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Remote Assistance By Terri Bowles and Jessica Powell.

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1 Remote Assistance By Terri Bowles and Jessica Powell

2 What is remote assistance? Provides a way to get help Three ways to use remote assistance Allows the remote user and yourself to be logged on at the same time. Must be connected to internet and have the same operating system in order for it to work Remote assistance is NOT the same as a remote desktop

3 Why use remote assistance? Explaining a concept to a person with little computer skills can be long and frustrating. It would be much easier to take control and actually show them what to do without being there in person. An expert can also see what is wrong and suggest ways to fix it or take control themselves.

4 How it works

5 1. Instant messenger Steps to get help: Sign into windows messenger Select an online person, invite this person to start remote assistance with you. If you are not already in conversation with the person you are going to be receiving help from, you can Click Tools, click Ask for Remote Assistance, and choose the e-mail address of the contact you wish to receive remote assistance from. For the newer versions of MSN you have to be in the conversation window with the person. First click the Actions button and then go to Request Remote Assistance. If the person accepts the invitation and starts to take control of your computer, a dialog box will appear asking you to confirm permission.

6 To Get Help:

7 1. Instant Messenger Steps to give help: If you are the person providing help you will receive an invitation to start remote assistance. Accept the instant message. When the remote assistance connection is established, the session will open. Next, click the Take Control button When finished task, click Stop Control and then the remote assistance session will end.

8 2. Email Steps to get help: Click on the Start menu, and select Help and Support. Click on Support button, select ask a friend to help, and then choose invite someone to help you. Type in their email address and click Invite this person.

9 2. Email Steps to give help: Open the attachment on the email and select open. Click Yes to accept the invitation.

10 3. Saving A File Once there is a remote assistance session started you can send files from one computer to another. Steps to give help: In the remote assistance dialog box, click Send a File, and then type in the file path or click Browse. Select the file which you want to send and click Send File. Steps to get help: Click Save as when you receive notification that someone is sending you a file.

11 References: g/helpandsupport/learnmore/remoteassist/i ntro.mspx oteassistance.html

12 The End

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