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Faculty of Human Ecology Welcome! 1/15/2014 2:10 PM.

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1 Faculty of Human Ecology Welcome! 1/15/2014 2:10 PM

2 Programs Are you interested in health and well-being? Do you want to work with people? Are you interested in improving the environment or society? Do you want to learn about foods and how it affects the world? Do you want to make a difference?

3 Admission Requirements  24 credit hours of university course work  6 credit hours from Arts  6 credit hours from Science  Minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 (C)  Each program admits the top 80 applicants according to adjusted grade point average (AGPA)  Deadline to apply: May 1 st for fall enrollment November 1 st for winter enrollment (will depend on spaces available)

4 More than Memories Stories from our Past Human Ecology Centennial 1910-2010 Purchase the More than Memories souvenir book for just 25$. Purchase a beautiful commemorative print of the Human Ecology building for 35$. Both available through the general office.

5 Family Social Sciences  Child and Youth Developmental Health  Family Violence  Social Development  Aging and Developmental Health  Family Economic Health

6 Family Social Sciences Family Social Sciences will prepare you to work with individuals, families, and communities to improve health and well-being in various environments. Programs:  4 year (120 credit hours)  2 year, “2 nd Degree” (60 credit hours) Careers:  Government  Non-profit organizations  Banks  Universities/Colleges  Social Services

7 Human Nutritional Sciences  Human Nutrition  Dietetics Preparation  Culinary Arts Program  Foods  Food Industry  Pre-Medicine

8 Human Nutritional Sciences This program will prepare grads to work in various context of the food industry, dietetics, promotion of health, and pre-professional preparation for medicine, dentistry, medical rehabilitation, and more. Programs:  4 year (120 credit hours)  2 year, “2 nd Degree” (60 credit hours) Careers:  Health Promotion  Hospitals  Government  Food Companies

9 Inter- Disciplinary Health  Health Sciences  Health Studies

10 Interdisciplinary Health Health SciencesHealth Studies Strong social science background; Plan or deliver health related service or products. Strong science background; Administration of health related service and products. This program will prepare grads to plan, manage, and deliver health services to the public at individual, family, and community levels.

11 Minors Voluntary Minors… Human Ecology offers the following minors…  Family Social Sciences  Human Nutrition & Metabolism  Health Sciences  Health Studies Human Ecology students can pursue a minor in any department that offers one at the University of Manitoba.

12 Placements Get yourself started on hands-on work experience in your program! Benefits: Achieve experience that complements your degree; Expand your valuable networks; Gain significant knowledge; Improve your resume.

13 Practicum: Family Social Sciences Family Social Sciences Field Placement FMLY 4300: Field Experience  120 credit hours over one or two terms Pre-requisites:  84 credit hours in Human Ecology  Consent of instructor  Application required Sharon Balasko (204) 474-9194

14 Practicum: Nutrition Option Practicum HNSC 4362: Nutrition Option Practicum  Limited enrolment Pre-requisites:  HNSC 3300  HNSC 3310  HNSC 3320  HNSC 3330  Application required Maria Knaus (204) 474-8207

15 Practicum: Food Industry Food Industry Option Practicum  HNSC 3260  HNSC 3330  FOOD 4150  One of: GMGT 2030, 2070, 2080  84 credit hours  Consent of Instructor  Application required 360 hours of work (one term) Application available on our website Christina Lengyel (204) 474-9554

16 Practicum: Health Studies & Health Sciences HMEC 4090: Practicum in Human Ecology  Limited enrolment Pre-requisites:  84 credit hours in the program  Consent of the Instructor  Application required Maria Knaus (204) 474-8207

17 Dean’s Office Dr. Gustaaf Sevenhuysen Dean and Professor Jocelyne Gaudet, PHEc Confidential Assistant to the Dean (204) 474-9704

18 Student Affairs Brigitte Wiebe Student Affairs Coordinator (204) 474-9298 Alisa Claman Academic Advisor (204-474-6686)

19 Student Affairs Maria Knaus Community Based Learning Coordinator (204) 474-9298 Taylor Friesen Graduate Program Assistant (204) 474-7045 Questions? Dietetics Internship Volunteer Opportunities Master’s PhD Questions?

20 Drop In Times & Appointments Appointments are used for…Drop in times are used for… Quick questions; Signature; Registration problems. Grad audits; Reviewing your program; Personal/academic concerns.

21 Program Planning Sessions All returning Human Ecology students are required to attend a session (late March) to plan courses for the next academic year, otherwise you will be blocked from registering. If you cannot attend, please make arrangements to meet with an Advisor to discuss your program.

22 Info & Orientation SessionsInfo & Orientation Sessions February & September Information sessions held for interested students June & July Orientation sessions are held for newly admitted students every year

23 Career Services A great place for information… Careers; Workshops; Mentor program; Interview/Resume. Elizabeth Boyle Coordinator Room 474 University Centre 4 th Floor (204) 474-8592

24 When is my registration time? Log onto: Click on AURORA STUDENT Enter your ID and password Click on registration time

25 Course Permission Forms Note: Course Permission is NOT a way to speed up your program. You are expected to have the pre-requisites for courses, unless otherwise noted. This form is available in the General Office.

26 When are courses open to ALL students? Mid-August Check your Undergraduate Calendar or the University of Manitoba website for the exact dates.

27 How do I apply for graduation? Fill out a Permission to Access Student File form, available in the General Office. Log onto AURORA STUDENT: Declaration Graduation Pick your date

28 What does this mean…? Reserves Example: R01 - sections reserved for certain faculties. When registering make sure you register for the section for Human Ecology students Pre-requisite and Test Score Error You do not have the course completed to register for this course.

29 What does this mean…? College Restriction You are not permitted to register for this course because your faculty is not on the list. You will need to wait until after the initial registration revision period. Link Error You did not register for the lecture and lab at the same time. You must register for both sections together.

30 What does this mean…? Repeat Exceed Hours If you want to repeat a course, you need to fill out a repeat override form or e-mail one of the Advisors. Hold on your Account You will need to contact the office that put a hold on your account: Attend program planning (Academic Advisor) Pay outstanding fees (Parking, Cashier’s office, Library, etc.) Request removal of Academic hold (Academic Advisor)

31 Programs; Staff Members; Scholarships; Career Information; Dietetics; Practicum Courses; And much more… Check out our website

32 General Office Inquiries Pamela Gordon (204) 474-8508

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