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R ULES AND R OUTINES IN... Madame Acx’s Class. D RILLS Fire Drills - exit door, walk straight out to field, line up quietly (2 bell rings means it is.

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1 R ULES AND R OUTINES IN... Madame Acx’s Class

2 D RILLS Fire Drills - exit door, walk straight out to field, line up quietly (2 bell rings means it is safe to go in) - gym, library, hallway, washroom Hold and Secure - carry on as usual, lock door, close drapes

3 Lock Down - sit silently in front corner by white board (close drapes, lock door) Threatening Weather - sit on floor, protect your head

4 Reminder to remain CALM. Be QUIET, listen to the adult in charge, line up in the safe spot, be alert for attendance call. After drill, proceed QUIETLY to class.

5 A TTENTION 3 Claps or bell will ring Teacher calls for attention “Un, deux, trois, regarde moi” Students reply: “Un, deux, trois, je te vois!”

6 D ONNE -MOI C IN Q ! - G IVE ME FIVE ! Donne-moi cinq! On écoute le prof. On regarde le prof. On lève la main. On ne bouge pas. On ne parle pas. 1. Listen 2. Eyes on the speaker 3. Hands free 4. Be still 5. Mouth quiet

7 W ASHROOM Must ask to go / Sign in and out|! Appropriate times to go: recess only ( if emergency during a work period). NOT during a lesson!! NOT when you come in from recess Take key fob Closest Door to School – no detours Will have to knock to get back in portable – person at back answer quickly - PUT KEY FOB BACK ON HANGER

8 I NDOOR R ECESS Use washroom Stay seated Board games – see shelves No physical games Computer use – sign up No use of blackboards Clean-up well – or all do work during next indoor recess

9 N EW P ENCIL Trade in a dull one No electric sharpening during lessons Helper sharpens all dull pencils after last recess

10 E XTRAS A note is necessary for going off school property Appropriate behaviour required in library, assemblies, hallways, washrooms

11 Line up at portable door : quiet no equipment being used no one is up on steps Entering and exiting school as a class (line up next to steps)


13 M ORE E XTRAS First snack – must choose the healthiest one you have. Never enter portable without teacher – not even for a minute to grab a basketball or put something away Never knock on the portable door in the morning or during recess unless it is an emergency or another teacher has asked you to

14 T EST AND A SSIGNMENTS Always review rubrics and study Must be signed by parent/guardian Stamp in agenda – record the subject and the mark (parents sign this as well as the test/assignment)

15 L UNCH Use washroom at 11:45 or recess Eat at own desks First 10 minutes is silent eating time Next 5 minutes (at 11:55) is time to chat quietly still in your own desk Last 5 minutes (at 12:00) is time to clean up and get ready for outdoors. Do not get up before this! Boomerang Lunch = no garbage Must have a note to go home if you usually stay

16 L IBRARY Line up quietly at library door Deposit books carefully Walk to sit at a table No more than 5 people to a table Wait silently for Mrs. Gorvett After lesson, quietly check out books then sit at a table and read silently (away from others) If you have forgotten your book, read a magazine at a table and return it at end

17 H ELPER D UTIES New helper chosen each week Helper can chose a partner to assist with jobs Some duties: Attendance Hand out worksheets Sharpen pencils Recycling/composting Wash boards Tidy bookshelves/room Agenda check

18 H OMEWORK E XPECTATIONS Must be completed to the best of your ability and handed in on time Sign homework book if not done and complete the unfinished work Incomplete homework is to be recorded in agenda (with stamp) and signed by parents 3 times = note sent home to parents

19 A GENDA E XPECTATIONS Signed nightly Stamped daily 4 – 5 signatures per week = “Bravo ticket” (given on Mondays) Organization is a learning skill!

20 S UPPLIES water bottles (prefer reusable), tissue boxes, rulers, geometry set, calculator, pencils (can trade dull for new ones), pencil crayons, Markers Erasers/Glue stick


22 “B RAVO ” TICKETS For getting agendas signed For making good choices outside/inside

23 P OOR B EHAVIOUR Poor choices = warnings, timeouts, removal from classroom, walking with teachers, pink slips Pink slips are kept on file for tracking and identifying patterns Thinking Page for reflection at school and at home “Guilty by association”

24 T HANK - YOU SLIPS Good choices in the classroom and in the school 3 thank-you slips = prize

25 G ROUP P OINTS Each group is numbered Points awarded for good behaviour Examples: Group where everyone is focused and working Everyone in group ready for next subject Quiet group Group points are tallied on Mondays Group with highest points = thank-you slips

26 C LASS P OINTS Points given to whole class for good work habits: On task Participating Quiet Listening Ready for next subject Each time we reach and maintain 100 points, we get an extra period for fun (vote)


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