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Information for Parents new to French Immersion Welcome to the wonderful world of FRENCH IMMERSION.

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1 Information for Parents new to French Immersion Welcome to the wonderful world of FRENCH IMMERSION

2 Our goals for this evening Merci…Thanks for giving your child the gift of a second language 1 2 We will explore what the French Immersion program looks like. 3 We will ask questions to help clarify any uncertainties that we may have. We will discover different ways that we can help our children in French Immersion

3 French Immersion at the GECDSB What it isn’t? 1 “Our vision in French Immersion is for our students to have the confidence and ability to use French effectively in their daily lives.”

4 What is French Immersion? The most effective way to learn a second language Children will learn the French language as the vehicle of expression in all curriculum areas rather than learning about the language in isolation. Students engage in conversations, ask questions and learn math, science, social studies and the arts in French!

5 French Instruction Core French Gr. 4 - 8 Approx. 600 hours of French Instruction 55 elementary schools French Immersion K - 8 K & 1 Program Instruction in French, Incidental & Safety in English Grades 2 – 5 75% French, 25% English Grades 6 – 8 50% French, 50% English Bellewood, Giles, McCallum (Single Track) Kingsville, Lakeshore, Sandwich West, Tecumseh Vista Academy (Dual Track) Secondary French 9 – 12 Core French 4 language training courses in French 14 secondary schools Extended French 4 language training courses in French 3 content area courses offered in French Kingville DHS French Immersion 4 language training courses in French 6 content area courses offered in French Belle River DHS, Herman SS, Sandwich SS, Tecumseh Vista Academy

6 How will your French Immersion benefit your child? Strengthens first-language skills Opens the doors for learning additional languages Strengthens problem-solving and creative-thinking abilities Heightens awareness and appreciation of French culture and diversity Broadens global perspectives Increases opportunities for international travel and study French is a benefit for employment opportunities!

7 Parent engagement matters. Study after study shows us that student achievement improves when parents play an active role in their children’s education, and that good schools become even better schools when parents are involved. How can you help?

8 2 A parent’s role in French Immersion Parents and schools share responsibility for children’s education.

9 How can you prepare your child for learning French? A positive outlook, a commitment to supporting your child’s education, and a belief in your child’s ability to learn provide a strong foundation for a positive experience in FSL.

10 Learn the language together!

11 -Read, read, read! Read to your child in your first language! Model strong literacy skills in your language and instill the love of reading at home. -Get to know your child’s school and teacher; -Participate in orientation sessions, meet the teacher nights and parent-teacher conferences -Open the communication between you and the teacher; -Consider online and after-school homework help -Check out this site: How can parents help with homework if they don’t speak French?

12 Remember, your child is learning a second language. Research shows that students learn languages differently and at different paces. Remember that they are learning all subjects in French; time and support will be required for your child to achieve in all subject areas. Consider in-school and outside supports. “In early immersion programs, students gain fluency and literacy in French at no apparent cost to their English academic skills. Within a year of the introduction of formal English language arts, students catch up in most aspects of English standardized test performance.” (Cummins, 1998) And if my child struggles, what should I do?

13 It comes down to involvement, motivation, confidence, attitude, acceptance and willingness to learn ! - encourage school trips in French - purchase books / magazines in French - consider visits or trips to French speaking areas - go to the library and read in French - sing and play with the French language - visit employers and education institutions where French is predominately used How do I help my child understand the benefits of continuing to learn French for years to come?

14 3 Do you have any questions? We are here to help!

15 David Joseph Languages Consultant Greater Essex County District School Board (519) 255 -3200 x 10218 Merci!

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