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A GP for Me Marisa Adair Executive Director, BCMA Communications Planning.

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1 A GP for Me Marisa Adair Executive Director, BCMA Communications Planning

2 Agenda Communications supports for divisions and A GP for Me Who we are How we can add value Why is a communications plan important? Identifying your audiences Messaging, messaging, messaging Communications tools – “the right tools, for the right audience with the right messaging” The media Social media Evaluation 2

3 Provincial Divisions office - Communications supports for you 3

4 What can we do for you? Who “we” are How we help you succeed Consistent look and feel, messaging Compelling Reaching your target audiences Avoiding potential issues What we promise Timely service Strategic advice 4

5 Why a communications plan? “.. Plans are nothing; planning is everything.” – President Dwight D Eisenhower 5

6 Why plan? Proactive Common framework Builds understanding Keeps everyone on track and on strategy Link your communications to overall goals, plans, activities “Consistency is the key!” 6

7 Seven step process 1. Lay of the land 2. Goals and objectives 3. Audiences 4. Messaging 5. Strategy/tactics 6. Implementation 7. Evaluation 7

8 Audiences talking to you and each other 8 Sender Message Receiver

9 9 Step 1 – Getting the lay of the land

10 Reality check Identify opportunities and potential issues SWOT Analysis Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Builds a grounded plan – “No surprises” 10

11 Pre-planning research What already exists? Who has done this before? What support can we draw on? 11

12 Situation analysis/intro Provides the snapshot Current situation and realities Trends Major issues Challenges Defines, clarifies opportunity 12

13 13 Step 2 – identify goals and objectives

14 Goals & objectives Goal Broad statement of what you want to achieve Objectives Define what the plan will achieve Realistic steps to attain the goal 14

15 15 Step 3 – Identify your audiences

16 16 Target audiences Who are we communicating with? Primary – high need Secondary – important, less urgent Tertiary – “nice to have”

17 17 Audiences Primary audiences Patients/public Media Physicians Health Authority Secondary audiences Government BCMA Other divisions

18 18 Ask yourself…. Why should they care? What’s in for them? Are they friend or foe? Are you reaching them when and how they like to be reached?

19 19 How to reach - family physicians Physicians like ‘hard copy’ – journals, brochures New/younger practitioner are online – not just reading, but engaging Rely on nurses/office managers to download and post Time crunched….make it easy to get to your information quickly, make call to action clear

20 20 Media and the public Why are they important? How do we reach them? Most people get their news from………. The fastest growing source of news is……… A great source of news that many overlook…….

21 21 Messaging, messaging, messaging

22 22 Key messages Main points Specific Short Pithy Rule of 3

23 23 Sample key messages A GP for Me Workshop A GP for Me is about quality patient care. Effective collaboration and partnerships are the keys. We will only succeed by working together - to share our ideas, and come to effective solutions. That is why we are here today. You are not alone. We are here to support you and work with you every step of the way as you your work at the community level.

24 24 Strategy and tactics

25 25 Strategy How the objective(s) will be achieved In broad terms Overall approach Guidelines and themes May cover all audiences or be audience-specific

26 26 Sample strategy Emphasis on word of mouth and face-to-face communication will be used to inform physicians, other health care providers and stakeholders Media relations will be used to inform the public First nations leaders will be consulted about messages, tools and materials to ensure they meet target audience needs Existing communications channels will be used to reduce costs and maximize exposure

27 27 Channels (tactics) Activities and tools that help get the job done Match with objectives strategy audiences Test, test, test

28 28 Tactics/vehicles Meetings and speaking opportunities Physician engagement sessions Conferences and special events F-2-F Peer-to-peer support groups Opinion leader meetings Mobilizing supporters Media News releases, interviews, photo/footage opps, news conferences

29 29 Tactics/vehicles Website Forums Information sharing Publications Newsletters, annual reports, information brochures, posters, bookmarks Community outreach Special events, booths, displays

30 30 Should we be on Facebook and Twitter?

31 31 Well…. it’s not about you :) Is your audience on Facebook and Twitter? Do you have the resources to maintain an active online presence? … time/ability to ENGAGE with your audience

32 32 Spokespeople What makes a good spokesperson Different spokespeople for different activities Media Annual meeting Key messages Q&A, rehearsal and practice Preparation is key

33 33 Implementation

34 34 The roll-out Tactical Practical, easy for everyone to use and track Flexible

35 35 Budget and evaluation

36 36 However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results. Winston Churchill You can’t manage what you can’t measure. Richard Quinn, Sears Merchandising Group

37 37 Evaluation methods Qualitative Event attendance 1:1 interviews Meeting feedback and evaluation forms Enrollment Phone calls, s, other inquiries Quantitative Media coverage Readership surveys

38 38 Sample plan Situation analysis Goal & objectives Audiences Key messages Strategy Tactics Evaluation Timeline & budget

39 39 Questions?

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