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High School Registration

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1 High School Registration 2014-2015
ARDROSSAN JR SR HIGH High School Registration

2 Planning your high school program
Consider Your interests, skills and abilities Diploma requirements Future educational/career plan Do a three year plan Timetabling Courses required Balanced semesters No spares in grades 10 & 11

3 Diploma Requirements English30-1 or 30-2 Social 30-1 or 30-2
Each high school course is worth 5 credits At the end of grade 12 you must earn100 credits You must pass one level to move to the next level At Ardrossan you must carry a full timetable (40 credits) in grades 10 and 11 and you can have 1 spare each semester (30 credits)in grade 12 English30-1 or 30-2 Social 30-1 or 30-2 10 more 30 level credits 10 credits in options Math (10 credits) Science (10 credits) CALM Phys Ed 10

4 What is a credit? A credit is a unit of learning time based on instructional time At Ardrossan, most of our courses are 5 credit courses, meaning you attend each day for 1 block (85 minutes) for one semester Semester 1 – September to January Semester 2 – February to June Credits can be also be achieved in singular units in CTS or ADLC courses. Students are expected to earn 5-1 credit modules in most CTS or ADLC courses

5 What do course numbers mean?
The first digit refers to the year of high school – 1, 2 or 3 The hyphenated number refers to the route of the program Example – English 10-1 (gr. 10), 20-1 (gr. 11), 30-1 (gr. 12) For students who are interested in the study, creation and analysis of literary texts For students who are university bound Example – English 10-2 (gr. 10), 20-2 (gr. 11), 30-2 (gr. 12) For students who are interested in real-world contexts and popular culture For students who are college, technical school, apprenticeship-bound or planning to go straight to work after high school

6 EIPS French Immersion Certificate
At least 2 French courses (one of which must be FLA) to the 30 level At least 30 credits in French Immersion French Language Arts Etudes Sociales Science Biologie Mathematiques Chimie Students may choose to write the Diplome d’etudes en langue francaise (DELF) (Certificate in French Language Studies) Official diploma awarded by the National Ministry of Education of France and recognized around the world Evaluation of French proficiency based on 4 competence levels A Basic User B Independent User A1 Beginner B1 Pre-intermediate A2 Elementary B2 Intermediate

7 Who should take Honours courses? Students who:
are motivated enjoy a challenge have well developed work habits and good time-management skills find learning stimulating and exciting have strong parental support have a specific interest in one or more subjects

8 Recommended paths Math 9 Science 9 80+ - Math 10C Honours
80+ - Science 10 Honours 50+ - Science 10 <50 – Science 14

9 Recommended paths Language Arts 9 Social 9 80+ English 10-1 Honours
80+ Social 10-1 Honours 60+ Social 10-1 <60 Social 10-2

10 Electives Communication Technology Construction Technology
Fashion Studies Foods Commercial Foods Mechanics and Fabrication Off Campus Education Drama Instrumental Music Art Film Studies Phys Ed Personal Fitness Yoga French Spanish

11 On Campus Extras Jazz Band Theatre Production ADLC Design Studies
Financial Management Forensic Sciences Psychology Legal Studies Tourism Plus more (refer to

12 Athletics Badminton Basketball Cheerleading Cross Country Football
Rugby Soccer Track & Field Volleyball

13 Sample Timetable – Gr. 10 Social 10-1 or10-2 Math 10C or 10-3
English 10-1or 10-2 Science 10 or 14 Phys Ed 10 Option

14 Sample Timetable – Gr. 10 Band
Social 10-1 or Social 10-2 Math 10C or Math 10-3 English 10-1/Band Eng 10-1/Band Phys Ed 10 Option Science 10 or 14*

15 Sample Timetable Gr. 11 Social 20-1 or 20-2 Math 20-1 or 20-2 or 20-3
English 20-1 or 20-2 Bio 20 or option if you took Sci 14 Phys Ed 20 Calm Chem 20 or Sci 24 Drama 20 *If you took Sci 14 you take Sci 24

16 Sample Timetable Gr. 12 Social 30-1 or 30-2 Math 30-1 or 30-2 or 30-3
English 30-1 or 30-2 Bio 30 Phys Ed 30 Drama 30 Chem 30

17 Sample Timetable – Gr. 10 French Immersion
Etudes Sociales 10-1 FI Math 10C or 10-3 English 10-1 Sciences 10 FI or Science 14* Phys Ed 10 French Language Arts 10 FI Option

18 Sample Timetable French Immersion Grade 11
Etudes Sociales 20-1 Math 20-1 or 20-2 or 20-3 English 20-1 or 20-2 Chimie 30 Chimie 20 Drama 20 Physics 20 French Language Arts 20 *If you took Sci 14 you take Sci 24

