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1 Feb 5 Parent Meeting Feb 12-15 Student Meetings Course Programming for Grade 9’s going into Grade 10 Welcome to Seycove!

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1 1 Feb 5 Parent Meeting Feb 12-15 Student Meetings Course Programming for Grade 9’s going into Grade 10 Welcome to Seycove!

2 2 Ms. Ruby Willems 604-903-3643 (direct, confidential) Grade Administrator: Ms. Nancy Roberts Counsellor: Counsellor:

3 3 At Seycove we believe in C.L.A.S.S. C Consideration L Leadership A Achievement S Sportsmanship S Scholarship

4 4 THE NEXT FEW YEARS WILL FLY BY...... THEN ?????? College? University? Apprenticeships? Travel? Other? KGr 7 8 9 10 11 12 SCHOOL CAREER

5 5 Things to think about... Reflect on this year What do you like? What are you good at? Look ahead Know your options Choose wisely – your classes – not your friends! Plan for success

6 6 Building for Success Grade 8 Grade 10 Grade 11 Grade 12 and beyond Grade 9

7 7 Transitioning to a credit system: (Each class is now worth 4 credits) Grade 10 (credits) English 10* Social Studies 10 Science 10* Math 10* Phys Ed 10 Planning 10 Elective Provincial exams worth 20% * Provincial exams worth 20% Grade 9 (courses) English Social Studies Science Math Phys Ed Lifeskills Elective

8 8 Credit System Starting in Grade 10, students need CREDITS, not COURSES to graduate! Grade 10 - 6 required courses (24 credits) Grade 11 - 4 required courses (16 credits) Grade 12 - 2 required courses (8 credits) 12 REQUIRED COURSES 12 (X 4 credits) = 48 required credits

9 9 Credit System 9 Grade 10 English 10 Math 10 Science 10 Socials 10 Planning 10 PE 10 Elective ---------------- 32 credits Grade 11 English 11 Math 11 Science 11 Socials 11 Elective -------------- 28 - 32 credits Grade 12 English 12 Grad Transitions Elective ------------- 28 - 32 credits

10 10 Gr. 10 Programming Form: Required courses: English 10 Social Studies 10 Math 10 Science 10 PE 10 Planning 10 Elective courses: *Consider FLIGHT program in priority order (get 2) *Choose 6 electives in priority order (get 2)

11 11 FLIGHT program Project based learning (PBL) Inquiry based Cross-curricular (English, Social Studies, Science and Information Technology) Flexible timetable (all day, one day) Ipad supports instruction 11

12 12 Options in Math Math 8 Math 9 N / Math 9 (Numeracy) Math 10 FPC Foundations & Pre - Calculus Math 10 AW (Applications & Workplace) Math 11 PRC Pre-calculus Math 11 AW Math 12 PRC Pre-calculus Math 11 F Foundations Math 12 F Calculus 12

13 13 Provincial exams Grade10 students must write three Provincial exams: Math, Science, English. Provincial exams are worth 20% of total grade; this is combined with the school mark for a final, blended grade. BC Ministry of Education Scholarships are now calculated on all FIVE Provincial exam results: En, Ma, Sc 10, SS11, En12 13

14 14 Choices are important so… Take a look at what you like to do Check out career options Keep your options open Choose elective(s) that you think will be FUN!

15 15 Languages: French 10 Fine & Performing Arts: Art 10 Drama 10 Choir 10 Concert Band 10 Jazz Choir 10 Junior Jazz Band 10 Concert Choir 10 Jazz Studies 10 Grade 10 Electives:

16 16 Physical Education: Home Economics Physical Education: Home Economics (in connection with PE 10) Foods 10 Outdoor Education 10 Textiles 10 Technology Education: Engineering 10 Woodworking 10 Learning Support: Learning Strategies 10 Grade 10 Electives *Students MUST take a Fine Arts or Applied Skills course to graduate

17 17 French 8 French 9 French 10 French 11 French 12 Language Courses Beginner Spanish 11 (start in Grade 10) Spanish 11

18 18 Do I need a second language to graduate ? To exit Seycove: *80 credits *All required courses *No specific elective courses *NO Language 11 To enter post-secondary: *80 credits *SPECIFIC required courses *SPECIFIC elective courses *Language 11

