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1 FACULTY COUNCIL and GENERAL ACADEMIC ASSEMBLY College of Medicine Dean’s Report May 19, 2010

2 Cycle Accreditation Cycle 2010Undergraduate MD Program (LCME/CACMS) January 2011 – CACMS Secretary Visit 2010Postgraduate Residency Programs (RCPSC/CFPC) Provisional Approval with External Reviews: Medicine, Pediatrics, Pathology, Family Medicine (Surgery ER from before)

3 Cycle Accreditation Cycle 2010CME Program - Survey April12-13 Report due Fall of 2010 2010School of Physical Therapy - Survey February 2008 Partially compliant until 2015

4 University of Saskatchewan 2 nd Integrated Plan “Towards an Engaged University” ry.pdf (2008-2012)


6 D wing – Campus Drive

7 E wing – Wiggins Corner





12 College of Medicine and School of Physical Therapy Integrated Plan 2008-2012 (October 15, 2007)

13 Initiatives 2008-2012 Strategic Initiatives 2008-2012 a)College-specific initiatives: 1. Medical Education Initiatives 2. Biomedical Education Initiatives 3. Physical Therapy/Rehabilitation Initiatives 4. Research Initiatives 5. Finance/Administration Initiatives 6. Advancement Initiatives 7. Faculty Development Initiatives 8. Community Engagement and Clinical Service







20 Comments It is unreasonable to ask faculty to provide “ a great deal of effort” beyond normal expectations. One problem is that faculty does not have a strong identity. I used to strongly agree, but time and non-appreciation wear you down. I do and will continue to do so.


22 Comments Yes, with the limited resources available, we have done exceedingly well. Not with the incumbent dean. I have great respect for the current administration of the College, yet I find myself talking about my commitment to my department. The working relationship between the College of Medicine and the Saskatoon Health Region is completely dysfunctional.


24 Comments There seems at times to be an adversarial relationship between the administration of the college and the clinical faculty. Loyalty to the College results from my gratitude for the opportunities provided. I dislike loyalty statements.


26 Comments I would readily and gladly accept any duties which I can perform competently. I would hesitate a bit about duties for which I am not trained. Totally depends on if I am asked or if the assignment is done in a dictatorial way. Are you kidding? Let’s hope things don’t come to this.


28 Comments Yes, the chemistry is very much there. Values match is crucial. There are a few rotten eggs, but administrative decisions tend to be general rather than dealing with the spoilage. In general, the statement is accurate. However, my concern is that the CoM does not put enough emphasis on research.


30 Comments I used to be. I am not proud anymore. I am too disappointed in the College’s administration, especially the Dean. People frequently ask me where I work and I proudly refer to the College of Medicine and the U of S. On a national committee I was asked how to be acknowledged. I said Royal University Hospital. The administration leads a College that is concerned about social justice in its broadest sense, and I am very proud to be part of that.


32 Comments Integration of SHR and the College has resulted in loss of our identification, our democratic process, and our philosophical identification with the College. We have to think back and owe our responsibility to the people of the Province and not take more than we deserve. One develops a sense of loyalty to the institution one is situated in…This is certainly true for me here. But precisely, one develops attachments to the people in the institution.


34 Comments I am inspired by the College, but I think that we all have to accept responsibility for our own attitudes and actions. The students and patients inspire me. I feel supported, encouraged and challenged (in a positive way) by the College of Medicine senior leadership. The same is sometimes not true at other levels of leadership. I no longer want to contribute to the college, the faculty have been disenfranchised.


36 Comments Great things are happening here. I would only leave if obliged to. A great amount of change is needed for me to want to stay in the college. I hear similar comments from my colleagues. I have found a fit of values, career advancement opportunities and a sense that I can make a difference.


38 Comments Coming to the College of Medicine, U of S was the worst decision of my professional life. I had numerous other opportunities but considered working here in the College as an important commitment to the people of Saskatchewan. It has not been easy, but the rewards are considerable. I am glad I am here.


40 Comments Why would anybody want to leave when we are on the threshold of growth and positive developments. There is tremendous potential to build a remarkable medical school at our current crossroads. A lot of work and networking will need to be invested but the opportunity is unique.


42 Comments No one agrees with any institution’s policies all the time. It depends on the issue. It is not the policies so much as the processes that are problematic. Mostly, I am on board. I am completely on board with the mission, vision and strategy.


44 Comments The CoM is key to the University’s success and to the quality of life in Saskatchewan. Used to. Gave up. It seems administration does not care about people. Caring is a two way street. I hope the CoM cares about its faculty and their fate. The CoM needs to be faculty- centered.


