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Club Operations Workshop

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1 Club Operations Workshop
Bethany Tory, Chief Operating Officer Norm Proft, Member Services Director Amy Levac, Member Services Representative Maha Yammine, Member Services Assistant

2 Today’s agenda Meet your neighbour
Engagement on Strategic Plan Imperative: Delivery Capacity Create a listening and sharing environment Ideas, ideas, ideas! Where to next? How to stay involved and be heard

3 Objective of the session
Excerpt from the Skate Canada Strategic Plan – Delivery Capacity: “Most importantly, it is necessary that this foundation is built through consultation, engagement and collaboration, not only at the beginning while discerning requirements and identifying gaps, but throughout the process. Attention will be paid to frequent and relevant interactions to set direction, affirm understanding, and redirect as necessary.”

4 Delivery Capacity Enhancing delivery through organizational innovation, continuous improvements of infrastructure and technology as well as education and support of delivery stakeholders.

5 What’s working? What are we proud of?
What could we share with other clubs? What’s in process? What recent changes have we made? How are we implementing technology? What feels easy? What positive feedback do we receive?

6 What needs improvement?
What keeps you up at night? Where are you looking for solutions? What support do you need? How do you stay connected? Do you feel heard? Where do you struggle with technology? What feedback concerns you?

7 Cue card exercise Focusing on Delivery Capacity 2 Walls 1 marker
As many cue cards as you can complete Crazy ideas are HIGHLY encouraged Tell us what you need & tell us what is working Prizes are available

8 Groupings This is the exercise portion of the session
Arrange all cards under groupings: Technology Templates Forums Online learning Board orientation Etc…

9 Next steps This is a starting point only
All ideas are good ideas – will need to be paced – tomorrow file Forum will be made available to continue to submit ideas – for now: Other ideas to ensure we’re listening? Skate Canada Info Centre (running on Zendesk):

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