19 19 VISUALARTS 10 VISUAL ARTS 10 Students will learn art methods and principles of art and design *Drawing, sketching, painting, ceramics, printmaking, and textile arts * Sketchbook is included in art fee

20 20 DRAMA10 Performance course *Uses a team building approach to build confidence and creativity Theatre exercises, script writing Improvisation Character development Lip synch/dance & scene study Priority when casting school plays Collaboration with film & tv classes

21 21 Concert Band 10 Develops technical abilities as well as basic music theory & music history. Individual evaluationsIndividual evaluations Uniform requirementUniform requirement Opportunity to travelOpportunity to travel Attendance at allAttendance at all functions mandatory

22 22 CHOIR 10 Performance based class that develops individual as well as group choral abilities. Small vocal ensemblesSmall vocal ensembles Music theory & sight-singingMusic theory & sight-singing Opportunity for travelOpportunity for travel This is a multi-grade offering; no previous choral experience is necessary.This is a multi-grade offering; no previous choral experience is necessary.

23 23 Intermediate Jazz Band 10 (audition required) Intro to jazz rock, swing and Latin stylesIntro to jazz rock, swing and Latin styles Basics of jazz improvisation & solo playingBasics of jazz improvisation & solo playing Jazz theory & historyJazz theory & history Must take Concert Band concurrentlyMust take Concert Band concurrently Individual evaluations each termIndividual evaluations each term Uniform requirementUniform requirement Opportunity for travelOpportunity for travel Attendance mandatory at all eventsAttendance mandatory at all events

24 24 Music: Vocal Jazz 10 By audition ( commitment)By audition ( commitment) Jazz theory and historyJazz theory and history Improv and solosImprov and solos Must be enrolled in Concert ChoirMust be enrolled in Concert Choir Opportunity to travelOpportunity to travel

25 25 ENGINEERING 10 Drafting and Design Electronics

26 26 Woodworking 10 Learn woodcutting, fabrication & finishing through project construction. Power equipment Safety procedures Projects

27 27 FOODS 10 More advanced skills in food preparation. -Nutrition -Recipes -Cooking experiences

28 28 TEXTILES 10 More advanced sewing skills through the construction of four projects. skirt or pants blouse or shirt nightwear student’s choice

29 29 Physical Education PE 10 is required PE 10 is requiredOptions: Outdoor Education 10 *taken in addition to PE 10 – double block PE 10 on-line *register through NVDL (North Vancouver’s on-line school)

30 30 Outdoor Education 10 Taken with PE 10 Grade 10 grad credit Canoeing, camping, rock- climbing, hiking, snowshoeing, cross- country skiing, winter survival, First Aid Lots of field trips Great alternative to regular PE program

31 31 If Extra Support is Needed… Learning Assistance (Tutorial class) (Tutorial class) * For students who have genuine learning difficulties and NOT intended as a homework block * If currently taking…confirm next year with current teacher *If you need this support…talk to your grade counsellor

32 32 Info to finish off the year….

33 33 Your job…. Keep organized Stay on track Ask questions Choose appropriate electives Be committed to course work Be an active participant in school life

34 34 Get Involved…. Concerts Exchanges Teams International Ambassadors Christmas Food Hampers Intramurals GSA Club Contests Drama Productions Tech Crew Students Council Yearbook Best Buddy program

35 35 Will we have formal exams?? YES!!! Grade 10 Provincial exams are worth 20% School grade will be worth 80%; Provincial exam will be worth 20% TOTAL BLENDED MARK must be a pass to get credit for the course. Course and Provincial exams are written in June, in the gym

36 36 Go to summer school!! You need…. *a minimum 40% final school grade and a recommendation from the teacher You could….(though not recommended) *repeat the course next year or *take it through DL What if I fail a course?

37 37 Classroom teachers Grade Counsellor Grade Administrator Parents Classroom teachers Grade Counsellor Grade Administrator Parents What if things aren’t going so well… Ask for help, and get the support you need:

38 38 March 1st Deadline for Programming Forms: To Student Services

39 39 Questions??? 39 Ruby Willems 604-903-3634

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