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SGS Admin Staff Workshop

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1 SGS Admin Staff Workshop
Room IIC-2014 Bruneau Centre for Research & Innovation 9:30-11:30 a.m. April 3, 2013 SGS Admin Staff Workshop

2 Agenda Funding and scholarship matters Enrolment services matters Q&A

3 Funding and scholarships - Agenda
Payroll form checklist Payroll calculator Review of SGS guidelines regarding Fellowships

4 Payroll form checklist
Please ensure you have all information complete including: Name; Last, First (as entered in Banner) Employee ID number (only Student number required) – write NEW if new set-up SIN – all Canadian or; International with Graduate Assistantships attach SIN & Study Permit copies with new international students and renewals Graduate Assistantships – Both Bi-Weekly & Lump Sum payments require the number of hours and Lump Sum Amounts also requires days those hours were worked. Rate of pay is $21.15 as of Sept 2012 Department signature required Payroll forms are to be submitted to Graduate Studies Account Codes Review and Earn Types (GAS, GSS, DGS) Only GSS funds use the 413xx org number – all accounts are 68xxx One copy only required (original not necessary)

5 TAUMAN The standard GAship is still 56 hours. The University can assign non-standard GAships amounting to fewer or more than 56 hours. (Article 13.01) The minimum is 2 hours per 14-week semester. (Article 13.01) Grads can hold more than one GAship, as long as they don’t work more than 24 hours per week, “…unless otherwise approved by the Dean of Graduate Studies” – for extenuating circumstances only. (Article 13.02) (h) “Graduate Assistantship” shall be a contractual agreement between the University and a full-time graduate student for a specified number of hours of teaching support and/or research support delivered over the course of a semester. Article 3.01 Teaching Assistantships can only be set up on a semester basis. Research Assistantships can be set up for more than one semester. Article 12 and 26 – Appointments and Wages

6 Payroll calculator Excel Spreadsheet Instructions:
Enter Start and Stop Date Enter P.A. rate if known If P.A. rate not known, enter desired cost into “expenditure” cell to generate p.a. rate calculation Tools for calculator as well as calendar

7 SGS guidelines - Fellowships
All full-time graduate students are not permitted to work more than 24 hours per week (outside of their degree programs) Funding caps for students receiving Fellowship only. $27,500 – Master’s, $35,000 PhD. Exception made for RDC recipients Program of Study is only needed to adjust funding for students that have not arrived on campus. Current students funding can be adjusted with a payroll form Change of Status form requires an explanation of whether the student is working more than 24 hours Deadline: For submission of requests to Payroll, Department of Human Resources, the deadline is the Wednesday two weeks prior to the requested payday. Therefore, any requests to Graduate Studies must be received by the Friday previous to that Wednesday. Requests received after this day will be processed only if time and resources allow.


9 Special funding initiatives
Dean's Doctoral Award: President's Doctoral Student Investment Fund (PDSIF): Sponsored Student Fund: Aboriginal Student Recruitment Fund:

10 Enrolment services - Agenda
Recruitment and marketing Admissions Registration Fees Progress Outreach Completion

11 Recruitment and marketing
Staff roles: Recruitment and Retention Coordinator: data generation and mining, solicit and respond to inquiries, marketing (prospect and yield management), information sessions and webinars Marketing Coordinator: microsite, social media, foreign social media, communications, MUNlive

12 Recruitment and marketing
What’s new? Microsite and departmental websites – Fall 2013 Tailored info sessions: Discipline-specific marketing 20 new MOUs and 3+1+1/2 pathways and cotutelle negotiations Sponsoring agencies: CSC (China), VIED (Vietnam), SwB (Brazil)

13 Admissions Staff roles:
Records and Registration Officer: assigns Memorial student numbers and pushes web applications Applications Officers (2): process applications and supporting documents, advise applicants on requirements and instructions Admissions Officer: supervisor for admissions unit, oversees applications, processes admissions, verifies supporting documents

14 Admissions Applications and supporting documents processed within 3-5 business days of receipt Academic unit notified by of web applications to be printed Paper applications and supporting documents sent by internal mail Grad WWW Applicants (SWRGAPP) and Admission App Detail (SWRG008) Self-Service reports to manage files Departmental graduate studies committee meets to review files Tools for assessment of transcripts: Admission requirements: undergraduate degree of second class standing + departmental requirements + English Decisions normally made 1-2 months after a deadline has passed Admissions: Program of Study form Rejections: Graduate Application Not Accepted for Admission form Reason for decision Application recommendation (close file or offer reconsideration for later semester?) Applicants not accepted notified by letter from SGS Graduate admissions: Conditional admissions – admission pending receipt of supporting documents, completion of degree program, etc.); applicant is sent letter only Full admission – applicant fully admitted to program, sent full offer letter, program of study form, and new student checklist; applicant is able to access Self-Service and register on appropriate date SGS carries out verification of supporting documents

15 Admissions Web application only
Supporting documents by to (transcript, test scores, and degree confirmation must be sent by mail) Applicants can check status of supporting documents and application online SWRG008 – used to track pending application and status International students are ed offer letters

16 Post-admissions New student website: Accept/Decline form must be completed and returned to SGS by all fully admitted applicants Decline offer of admission or request deferral of admission if necessary Select payment plan (A or B) Register for courses graduate registration (SUBJ 9000/9900) International students must submit valid study permit to SGS before they can register Pay fees by deadline Graduate Student Orientation Departmental orientation


18 Admissions What’s new? Critical review of applications processing workflow Consolidation of departmental forms and web application Application acknowledgement Application fee: $50 for Canadians and permanent residents; $100 for international Document imaging (Fall 2014?) Working on electronic offer letters for Post-admissions communications + webinars Qualifying year: see Calendar

