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NonStop™ Server Roadmap March 27, 2003 Suri Harish Director NonStop Product Management CTUG.

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1 NonStop™ Server Roadmap March 27, 2003 Suri Harish Director NonStop Product Management CTUG

2 page 202/25/2003 HP company confidential NonStop ™ system – business-critical infrastructure requirements Continuous availability Unlimited scalability Extreme manageability Lowest total cost of ownership (TCO)

3 page 302/25/2003 HP company confidential HP NonStop servers premium hp NonStop S86000 server best performing NonStop server: up to 1.9 times performance increase over NonStop S74000 larger memory supported ideal for new application deployments available now! high-end hp NonStop S76 server family range of systems: NonStop S76000, S7600, S760, and S76 NonStop S76000 server: 1.5 times performance increase over NonStop S74000 ideal machine for application upgrades NonStop S76000 server available now!

4 page 402/25/2003 HP company confidential Enterprise Toolkit—NonStop Edition – A Microsoft Visual Studio.NET based application development environment for NonStop servers Fully integrated into Microsoft Visual Studio.NET Same look and feel as that of Microsoft Visual Studio.NET – Leverages Microsoft technologies and usability research – Ability to leverage more PC tools Dozens of vendors are participating in the integration program and ship their products as Microsoft Visual Studio.NET extensions

5 page 502/25/2003 HP company confidential hp NonStop™ Processor Roadmap Processors 20012002 MIPS R12000™ 2004 MIPS R14000™ 2004 Itanium MIPS R16000™ S78000 R16K 16 GB memory 4 MB cache S7800 R14K processor S78 R14K processor Only 2 cpu configuration S88000 R16K 16 GB memory 8 MB cache S780 Same as S78000 Only 2 cpu configuration

6 page 602/25/2003 HP company confidential Gigabit Ethernet Roadmap 10 BASE-T GESA 1- port 10GbE 1-port 1 GbE ESA 1- port E4SA 4-port 100 BASE-T FESA 1-port 19931997 19982002 S-seriesK-series 10 GbE G4SA 4-port 20042005+

7 page 702/25/2003 HP company confidential internet IPv4 & IPv6 protocol roadmap Dxx TCP/IP (K-series IPv4) Conventional TCP/IP (S-series IPv4) Parallel Library TCP/IPv6 (IPv6) 1CH03 Rel. 1 IPv4-mode Clients IPv4-mode features IPv6 RFCs set Rel. 2 Logical Network Partitioning Rel. 3 IPv4-mode Non 64-bit mode (supports special features for X.25, Token Ring, ATM adaptors) Rel. 2+n IPv6-native Clients, DNS 9.1, Mobile IP, IPSec, etc. 64-bit NSK Parallel Library TCP/IP (IPv4)

8 hp OpenView Network Node Manager hp OpenView NNM can display NonStop events using EMS converter SNMP agent, Host MIB, TCP/IP MIB II NonStop server TCP/IP packet activity monitoring hp OpenView can invoke Web ViewPoint for command and control OpenView can provide Auto-discovery of NonStop servers Paging and email capabilities DRAFT

9 NED Align with hp middleware strategy Provide best of breed 3 rd party middleware products Leverage NonStop characteristics Protect and extend customer’s NonStop software assets Middleware Strategy hp Choice of technologies and solutions Choice of platforms Choice of professional consulting services

10 page 1002/25/2003 HP company confidential Middleware, Application Servers, TP Monitors? … are all “containers” for your applications! … they are standards based*, provide different programming models, protocols, and can provide different services! Tuxedo Server Tuxedo Server Tuxedo Server Tuxedo Container & Services /Domain Jolt Corba Container & Services Corba IIOP Pathway Container & Services Pathway Server Pathway Server Pathway Server Pathway Webserver Container & Services CGI, Servlet HTTP Java (J2EE) Container & Services EJB RMI/IIOP

11 page 1102/25/2003 HP company confidential Java Roadmap NS EAS 1.1 BEA WLS; IONA E2A 200220042003 JSP 1.1 (tomcat) JSP 2.0 NSJ SDK 1.3 NSJ SDK 1.4 (hotspot) JToolkit J2EE JSP J2SE

12 page 1202/25/2003 HP company confidential Web Services ProviderConsumer Directory SOAP WSDL UDDI Format - XML Messages – SOAP Publish description – WSDL Search and Find – UDDI Trust and identification - NonStop Web Services products NonStop SOAP for Java NonStop SOAP for Pathway ITP WebServer NonStop Servlets for JSP NonStop XML Parser and XSLT

13 page 1302/25/2003 HP company confidential HP is committed to NonStop NonStop represents the pinnacle of the HP enterprise portfolio The NonStop platform is “front and center” of HP’s corporate strategy to transition to the Itanium® processor from Intel Thousands of companies around the world with the most demanding computing environments rely on NonStop – stock exchanges, banks, E 9-1-1 systems, ATM and electronic funds transfer networks, telecommunications networks, health care providers, retail point-of-sale networks, online travel systems, and the world’s largest email system “By merging with Compaq, we've significantly strengthened our position in the high-end fault-tolerant computing with our NonStop servers. That's important because NonStop systems are at the center of some of the most data-intensive real-time applications in the world, whether those are national security or the New York Stock Exchange.” –Carly, HP World Keynote, HP World 2002 Conference & Expo, September 25, 2002 “The Tandem NonStop platform is a hugely important piece of our strategy going forward.... In fact... I believe we cannot deliver the HP strategy without that NonStop platform. It is front and center.” –Carly, CHIME Conference, Spring CID Forum, February 2003 (Health Information Mgmt)


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