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FIRST NATION EDUCATION LAW Nancy Morgan Morgan & Associates June 5, 2007.

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1 FIRST NATION EDUCATION LAW Nancy Morgan Morgan & Associates June 5, 2007

2 GENERAL Definitions Principles Roles and responsibilities of students and parents

3 EDUCATION PROGRAM Educational standards Language of instruction Home schooling Class size School calendar School fees

4 ACCESS Right to education Eligibility and school capacity issues Right to refuse student Tuition for students at provincial schools

5 COMMUNITY EDUCATION AUTHORITY Establishment, powers and duties of CEA Composition, selection, qualification, attendance, vacancies & quorum Appeal of decisions Regulation & policy-making

6 RELATIONSHIP OF PARTIES Role of Chief and Council – would vary depending on whether a CEA is established Should have clear line between C & C and CEA

7 ACCOUNTABILITY Conflict of interest of elected & non-elected officials Accountability to members, including AGMs, school advisory committees Input of non-members

8 SCHOOL PROPERTY & TRANSPORTATION Maintenance and operation of buildings and facilities Transportation of students Liability for damage to school property

9 MEASURING PROGRESS Evaluation process for students Capacity to grant graduation diploma (First Nation’s own & Dogwood)

10 CONDUCT Respecting community protocols Discipline of students Drug policies Bullying policies

11 “BIG THREE” ISSUES Teacher certification School certification Curriculum and exam standards for courses required to graduate

12 “BIG THREE” & FNEA Participation of First Nation in FNEA Need to incorporate provisions developed by FNEA for “big three”

13 EMPLOYMENT Terms and conditions of employment Discipline, including dismissal & suspension Salary grid

14 INFORMATION MANAGEMENT Maintenance, access and transfer of student records Maintenance of and access to employment records of staff

15 FINANCIAL MATTERS Management of funds, including maintenance of books, records and accounts Budgeting process

16 AGREEMENTS Authority of First Nation to enter agreements Authority of CEA to enter agreements

17 LIABILITY Limitation of action and indemnification Actions against CEA Insurance

18 ISSUE TO CONSIDER Does this list include all of the major issues to be addressed in a First Nation’s Education Law?

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