19 Sample Timetable French Immersion Grade 12
Etudes Sociales 30-1 Math 30-1 or 30-2 English 30-1 or 30-2 Biologie 30 Biologie 20 Drama 30 Physics 30 French Language Arts 30

20 Future Career Plan/ Educational Plan
Excellent sources for career planning – then select the “Counselling” tab from across the top

21 Post Secondary Admissions
Rule of 75 If you have an average of at least 75% (there are some exceptions – e.g., Engineering at the U of A requires an 83% average) in your CORE courses in grade 12 (including fine arts), you can gain admission to most faculties in colleges or universities of your choice Different faculties have different requirements, so make sure to touch base with counselors, check the alis website, attend open houses, or check post-secondary institution websites to ensure that you have what you need

22 University Entrance Requirements
English 30-1 Biology 30, Chemistry 30, Physics 30, Science 30 Math 30-1, Math 30-2, Math 31 Social Studies 30-1 Fine Arts – Band 30, Drama 30, Art 30 Second Languages – Spanish 30, French 30, FLA 30 Phys Ed 30* 5 30-level CTS course**

23 Anticipated Admission Averages (U of Alberta – Sept 2014)
Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sciences – 78% Arts - 78% Engineering – 85% Native Studies –70% Education – 78% (except Phys Ed – 90%) Nursing – 85% Phys Ed - 75%-80% PE/Ed – 76% St Jean – 70% Science – 82% (honours 85%)

24 Post-Secondary Programs
Grant MacEwan Over 40 diploma or certificate programs Degree programs in Arts, Science, Child and Youth Care, Commerce, Nursing University transfer Engineering, Education, Phys Ed Nait Apprenticeship training Over 80 diploma, certificate and applied degree programs Most programs accept Eng 30-2

25 Post-Secondary Programs
Concordia University College BA, BSc, BComm, B.Ed. Norquest College Licensed Practical Nurse, Other health-related careers, Social work . . . Augustana (U of A faculty) Kings’ Lakeland College Vermillion, Lloydminster Olds College, Mount Royal University U of C, U of L Keyano (Ft McMurray)

26 Does This Describe You? Enjoy working with hands, tools, machines
Like solving concrete and not abstract problems Like to see the end result of work Enjoy working with people

27 APPRENTICESHIP Find employment with a journeyman (a recognized, professional tradesperson) willing to train you in your trade While in high school you may register for RAP Get your first year apprenticeship under your belt and be eligible for the RAP scholarship Length of time depends on the trade – generally you spend 6 to 8 weeks in school each year for 4 years Apprentice is an employee, earn between 40% and 80% of journeyman’s wage while you learn

Alexander Rutherford Scholarship Based on an average in five specified high school courses (does not include Math10-3/20-3, Science 14/24) Apply in grade 12 75%-79.9% 80.0% or higher $300 gr 10 $400 gr 10 $500 gr 11 $800 gr 11 $700 gr 12 $1300 gr 12

Most scholarship applications look for evidence of leadership ability, extra-curricular and community involvement, and volunteer activities

30 Where to from here? Select appropriate core courses
Discuss course selections with your parents and your current teachers Be ready to complete your registration in March You will complete your registration through Career Cruising. Once you submit, you have to see a counsellor or administrator to make changes

31 What if I want to make changes?
The timetable is built based on student requests so pick your choices carefully Timetables will be available during the last week in August before school starts

32 Career Cruising An interactive website which EIPS students can use to
Understand interests and strengths Plan and register high school courses Track graduation pathways Explore careers Investigate post-secondary options

33 Career Cruising Enter your user name and password (eips-ASN and birthdate). You will be prompted to change your password and enter an address.

34 Career Cruising Click on Course Planner from the list of blue boxes on the left side of the screen To choose a required course (yellow slot), click on the plus ‘+’ icon at the top right of any yellow course slot To choose an elective course (white slot), click on the plus ‘+’ icon at the top right of any white course slot. Your options are sorted by Discipline (e.g., CTS, Fine Arts, Second Languages, Phys Ed and Personal Development) Use the drop menu under the heading Discipline to view your discipline categories.

35 Career Cruising A blue dot means there is a Warning that you must read. Hover over the blue dot and the note will appear. Examples of a Warning include: “You have selected a course that you have previously completed. This course will not count as an additional credit.” A red dot means there is an Alert that you must read. Hover over the red dot and the note will appear. Examples of an Alert include: “You do not have the proper pre-requisite, please select the proper pre-requisite, or speak to your counsellor or administrator.” You will need an administrator or counsellor to override your selection so you can submit the course.

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