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Brian Hatherly PE/HE Consultant Manitoba Education, Citizenship and Youth

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1 Brian Hatherly PE/HE Consultant Manitoba Education, Citizenship and Youth (204) 945-8143

2 September 2008 Mandated K- 12 Physical Education and Health Education

3 Grade 11 and 12 Active Healthy Lifestyles Grade 11-24 outcomes PA- 3 lessons FM- 6 lessons-10% MH- 3 lessons-5% SI- 3 lessons-5% SU- 4 lessons-5% 19 lessons delivered over 110 hrs x 25%= 27.5 hours Grade 12- 32 outcomes PA- 3 lessons FM- 5 lessons-7% NU- 6 lessons-8% PS- 3 lessons-5% HR- 4 lessons-5% 21 lessons delivered over 110 hours x 25%=27.5 hours

4 Grade 11, 12 Mandatory PE/HE Anecdotal Comments Summary- Teacher Comments: Former student from grade 10 class … of strong academic status, participated well in PE, although not well skilled, disliked team-oriented activities. Two years later, loves gr 12 PE/HE- allowed him to participate in activities that enjoyed and gets credit for! In the second semester, student is still using cardio room regularly, making healthier eating choices and has lost weight. He still does not participate on school teams- perfectly fine as the idea of the course is for student to be responsible for their active healthy lifestyle.

5 PE/HE Teacher Comments: “The overall compulsory credits have been great for. There has been very little fall out in terms of other departments' numbers dropping. What we have witnessed is huge increase in number in our weight room & cardio room. The students here are really buying in to the new course and it has expanded our Outdoor Ed. trips and activities. We have a great facility here which has helped with the transition.

6 PE/HE Teacher Comments: Our school division purchased commercial grade cardio equipment for all 5 high schools. This has provided readily available for students to complete required moderate to vigorous activity time. The fitness room is well used throughout the day.

7 PE/HE Teacher Comments: “Many of the kids wanted to know why we are doing so much health when our goal is to become more active rather than sitting in a classroom.”

8 PE/HE Teacher Comments: The conversations we are having in class are great. We haven't received any real complaints about the program. We have given students lots of choice within the class which I feel is key. The division's 50/50 model also works really well (Day 1 & 2 cycle). Overall I think the students are recognizing the importance of daily activity.”

9 PE/HE Teacher Comments: Gr 12 boy who needed to find a physical activity to do to get his hours for the new PE/HE credit, started going to Eastman Boxing Club. Not only did he easily complete his hours but he is now on the competitive team- all because of grade 12 PE being mandatory for him to graduate.

10 PE/HE Teacher Comments: RE: Carman Collegiate- School- community partnerships- Curves and Changes (fitness club), is now offering student rates. Aerobics instructor offers special rates for classes during school hours. Because of this, 6 students went on to register for evening classes. “One student signed up for Tae Kwon Do this year as way to be active- he now has a collection of medals from successes- a sport he discovered due to ….”

11 PE/HE Teacher Comments: A group of girls from my semester 1 class rented the ice at a local rink to hang around with friends and get hours. The students found that their hang out time became group activity time. The exit interviews were great, students looked back at the initial 5 day PA recall and were amazed at how much more active they had become, many commented on clothes fitting differently, feeling more energized, sleeping better. By the end of the course, they finally understood why it wasn't "regular gym" anymore.”

12 Teacher Concerns: “Legitimate activity hours and sign-off is an issue” Issues related to teacher workload and meeting times with students. Organization is key Having a dedicated classroom is important Grants, funding, support is required in some cases

13 Student Successes: “I think that adding the grade 11 and 12 Active Healthy Lifestyles course to the curriculum is a great way to prepare us students in becoming more physically active throughout the school year along with the many years to come. I think that this course is beneficial to me because it makes me realize where I am fitness wise and is helping me start to improve and plan where I want to get to intrinsically and extrinsically. Upon entering this course I was not aware of physical activity barriers, but as we learned about them I learned that many people have these barriers, so I was quite pleased when we discussed how to overcome these barriers in order to help us make situations work. I like the fact that we have to keep track of the activities we participate in in our physical activity logs because by keeping track of the activates, fitness components and period of time used we are able to see how much progress we are making towards this course, and most importantly, ourselves. All in all, I think that this course is a great new component to the curriculum not only because we get an extra credit, but also because it is helping motivate us in becoming more physically active and fit as a person.” Brigette Q

