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Sun Country Health Region Home Care Falls Prevention Program.

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1 Sun Country Health Region Home Care Falls Prevention Program

2 6-Oct-14Saskatchewan Falls Collaborative2 Background 1980’s – Home Care Presentations assessments – Falls 1992 – District wide incident reporting process that involved falls 1994 – Screening 2005 – TUGS started to be done May 2008 – TUGS in place

3 Background Sun Country Health Region’s Home Care was the first one to start a Falls Prevention program in our region. Our region is geographically large but is not large in numbers. In our region, Home Care is divided between South, West and East. Sun Country Health Region’s vision: “Healthy People in Healthy Communities”

4 6-Oct-14Saskatchewan Falls Collaborative4 Aim To reduce falls and injury from falls in Home Care clients with completed MDS by 20% by March 2012 Scope & Boundaries: All Home Care clients with MDS Assessment Objectives: 1. Update Falls education booklet to include new information on Home Care change concepts. 2. Develop tracking form to collect data on witnessed and unwitnessed falls. This included falls analysis. 3. Develop an excel program to track falls prevention data. 4. Increase the number of clients receiving falls education by increasing the number of falls education trainers 5. Complete the SCHR Home Care Falls Prevention Policy

5 Goals 1. 20% decrease in number of falls. 2. 20% decrease in number of injuries from falls. 3. 75% of staff have falls prevention inservice.

6 6-Oct-14Saskatchewan Falls Collaborative6 Team Members Pat May – Manager of Home Care West Colleen Scharnatta – Case Manager, Home Care South Deb Kennett-Russill – Clinical Coordinator of Therapies Laura Kehrig – Falls & Injury Prevention Coordinator Ellen Cairns – Assessor/Coordinator Home Care Amy Ryan – Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Manager Judy Olfert – Home Care Scheduler Angela Frey – Nursing Supervisor of Home Care West Ellen Cairns – Arcola Home Care Assessor/Coordinator Rilla Kapell – Home Care East Supervisor Lillian Ly - Dietician

7 6-Oct-14Saskatchewan Falls Collaborative7 Results  Falls Prevention is on our new staff orientation course.  Formed Regional Home Care working group with sub committees.  Our region has formed a Regional Falls Prevention Working Group made up of LTC, HC, AC, Mental Health, OTs, Nutition, Pharmacy, EMS, and Community.  Consistently tracking witnessed/unwitnessed falls.  Conducted three vitamin D Telehealths to staff, designed a vitamin D brochure and we are printing 5,000 copies to be distributed throughout our region.

8 Results At every staff meeting we review falls prevention Updated our Falls Prevention policies Have started to collect data and using the measures set out by SHN!. Also recreated two more measures that we feel are appropriate for our region and our data collection. Finalized our Falls Tracking Analysis form and Environmental Scan and we’re trialing them out.

9 Results Falls rate per 1,000 clients

10 Results Percentage of Falls causing Injury

11 Results Percentage of clients with a completed Falls Risk Screening on Admission

12 Results Percentage of Clients with a completed Falls Risk Reassessment following a Fall or change in condition

13 Results Percentage of “At Risk” Clients with a documented Falls Prevention Plan

14 6-Oct-14Saskatchewan Falls Collaborative14 Changes Tested Surveying one area for what happened after intervention. Reviewed if clients had made changes after education and interventions. Sent out calendars for clients to track their falls and falls tracking tool to Weyburn area Using a falls tracking tool in Weyburn and in East Sector Testing the Falls Tracking & Analysis form and Environmental Scan in every part of our region. Looking at data collection

15 6-Oct-14Saskatchewan Falls Collaborative15 Lessons Learned Importance of collaborative concept – new idea Continually monitoring and training staff in Falls Prevention. Summer is harder to implement change with summer staff working and staff on holidays. Collaborative members think they haven’t been doing lots but little improvements every month add up. Falls Prevention to be on every staff meeting agenda (bringing more awareness). We need to discuss the benefits of vitamin D with all physicians in Sun Country Health Region.

16 6-Oct-14Saskatchewan Falls Collaborative16 Next Steps Continue our Regional Home Care Falls working group to improve our Falls Prevention program after the collaborative is done. Handing out the vitamin D brochure to all our clients in the region

17 On going measures after collaborative 1. Falls Rate per 1000 clients 2. Percentage of falls causing injury 3. Percentage of clients with a completed falls risk screening on admission 4. Percentage of clients with completed falls risk reassessment following a falls or change in medical status 5. Percentage of “at risk” clients with a documented falls prevention/injury reduction plan 6. Number of clients that refuse TUGS and FRQ testing 7. Missed/Deceased/Discharged

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