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Coady International Institute

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1 Coady International Institute
Education Programs at the Coady International Institute Coady International Institute | St. Francis Xavier University| Antigonish, NS | Canada

2 international institute
about the coady international institute

3 Institute Timeline Coady International Institute 1853 1920s – 1930s
Coady has over 5500 graduates in over 130 countries St. Francis Xavier University (St. FX) founded Coady Institute established 1853 1920s – 1930s 1959 Late 1990s and 2000s Today Antigonish Movement* began & St. FX Extension Department established Institute grows, increasing its research and educational programs *Practice of popular education and community organizing led by Fr. Tompkins and his cousin Rev. Dr. Moses Coady Coady International Institute

4 A Learning Organization
Coady is a leader in the study and practice of community-based development and is committed to: providing the best possible leadership education programs for development professionals; working with partner organizations for capacity building; providing programs for young Canadians; and developing a knowledge network that supports successful development practice. Coady International Institute

5 Coady Approach to Learning
Coady offers innovative educational programs that: are rooted in the Antigonish Movement; are highly participatory; use educational methods such as presentations, case studies, and experiential learning; and feature internationally renowned facilitators. Rev. Dr. Moses Coady Coady International Institute

6 Coady Approach to Learning
Coady facilitators are committed to: creating a supportive, yet challenging, space for learning; building genuine and reciprocal learning relationships; encouraging reflective practice and creative expression; recognizing that everyone brings their own perspective; and challenging paradigms that promote inequality and inequity. Coady International Institute

7 Education for Action To strengthen the capacity of development leaders to effectively motivate and support people in the development of their communities and society. To contribute to bringing about a more just, inclusive, and sustainable global society in which all people participate in shaping their own destinies. “The uniqueness of the Coady environment is the wealth of experience and sharing amongst colleagues from the same backgrounds, albeit in different settings of the world, brought together by one vision - that of creating a better world for all who live in it.” - Griffith Zambala, South Africa Coady International Institute

8 education programs at coady

9 Coady Programs Stand-alone Certificates
An internationally recognized Diploma in Development Leadership Various on-site programs A Master of Adult Education (community development stream) in partnership with the Department of Adult Education at St. FX Coady International Institute

10 Certificate Programs Certificates* are offered back-to-back, so participants can take more than one and improve their travel investment. Certificates take place in the Spring (April – June) and Fall (September – November) *Please note: certificate offerings may vary year-to-year Coady International Institute

11 2014 Certificate Programs Spring Certificates focus on three themes:
Promoting Accountable Democracies Strengthening Local Economies Building Resilient Communities Fall Certificates focus on Leadership Skills Coady International Institute

12 2014 Spring Certificate Programs
Block 1: April 22 – May 8 Block 2: May 13 – 30 Block 3: June 4 – 30 Advocacy & Citizen Engagement Good Governance & Social Accountability Tools Community-Based Conflict Transformation & Peacebuilding Mobilizing Assets for Community-Driven Development Livelihoods & Markets Community-Based Microfinance for Financial Inclusion Leadership for Community-Based Adaptation to Climate Change Creating Just Food Systems Community-Driven Health Impact Assessment Promoting Accountable Democracies Strengthening Local Economies Building Resilient Communities Coady International Institute

13 2014 Spring Certificate Programs
Theme 1: Promoting Accountable Democracies Advocacy & Citizen Engagement Develop skills in influencing public policy Learn theoretical foundations and critical issues in human rights advocacy Strengthen communication skills, which are key to making an effective case for change Good Governance & Social Accountability Tools Learn the history of social accountability, principles, and rationale Building practical skills in the use of social accountability tools and methods Identify the characteristics of an enabling environment for citizen engagement Identify ways to use social accountability tools in advocacy to make the case for change Community-Based Conflict Transformation & Peacebuilding Understand theories and practices of community-based conflict transformation and peacebuilding Recognize gender dynamics in peace building approaches Build skills to analyze root causes of conflict, influence public policy, negotiate and mediate, and design and deliver relevant educational programs Gain knowledge about non-violent techniques for transforming conflicts Develop values and attitudes that nurture a culture of peace and non-violence Coady International Institute