14 Hi (Teacher), Just touching base to let you know what a positive impact your Phys. Ed. program had on. Up until now, has not usually enjoyed gym. Team sports were somewhat intimidating for her because she felt she wasn’t necessarily helping her team. She certainly wouldn’t have chosen Phys. Ed. as an elective if it was an option. The activities you planned for the class suited her very well. She went from going to PE begrudgingly to surprising herself by actually looking forward to going to gym!! The website on the appropriate amount of food for a person her age was an eye opener. She’s tried to just eat less, but, of course, that won’t work, because a body needs a certain amount of energy. She was surprised to learn how much is actually the right amount to eat. The information on drinking water was also very good. That’s something we’ve tried to encourage her to do most of her life. She’s someone who just doesn’t like to drink. Keeping track of water consumption on the personal website has been useful for her. The other valuable thing you shared with her class was the video on positive thinking. Your class had a very positive impact on Sincerely, (Parent)

15 Student Comments re: Web-based “I believe Gym should be done through school as a required course. … I have finished my required hours but even I have noticed that my overall involvement in exercise has dramatically dropped. The fact that we have to do hours on our own time isn’t my issue with this. My issue is that we have to get to a computer which we have been told to avoid, for it has seemed to decrease our physical activity, and to do tedious tasks on a website which has resulted in no help other than wasting away precious time where I could have been playing a sport of some sort or have been more physically active (not saying that that’s always the case)… … For the next school year I would like to see gym put back in as a class and the online portion of it abolished and never to be seen again, but I can see having students being required to have a set amount of hours to be done on their own time.”

16 What are 2 things that you are proud of about your physical activity plan? Getting lots of vigorous hours Becoming more active/that I do something every day Walking/power walking if no other workout that day That I can work out without fainting or dying Helped encourage other to be more active That I actually want to do it and now enjoy getting active because it makes me feel so much better

17 What have been some of the challenges with this course? Forgetting my meeting dates Finding time and motivation Working out in the winter, but the Wii Fit became very useful Staying on track over holidays Fitting it into my schedule…I organized it so that I still had time to study

18 Modules MH, SI, SU- what did you find valuable and has “stuck with you”? MH- there is a lot of type of things that are associated with my family and I want to do everything I can to prevent any more problems SI- The Right to Play organization and how they help and motivate children in 3 rd world countries SU- I learned a lot about drugs and alcohol I didn’t know before and I really liked the game “43 Seconds” Being physically active and doing well in school has stuck with me. It seems to work well. I feel better and am doing better academically. MH- learning about people with disorders SU- I found that more interesting and learned a lot more about damage it can do as well as long term effects

19 On Gathering Evidence and Information … K -12 Physical Education/Health Education Manitoba Curriculum Framework of Outcomes (2000) builds on a foundation that unites the two subject areas, physical education and health education. “The process of developing this framework is guided by research. The current literature supports a positive and preventive approach to help students make health- enhancing decisions that will result in active healthy lifestyles and disease prevention.” Since just knowing about being active is not enough, the basis of this approach is skill-based so that students are able to use and apply their learning.

20 Identifies WHAT the student is expected to know and be able to do PE/HE Framework Overview (2000)

21 Recommendations (June 2005) cover 10 key areas: Active transportation Injury prevention Low-income families First Nations communities Mental health and wellness Educational health promotion Nutrition in Schools Physical activity in schools Recreation facilities and access Recreation leadership

22 Vision PHYSICALLY ACTIVE AND HEALTHY LIFESTYLES FOR ALL STUDENTS Aim To provide students with planned and balanced programming to develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes for physically active and healthy lifestyles.

23 5 Major Health Issues for Children and Youth = PE/HE Outcomes inadequate physical activity unhealthy dietary behaviours drug use, including alcohol and tobacco sexual behaviours that result in sexually transmitted diseases/infections and unintended pregnancies behaviours that result in intentional and unintentional injury


25 Mandated Time Allotments: Updated: September 2007 Time Allotments Grade% PE/HE min/ Day allocation PE min/ day 75% allocation HE min/ day 25% Allocation PE/HE min/6-day Cycle allocation PE min/ 6 day cycle 75% allocation HE min/ 6-day Cycle 25% allocation K ( ½ day) 11%16124997524 1-611%3325819815048 7-8 9%3023717813444 9-102 credits, with 1 credit (110 hours) 50% PE, 50% HE for each grade 11-122 credits required (30F and 40F) For suggestions related to timetabling the mandated time allotments, refer to the resource Scheduling Kindergarten to Grade 8 Physical Education/Health Education: A Resource for School Administrators.

26 Grade 11/12 Implementation Models

27 Parent Information Parent Report: K-10- At the Heart of Education 11 & 12- A Parent Guide Curriculum Information in addition to the above booklets for Parents are available online:

28 Brian Hatherly PE/HE Consultant Manitoba Education, Citizenship and Youth (204) 945-8143

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