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Making the Grade Getting Better Grades in School

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1 Making the Grade Getting Better Grades in School

2 My Challenge To get a least a 81% overall average this semester.
I want to get this average because I want to be on the honour roll. I also know that I need good grades in high school to get into university.

3 How I will Achieve my Challenge
I will study hard for my exams. I will work hard on my assignments to make sure they are done well. I will not leave my homework to the last minute. I will do my homework right away. I will get a good night’s sleep so that I am able to pay attention in class. I will take lots of notes.

4 Focus question #1 What are the benefits of this challenge?
I could go to university. I can get a better job. I can make more money. I can gain some self confidence. I can make the honour roll.

5 Focus question #2 What qualities help us face challenges successfully?
Having confidence Having humility( being humble) Working hard (exceeding expectations) Staying focused Perseverance (working through times even when it is hard)

6 Steps for Better Grades
Attend all of your classes Know your teachers Get/stay organized Use your time wisely Take good notes Use textbooks Follow the rules of writing Study Be a good test-taker Have good verbal skills .

7 Tips for Success Preparation Attitude Sleep Classroom seating
Avoiding distractions

8 Non-Fiction Text How To Get Good Grades by Linda O’Brien
Know what kind of student you are Believe in yourself Be organized Manage your time well Success in the classroom Take good notes Study smart Test-taking strategies Get help when you need it

9 Websites Quintessential Careers
School for Champions

10 Importance of Good Grades
Making good grades is essential to keeping all of the doors of opportunity open. By making good grades you show that you have mastered the material. Doing your best in every activity, including academics is a sign of strong character. In many school systems you are not eligible to participate in extracurricular activities if you do not have good grades.

11 Importance of Good Grades Continued
Good grades can have rewarding effects on students. At the end of the school year some schools award students with good grades awards or trophies. Students who get good grades are less likely to engage in destructive behaviours like smoking or doing drugs.

12 Evidence I Overcame My Challenge
My evidence is that I will get a good mark on this assignment. I will have at least an 81% overall average for this semester. I will make the honour roll at the end of the semester

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