14 2014 Spring Certificate Programs
Theme 2: Strengthening Local Economies Mobilizing Assets for Community-Driven Development Learn the theory and principles behind citizen-led and asset-based approaches Develop participatory monitoring and evaluation techniques Discover how to integrate principles into the work of your organization Learn about innovative forms of member-based organizations Understand strategies for allowing citizen-led initiatives to proliferate and scale-up through multi-stakeholder platforms and by linking producers to markets Livelihoods & Markets Understand linkages between livelihoods, market and community development, and poverty reduction Become familiar with key terms and concepts in the field Learn how to apply tools and methods to conduct value-chain analysis and develop programs Community-Based Microfinance for Financial Inclusion Gain an understanding of the importance of community-based approaches for financial inclusion, different models in member-owned microfinance, and the role of financial services in inclusive economies Learn risk management, regulations, structures, and systems that ensure good governance and ownership Explore practices for developing two-tier institutions, linkages with banks, and other formal financial institutions Develop successful approaches for creating women’s empowerment and social impact Coady International Institute

15 2014 Spring Certificate Programs
Theme 3: Building Resilient Communities Leadership for Community-Based Adaptation to Climate Change Learn endogenous, asset-based community development tools, methods, and principles Understand and demystify climate change from the perspective of communities as agents of change Appreciate alternative and holistic perspectives of the natural world Develop strategies for incorporating local and indigenous knowledge Understand how to use analytical tools for community empowerment, policy change, and advocacy Creating Just Food Systems Analyze the global food system, local transnational movements transforming the food system, and how food intersects with poverty, health, racism, gender inequality, and environmental unsustainability Compare frameworks of food security, food justice, and food sovereignty Develop skills in arts-based participatory research around personal and cultural food practices Explore the cultural and spiritual dimensions of growing, cooking , eating, and advocating for food Community-Driven Health Impact Assessment Understand the physical, social, cultural, political, and economic determinants of health Experience conducting the People Assessing Their Health (PATH) process and developing a Community Health Impact Assessment Tool (CHIAT) Develop skills in facilitating community dialogue and advocacy to create and use the CHIAT (through the PATH process) to assess the potential impacts of policies, projects, or programs on the well-being of the community Coady International Institute

16 2014 Fall Certificate Programs
October Research for Citizen-Led Change Learning Organizations & Change Facilitation & Training Approaches for Community Change Partnerships & Multi-Stakeholder Relationships Coady International Institute

17 2014 Fall Certificate Programs
Research for Citizen-Led Change Develop skills in understanding research ethics, designing research projects, evaluating research methods, and analyzing, interpreting, and communicating research results Understand the research cycle and the role of community members Learn the theoretical foundations, and critical issues, in community-based research for citizen action Understand and appreciate the different ways of knowing, the power of knowledge holders, and strategies for collaborating with stakeholders Learning Organizations & Change Build self-mastery as the basis of leadership to facilitate others through change – addressing motivational impact, frustrations, and stress Learn ‘how to learn’ collaboratively and help others learn in complex organizational situations Identify strategies to alleviate barriers to learning within organizations Facilitation & Training Approaches for Community Change Learn participatory design and facilitation techniques Strengthen knowledge of theories, principles, and practices of transformative, emancipatory adult education and participatory training Build skills to recognize and demonstrate different curriculum design theories and practices, with particular emphasis on participatory approaches Learn creative strategies for analyzing issues and overcoming challenges experienced in facilitation and training Coady International Institute

18 2014 Fall Certificate Programs
Partnerships & Multi-Stakeholder Relationships Understand the complexities and principals involved with multi-sector and multiple-actor collaboration and working in partnerships Develop skills required for designing, assessing, managing, facilitating, and negotiating in these settings Learn lessons from real multi-stakeholder situations, including those of the participants Identify strategies to apply learnings to diverse contexts Coady International Institute

19 Diploma in Development Leadership
The Diploma program takes place in the late summer and fall Participants stay on campus during the program Typically there are participants each year Coady International Institute

20 2014 Diploma in Development Leadership
Dates: July 21 – December 6 The program is organized into three sessions: Session 1: Foundation course in leadership and community development, followed by theme-based Electives Session 2: work in leadership, communications, and research methods, followed by Specializations Session 3: more Electives, followed by a Cooperative Inquiry Coady International Institute

21 2014 Diploma in Development Leadership
Coady International Institute

22 Master of Adult Education – Community Development Stream
Offered in partnership with the Department of Adult Education at St. FX Self-directed, distance based program Three-week on-site Foundations course required For more information: Coady International Institute

23 who should attend coady programs?

24 Qualifications for Attendance
Interested candidates should be: mid- to senior-level development practitioners with at least five years of experience Program graduates are typically leaders of: National and international NGOs Community-based organizations Women’s groups Co-operatives Faith-based organizations Indigenous people’s organizations Voluntary organizations Government departments Private sector organizations Coady International Institute

25 To Apply for Coady Programs
To apply for our programs visit Financial support and scholarships are available For more information on Coady and it’s research and educational programs, visit Coady International Institute

26 Be part of the growing Coady network!
Coady International Institute

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