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Jessica’s Mission Some goals, some metrics, and one giant BHAG.

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1 Jessica’s Mission Some goals, some metrics, and one giant BHAG

2 My BHAG My business is….

3 Location Independent

4 Earning $250,000 in annual gross revenue

5 Helping entrepreneurs all over North America Information product sales Workshops Strategy/focus sessions Business plan writing Through…

6 My business looks like this in… JUNE

7 Paths to the BHAG The strategy begins with taking the steps to bring my business fully ONLINE

8 3 Goals To Bring Write Ahead Online Increase information product sales Offer workshops online and in other cities Build a virtual team to help me

9 What’s in my way Nothing. There is nothing in my way except my own assumptions. My business’s success is not defined by how many people work for me or whether or not I have an office!

10 Goal #1: Increase Information Product Sales To 10/month by May 2013 To 20/month by Dec 2013 To 30/month by Jun 2014

11 The PATH Improve conversion rates + web traffic – With better copy – With more guest posts – With more active commenting One step at a time…

12 Goal #2: Offer Online + Offline Workshops Offer 12 in-person workshops per year Offer 3 virtual workshops per year Target 20 people per session

13 The PATH Set the dates and COMMIT Use LinkedIn and Meetup to CONNECT DELIVER what I promise

14 Goal #3: Build a Virtual Team

15 The PATH Determine the tasks I can empower others to do… …and LET them GO.

16 The Results My customers get the financing they need to open their businesses. They become empowered – not fearful – entrepreneurs They live the lives they’ve always wanted (and so do I)

17 How will I celebrate? In a warm place, with laughter and Riesling.

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