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Canada’s Government Big Shots ROLES & RESPONSIBILITIES.

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1 Canada’s Government Big Shots ROLES & RESPONSIBILITIES

2 Queen  Head of state  All laws must start with “Her Majesty”  Plays a role in our traditions

3 Queen  Queen Elizabeth II (b.1926)  The constitutional monarch of:  16 sovereign states known as the Commonwealth realms  Head of the 54 member Commonwealth of Nations  The British monarch, Supreme Governor of the Church of England.  Head of State

4 Governor General of Canada  Queen’s representative in Canada  Oversees the opening of parliamentary sessions  Welcomes foreign dignitaries  Gives medals and awards

5 Governor General  David Johnston  The 28th Governor General of Canada  PM Stephen Harper announced on July 8, 2010 that Her Majesty The Queen had graciously agreed to the appointment of David Johnston as the 28th Governor General of Canada..

6 Prime Minister  Represents all Canadians on the international scene  Works with Premiers to make changes that benefit all Canadians  Recommends senators and federal judges  Leads government  Leads his/her political party

7 Stephen Harper  The 22nd and current Prime Minister of Canada  Leader of the Conservative Party  Member of Parliament (MP) for the riding of Calgary Southwest (ALB)  In office from Feb 2006

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