent, reliable backup – Fast, easy restore --Support wide range of Operating Systems --Deliver performance – >64 data streams --Always make the product better Tim Wagner - SEP Software LLC Marketing and Sales for the Americas: SEP Software LLC

3 SEP sesam No One Backs up Novell and Linux better and more economically than SEP NetWare to OES 2 Migration – Made Easy!NetWare to OES 2 Migration – Made Easy! Single file backup and recoverySingle file backup and recovery NSS volumes, GroupWise Online, eDirectory (single Brick Restore), iFolder backup and restoreNSS volumes, GroupWise Online, eDirectory (single Brick Restore), iFolder backup and restore Complete Linux/OES2 and Novell Netware Cluster SupportComplete Linux/OES2 and Novell Netware Cluster Support SEP has the only verifiable backup for Novell OES2 and SLES clusters

4 SEP sesam SEP sesam: a perfect fit - from SMB to the Enterprise Supports most Operating Systems, Databases and Groupware solutions. Supports all Network- and Storage Technologies LAN Free, NAS/SAN, VMware, XEN backup Highly Scalable from Small Office/Remote Office to Enterprise Class High Quality Support from our US offices

5 One of Our Newest Customers Clatsop County Oregon - Tom Ank What does Tom say about SEP sesam? Our full backups used to take over 48 hours. Now, with a hardware upgrade and our new SEP sesam backup solution, they finish in under 8 hours! What do I think? SEP sesam is the best backup software youve never heard of! The Problem – Full backups were taking over 48 hours. Tasks started late Friday night did not finish until late Sunday. The Environment – Large county IT Department with almost 4 TB of data to be backed up. The Solution - New hardware including an LT04 tape autoloader and SEP sesam backup software. The outcome – Customer now performs full backups daily, backups scheduled after 5 oclock finish shortly after mid-night.

6 A Resellers Tale – Gracon Services, Inc. The Customer - Large School District in Michigan The Problem - Gracon had worked with a with a well-known backup software vendor for over 16 months to provide OES2 Cluster backup and it never worked. The Environment – Large independent school district near Detroit, MI. The Solution – Gracon installed SEP sesam and within a few hours had the schools cluster backing up reliably. The outcome Full, reliable backup of the OES2 cluster environment. GroupWise online backups Relieved and satisfied IT Director – Look for the success story to be released soon.

7 SEP Provides Backup solutions to some of the worlds most well-known companies Weve been providing quality backup solutions to the European market for the past 16 Years - We are rapidly adding partners in the USA, Canada, Brazil, Mexico and other South and Central American countries A company with industry leading technology Patented proof of excellence. A company that delivers software to the most elite companies in the world.

8 A few of our Customers Many successful international companies and organisations use SEP sesam

9 The Novell Message – Why SEP? Because no one understands the backup needs in the new Novell/Linux world better than SEP Some have moved away from Novell – Not SEP Easy NetWare to OES 2 Migration NSS Volume Support GroupWise Online Modules eDirectory backup single brick restore iFolder backup and restore VMware ESX Online module XEN Disaster Recovery Capability

10 Novell Clusters Proven Backup in both NetWare and OES2 Clusters Easy Restore Wizard for Data Recovery in Clusters Fail Over and Retry Support Interrupted Tasks Complete from Point of Interruption Free – It comes with the software!

11 SEP has always focused on Data Security Compliance with the most stringent European and US Data Security requirements Security –Encryption –Firewall, single port access Designed for complex IT environments –Multi-System, Multi-O/S, Multi-Groupware, Multi-Database Efficiently deals with exponential data growth Can be used in small time periods for backup and restore –The base server comes standard with 5 Data Streams, while the Advanced Server can handle >64 data streams.

12 Novell + SEP = A Winning Combination Novell and SEP have a clear Linux focused strategy Typical Novell customer - mixed environment -, Netware, OES, Linux and Windows The Customers Dilemma Two or more Backup Solutions in place Expensive Legacy Pricing Expensive training for two or more solutions Industry leading Linux experience Suitability for all Novell technologies – Novell certified One Backup Solution for the company or the enterprise.

13 Our Value Proposition SEP sesam has the features of our largest competitors: Syncsort, NetBackup, Legato, Tivoli. At a price that compares with Backup Exec. One backup software for almost every O/S. Novell, Linux, Unix, Microsoft and more All Popular Databases All Popular Groupware Solutions – GroupWise! Disaster Recovery down to Bare Metal Recovery

14 The Value Proposition cont. VMware ESX/VCB online backup and recovery to the file level XEN virtual machine disaster recovery capability (beta) LANfree Backup of Novell OES and SLESLANfree Backup of Novell OES and SLES Encryption with AES256 and Blowfish 128Encryption with AES256 and Blowfish 128 Certified beginning with SuSE Linux 7.0Certified beginning with SuSE Linux 7.0 We are constantly improving the softwareWe are constantly improving the software iFolder – Jan 2009 Win2008 – Feb 2009 XEN in Beta!

15 Thank you! And now our technical presentation. Dan Lietz – CTO Gracon Services, Inc. Okemos, MI & James Delmonico Chief Support Engr SEP Software LLC

16 NetWare to OES2 Migration cont

17 Migrate your data from NetWare to OES2 Backup your customers NetWare 6.5 data to SEP sesam Client software is not required on the source NetWare Server Restore it to OES2 with TSAFS in dual mode The NetWare File Structure and all NSS Trustee Rights are transferred and available You now have a tried, tested and reliable backup software in place for your OES2/Netware Customer Yes, its that easy

18 Configure the NetWare and OES2 Servers as SEP sesam Clients Create the same NSS volumes that exist on the NetWare system (SYS) on the OES2 server. Using the Client browser, select the Netware NSS volumes as the backup source. Text

19 Use the Restore Wizard to Restore to the OES2 Server In the Restore Wizard the OES 2 server is presented as a NetWare server. The target parse SYS:/ORIGINAL appears in Unix notation.

20 Confirm that the migrated Data is now on the OES2 Server _

21 Conclusion Novell YES Certified NetWare to OES2 Migration NSS, eDirectory Backup (single file and single brick restore) The only verifiable cluster backup solution for OES2 and NetWare The best backup software at the best price in the Novell/Linux Marketplace. Questions

22 Thank you! Contact SEP @ 303-417-6316 Contact Gracon @ 517-349-4900

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