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Google Analytics - Advanced Tuesday, December 7, 2010.

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1 Google Analytics - Advanced Tuesday, December 7, 2010

2 Outline Goals Campaigns Segments Custom Reports Email Reports Intelligence Case Studies/Analyzing

3 Goals

4 “How you define success depends how you measure success”

5 Why set up goals? Is your website successful? Fine tune design/content Focus resources

6 Possible goals Contact us RSVP to event Apply Donate Engagement

7 Goals in GA Metric that meets criteria Page view Time on site Pages per visit

8 Page View User visits a URL actUs.aspx actUs.aspx

9 Time on site User spends specified amount of time on site > 2:00 Understand how GA calculates time on page/site

10 Pages/Visit Specific number of pages a user must visit > 3

11 Possible goals Contact us URL RSVP to event URL Apply URL Donate URL Engagement Time on Site, Page/Visit

12 What goals will tell you Conversion rate Usability issues Important traffic sources/keywords What works: email, links, advertising, content


14 Setting up goals

15 Goal Reports

16 Conversion Rate

17 Campaigns

18 What is a campaign? Method to track traffic from multiple sources to your site (page)

19 Why use campaigns? See exactly where your traffic is coming from Compare results over time Test different content Learn how different mediums/content/sources contribute to goals

20 How it works Parameters attached to a URL utm_source=homepage &utm_medium=web &utm_content=testing &utm_campaign=GASem utm_source=homepage &utm_medium=web &utm_content=testing &utm_campaign=GASeminar

21 Parameters all use utm_paramName in the URL Source Medium Content Campaign Name

22 Source Source of traffic from this campaign. Examples: uofa homepage, email newsletter, poster.

23 Medium Medium used to get to site: email, web, print

24 Content Specific content of an ad, link, version of site. Content is valuable for segmenting and testing different messages – see which version of a call to action works better.

25 Campaign Name Name of campaign – if you are creating a campaign that will have many different links back to the website, the Campaign Name can be used to filter all the results.

26 Remember Campaign parameters are case sensitive

27 Setting up a campaign

28 Ingredients Plan your campaign Name (broad).... Content (fine) Google URL Builder URL Shortening service,,

29 Create a campaign

30 Campaign Reports

31 Segmenting

32 Why Segment Gain insight/understand traffic Understand trends Learn how pieces of your site compare and contribute

33 Examples

34 Custom Reports

35 Email Reports

36 Intelligence

37 Case Studies

38 Festival of Ideas

39 Campaigns Goals Traffic Sources Custom Reports Examples..


41 Goals Click “Purchase Tickets” button Overall & by Event

42 Campaign Name FestivalOfIdeas2010

43 Sources Social Media Online advertising: Globe, Journal, Vue Word of Mouth

44 Mediums Web Email

45 Content Per tweet Per online ad

46 Reports

47 Public Health Sciences

48 Goals Funnels Landing Pages Bounce Rate Segmentation Optimization Examples...

49 Disclaimer...

50 Goals Preliminary Applications MSc PhD


52 Reports

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