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ADLC AND A RDROSSAN H IGH S CHOOL Facilitator Cathy Rudnisky.

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1 ADLC AND A RDROSSAN H IGH S CHOOL Facilitator Cathy Rudnisky

2 S UPERVISED B Y Principal Mr. Vanderburgh Counsellors Mrs. Muth Mr. Kennerd

3 W HEN IS A DLC USED AT A RDROSSAN ?  Courses that we don’t offer  Timetabling issues  Students that need extra credits  Students that prefer to work ahead  Students that work better in this format Average of 350 courses per year with 190 registered students

4 C LASSROOM  Classroom can fit 34 students but limit number from 20 to 25 students for each block  ADLC material on hand – modules, textbooks and assignment booklets  Students have access to 16 lap tops and printer

5 R ESPONSIBILITIES  Collecting forms and money  Web Registration  Course material ordering and distributing  Photocopying assignment booklets  Printing booklets from the ADLC web site

6 I NPUTTING OF INFORMATION ON SPREADSHEET FOR TRACKING PURPOSES MouseMicaelaForensic Sci 252.5 Adlc MouseMicaelaForensic Sci 352.5 Adlc PrincessAniciaCalm0 Adlc PrincessAniciaScience 145 Adlc DuckCourtneyApp. Math 100 C/O DuckCourtneyApp. Math 205 Adlc GoofyTylerBiology 200 Adlc GoofyTylerCOM 10801 C/O WhiteCassidy SCalm2.5 Adlc PopeyeJamieForensic Sci 350 C/O ProcrastinatorJordanCalm2.5 Adlc ChipDillanForensic Sci 250 Adlc ChipDillanForensic Sci 352.5 Adlc DaleChrisCalm0 Adlc KangaJamieCalm0 Adlc RooKellyAbnormal Psy2.5 Adlc RooKelly General Psy 0 C/O EyoreJesseEnglish 20-10 C/O

7 S ETTING DUE DATES FOR COMPLETION OF COURSE ( S ) ADLC/Independent Course Record StudentCourseAss. Blkt. Student Namecourse8 Start Date:Planned Completion:Days/ ModToday's Date Tue Apr 12, 11Thu Sep 1, 1116.875Tuesday, April 12, 11 Ass.Date DueDate OutDate InMarkComments 1Thu, Apr 28 Sat, Jan 0 2Sun, May 15 Sat, Jan 0 3Wed, Jun 1 Sat, Jan 0 4Sat, Jun 18 Sat, Jan 0 5Tue, Jul 5 Sat, Jan 0 6Fri, Jul 22 Sat, Jan 0 7Mon, Aug 8 Sat, Jan 0 8Thu, Aug 25 Sat, Jan 0 0 0 0 0 Final Exam: Thu Sep 1 Final Mark: Notes:

8 CONTACTS WITH PARENTS AND ADLC  Verbal and written correspondence with parents  Contacting ADLC teachers and markers via telephone or e-mail


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