19 Registration Staff roles:
Records and Registration Officer: Ensures ESL requirement, maintains student files and records, administers leaves and withdrawals Programs Officer: Oversees transfer of credit and academic changes to programs

20 Registration Instructions:
Relevant dates: Automatic roll of 9000/9900 and start of registration roughly 5 weeks before start of classes account notifying eligibility to register (3 weeks before registration) Deadline of fees payment: start of classes Last day to register: 2 weeks after start of classes Last day to withdraw: 3 weeks after start of classes Last day to drop courses: 7 weeks after start of classes Confirmation of enrolment s Must register for 9000/9900 in first semester or at end of leave of absence

21 Registration Register for program courses
If course not on program, submit Change of Program form first (for open electives, please define through CoP form before registration) If taking multiple non-program courses or second program, Dean’s permission required After 2 weeks, must register through Course Change form Retroactive registration of courses requires letter or note from instructor Only 9000/9900 registration needs approval from SGS Transfer of credit: Recommendation from head (through Change of Program form), official transcript, course syllabus 30% cap, 7 year limit, unused credits Visiting Research Students: Requirements: 1) letter from home university confirming grad student status, 2) letter from Memorial faculty member agreeing to supervision, 3) VRS application form, 4) Program of Study form Registers for GRAD 9900 for each semester in residence (study permit may be required) Charged health insurance each semester

22 Registration What’s new? New enrolment verification letter requests
International student webpage (to replace in-person consultations) Tuition receipts (Fall 2013?)


24 Fees Payment plan selected at time of admission (fixed after 1st semester) unless Change of Route or transfer Students responsible for all program fees as part of payment plan, even if finishing early For late registrants: 48 hours to pay fee (or complete payroll deduction form) after initial registration and charge Opting out: Recreation fee, complete Recreation Fee Exemption form and submit to Cashier’s Office GSU health and dental insurance, submit form by appropriate deadline (3 weeks after start of classes) to GSU Retroactive leaves or withdrawals result in refund of only program or continuance fees ($25 admin fee also charged) Change in status will automatically affect fees

25 Progress Non-academic requirements:
English Placement Test (and possibly ENGL 102F and ENGL 9992) required for all grad students with TOEFL or IELTS Second language requirement (PhD) Animal Care Seminar - PHIA training - Adjustments to programs: Changes in status requires Change of Status form Changes to courses, committee membership, research title on Change of Program form Changes to route (thesis, course, internship, etc.) requires Change of Route form Transfer (MEd CTLS to MEd PSS, master’s to PhD, etc.) requires Program of Study form

26 Progress Leave of Absence: students must submit Leave of Absence form to SGS by last day to withdraw Extension: Request for Extension form submitted at start of last semester in program Withdrawal: letter to Dean of Graduate Studies (last day to withdraw 3 weeks after start of classes) Forms:

27 Progress Annual Progress Report: must be submitted once a year (research programs only) Failed grades: if no departmental regulations, allowed 1 repeat of failed course (or substitution for elective) with recommendation from head Exam/paper rereads: application plus $50 to Registrar’s Office within 1 month of grade release New appeal regs on grades Incomplete grades: Head can permit INC grade up to one semester; further extension requires approval from ACE Termination of program -

28 Progress What’s new? GRIP no longer required for any grad student
PHIA training – declared by supervisor and absolutely required Electronic Annual Progress Report (Fall 2014?)

29 Outreach Staff roles: Senior Career Development Coordinator: career advising, resume edits, interview prep, 1-1 and workshop Marketing Coordinator: manages marketing materials, website, MUNlive, SGS newsletter, social media, campaigns Entrepreneurship Training Coordinator: manages ETP for international graduate students

30 Outreach Graduate Student Orientation: normally September each year; invitations Video recording of 2013 Orientation Pre-orientation webinars in Spring 2013 E-Newsletter (The Edge): information on scholarships and awards, academic deadlines and dates, professional development opportunities, general resources Career and Professional Development Services: PSDP: Exit surveys

31 Outreach What’s new? Entrepreneurship Training Program: EDGE reboot:

32 Completion Staff roles:
Programs Coordinator: supervisor for programs unit, manages ethesis and edefence projects Programs Officer: processes master’s and PhD exams, arranges for oral defences, oversees academic changes to programs, assists with Convocation Programs Assistant: processes appointment of examiners letters, processes results of thesis exams, prepares brochures for and assists with oral defences

33 Completion Comprehensive exams: Recommendation for Comp Exam form; results in memo Guidelines for theses: Full suite of e-theses templates available: Google Docs environment for online thesis collaboration available Fall 2011 Master’s exam procedures: PhD exam procedures: e-defence: Departmental procedures: Graduate students must apply to graduate for Spring or Fall through Self-Service (at time of thesis submission to supervisory committee) Recommendations for Award of Degree: financial audit, academic audit, completion, overnight notification to Registrar’s and Cashier’s Office

34 Completion What’s new? E-thesis project scaled back, soft launch Fall 2013 Discontinuation of personal bindings (effective Sept. 10, 2012) Personal bindings through Lehman Brothers: Self-Service interface for tracking program requirements and thesis exams (Fall 2014?) Automated program audits and program completion letters (Fall 2014?)

35 Professional development
SGS workshops team building and personalities managing priorities and stress business communications Task-specific training foreign credential evaluation Banner Student/Finance for grad admin student recruitment and recruitment marketing records management

36 Awards SGS Dean's Awards for Service Excellence: Institutional awards/honours for service excellence: ETS graduate education awards: AACRAO awards: NAGAP awards: NAFSA awards: CBIE excellence awards: CCAE Prix D'Excellence: CAUBO awards:

37 Thank you! Questions?

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