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Subtitle Version or Date Presentation Title BCeSIS Overview Module 1.

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1 Subtitle Version or Date Presentation Title BCeSIS Overview Module 1

2 BCeSIS Module BCeSIS Overview 2 1 Objectives of Introduction Describe the benefits of a common student information system. Identify the key changes to provincial processes. Summarize the key provincial standards. Explain FOIPPA requirements. Preview some of the basics of the BCeSIS system. Explain why you were chosen to lead.

3 BCeSIS Module BCeSIS Overview 3 1 Why a Common SIS? Achievement Accountability Autonomy Flexibility/Choice Funding

4 BCeSIS Module BCeSIS Overview 4 1 Goals of BCeSIS Implementation One student record, stored in one location, accessed by all authorized users in our school, school district and the ministry of education. All participating schools will: –Use a common system (BCeSIS) –Share IT services

5 BCeSIS Module BCeSIS Overview 5 1 Expected Results Improved student achievement Appropriate, efficient and effective access to data Improved information for data driven decisions by educators Improved parent involvement through access to information Ensure the security and privacy of data Consistent, timely and accurate data for management, reporting, and analysis Records easily follow students transferring inside British Columbia Improved program tracking and analysis

6 BCeSIS Module BCeSIS Overview 6 1 BC Processes Presenter: Dee Freethy –Operation & Standards Manager, BCeSIS Project Recording will last approximately 30 minutes click the link to open the attached folder. Processes Overview.exe Double click the file to start the presentation. Processes Overview.exe

7 BCeSIS Module BCeSIS Overview 7 1 Introducing FOIPPA Presenter: David Loukidelis –Information & Privacy Commissioner for BC discusses Recording will last approximately 10 minutes. Click the link to open the attached folder. FOIPPA Intro.exe FOIPPA Intro.exe Double click the file to start the presentation.

8 BCeSIS Module BCeSIS Overview 8 1 Key Module Messages -1 Goal for BCeSIS is improved student achievement –Consistent, timely, accurate data –Reduced manual work –Streamlining processes –Advanced features – parental access BCeSIS has been customized to meet district identified requirements BCeSIS has 3 levels for establishment of codes –Enterprise (Provincial Level e.g. Course Codes) –District –School

9 BCeSIS Module BCeSIS Overview 9 1 Key Module Messages -2 FOIPPA balances –Access to information –Rights to privacy FOIPPA important for BCeSIS: –Web-enabled database, shared across districts, accessible to many people –Contains personal information on most children in BC FOIPPA Reminders: –Only collect what you need –Be objective when entering notes –Don’t automate “bad” practices –Only share information on a “need to know” basis

10 BCeSIS Module BCeSIS Overview 10 1 It has……. Student Demographics –Basic information –Multiple addresses –Multiple language & immigration information –Siblings –Medical/health & Immunization –Standardized Testing –Student & Parent/Guardian Photos –Alerts

11 BCeSIS Module BCeSIS Overview 11 1 ….as well as School Set-Up Attendance Grade reporting General Reports Official District Transfers

12 BCeSIS Module BCeSIS Overview 12 1 What does it look like? Logon Confidential Unique to a user

13 BCeSIS Module BCeSIS Overview 13 1 Main Screen Windows based, mouse driven Drop down menus

14 BCeSIS Module BCeSIS Overview 14 1 How it’s used From this Start screen, options in eSIS can be selected from the menus, menu bars and buttons. Access to some functions can be enabled/disabled through security. Every user sees basically the same functions.

15 BCeSIS Module BCeSIS Overview 15 1 Tool Bar The majority of buttons on the toolbar relate to student and school functions.

16 BCeSIS Module BCeSIS Overview 16 1 Demographics Toolbar Demographics Toolbar provides access to various screens of Student Demographic information. ie. If a student has a Medical Alert, the Medical button displays in red.

17 BCeSIS Module BCeSIS Overview 17 1 Main Menu The menu is loosely organized into 4 functional areas. –Student Functions: Main Menu and the Common View. –School Functions: School and Mail. –District Functions: Administration. –Utility Functions: Lock, Query, Help and Window.

18 BCeSIS Module BCeSIS Overview 18 1 Attendance Attendance is entered at the classroom level, no need for weekly input of sheets.

19 BCeSIS Module BCeSIS Overview 19 1 Attendance cont’d By photo

20 Subtitle Version or Date Presentation Title End of Module 1

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