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Continuous Relationships Improved Primary Care A GP for Me.

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1 Continuous Relationships Improved Primary Care A GP for Me

2 Why A GP for Me? Build stronger, longitudinal relationships between patients and doctors Build capacity so more patients attach to a GP Everyone who wants a family doctor can have one Why? Better health outcomes Make the best use of health care resources 2

3 Numbers tell the story Canadian Community Health Survey (pop. as of 2009) estimates: 615,000 people in BC have no regular FP 176,000 people in BC are actively looking 3

4 A strong primary care system International studies and in BC – confirm benefits Fewer hospitalizations Reduced pressure on ERs Improved health outcomes Reduced health costs Higher needs patients attached to FP = potential cost savings of $85 million per year* (*study based on findings for year 2007/2008) 4

5 Integration with existing services Attachment and integration work hand in hand Interdependencies enable increased access, coordination and continuity of care in a community 5

6 Integration with partners Health Authorities Collaborative committees: SSC, SCC and JSC Many partners and resources available Build a sustainable plan 6

7 Funding Our Goals Community Level $40 million over next three years to Division of Family Practice to evaluate community need, and develop and implement a community plan to improve local primary care Physician Level $60.5 million in new fees to increase efficiency and capacity to take on new patients 7

8 New Attachment Fees G14070 Attachment Participation Code G14071 GP Locum Attachment Participation G14074 GP Unattached Complex/High Needs Patients G14075 GP Attachment Complex Care Management G14076 Attachment Telephone Management G14077 GP Attachment Patient Conference 8

9 Supports and Structure 9

10 Consultation…Consultation…Consultation Almost 400 FPs involved: Collected and analyzed data to understand unattached patient numbers and priority areas GPSC shaped the framework BCMA and SGP Board of Directors reviewed GPSC’s work Workshops helped define patient-FP responsibilities Co-designed community supports with HA partners 10

11 Tested in Three BC Communities Prototype tested in White Rock/South Surrey, Prince George and Cowichan Valley Results: Approx. 9,400 patients connected to FPs or primary care clinics Complex care patients cared through clinics and/or Divisions/Health Authority initiatives Capacity to connect any unattached patients to a FP in White Rock/South Surrey 11

12 Key Components of Attachment Divisional Supports Partnerships with Health Authorities and other partners to co-develop/design solutions Leveraging existing Health Authority, Ministry and Physician Committee initiatives/programs Patients are partners in their own health Practice Supports Fee 12

13 You Are Charting a New Course A GP for Me is a multi-faceted approach to addressing patients without doctors Never tried under a fee-for-service health care system Keys to success are: Collaboration: co-identify and co-create Engagement Partnership 13 But it will take time

14 Thank You for Your Time 14

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