46 Comments The best place at the U of S or any other university. SHR is much better, open and transparent. I am completely satisfied. There are going to be issues anywhere – but I feel supported here.


48 Comments No. This has been a good move for me and my family. Simply not true for me. Even on bad days, working for the College would be difficult to view as a mistake. Regrets are unscientific. One can never know how things would have gone if different choices had been made.




52 Faculty Council Committees Budget, Planning & Priorities Committee College Review Committee

53 Incremental Positions Funding 2008-092009-102010-11 Undergraduate Positions1600 Residency Positions24 12 Undergraduate Program $2,560K4,773K8,436K Residency Program $1,435K3,068K5,365K TOTAL3,995K7,841K13,801K Anticipated 16 additional UG positions (Class Size 100) in 2011-12

54 Faculty Recruitment Priority 2009-2010 DepartmentSpecialtyTierPosition Allocated 1Micro & ImmImmunologist1Yes 2PM&RPhysiatrist interest in Stroke & Geriatric1Yes 3C H & EEpidemiology1Pending 4SPTPrimary Health Care1Yes 5Path & Lab MedAnatomic or General Pathologist (Regina)1No 6O G & R ScGeneralist – Obstetrics and Gynecology1No 7BiochemistryNucleic Acid-Structural Biochemistry1Yes 8Family MedPre-Clerkship Coordinator2Yes 9PediatricsGen Peds/Palliative specialist (.6 FTE)2Yes 10PhysiologyRespiratory Physiology2No

55 Faculty Recruitment Total hires since 2002 – 144 Total Resignations since 2002 – 36 Pre-BPP process – 22 BPP process – 64 Non-BPP recruitment:  VIDO/InterVac  BioTech/Biomolecular (University Academic Priority Fund)  Neuropsychiatric Research Unit  CRC Chairs  Clinical service requirements

56 Salary Review Recommendations: TotalBasic Sc Clinical Total Faculty considered by CRC for a Special Salary Increase = 124 Special Increases awarded by CRC 7523 (31%) 52 (69%) Of the 68 Awards made: Full CDI = 15 6 (40%) 9 (60%) Half CDI = 60 17 (28%) 43 (72%) College of Medicine/Departmental Standards:

57 Recommendations under Consideration by CRC Establishing additional annual College awards for faculty in each of the University Standards’ categories (Research, Practice of Professional Skills, Administration) Evaluations or Performance Benchmarks for Program Directors, Graduate Chairs, etc. Implementation of Dossiers for documentation of Administrative Duties, Research, Professional Practice

58 Communications, Alumni Relations & Development Advancement:

59 Four-person team in place as of October 2009, strengthening our ability to: Build Connections, Encourage Investment & Celebrate Success. Advancement:

60 Communications Celebration Wall (highlighting successes of students, faculty and staff) FMEC National Launch (January 28 th, 2010) Media and Public Relations (5 major announcements since January 2010) Communiqué (targeted for late summer 2010) Website re-design (collaboration with ITU, targeted for summer 2010)

61 Alumni Relations Highlights in Medicine Conference (June 23 rd to June 26 th, 2010 with 200 alumni) Homecoming Weekend (September 24 th – 26 th, 2010) Chapter Development and Alumni visits (Vancouver, Victoria, Edmonton, Calgary with over 200 alumni) CoM Alumni Association Strategic Plan Annual Fund Giving (>$500K since 2005 for College priorities)

62 Spring 2010 connective issue delivered to 2700 College of Medicine Alumni this May

63 Development Student Awards (scholarships, bursaries, prizes) Research (on-going) Global Health initiatives (CoM is a national leader) $12M Capital Campaign (through the Council of Health Sciences Deans) >$1.3M in new gifts (since June 2009)

64 FMEC Recommendations for MD EducationDean 1. Address Individual and Community NeedsDr Tom Smith-Windsor 2. Enhance Admissions ProcessesDr Barry Ziola 3. Build on the Scientific Basis of MedicineDr Nick Ovsenek 4. Promote Prevention and Public HealthDr Nazeem Muhajarine 5. Address the Hidden CurriculumDr Penny Davis 6. Diversify Learning ContextsDr Bill Albritton 7. Value GeneralismDr Gill White 8. Advance Inter- and Intra-professional PracticeDr Liz Harrison 9. Adopt a Competency-Based and Flexible ApproachDr Gary Linassi 10. Foster Medical LeadershipDr Anurag Saxena

65 FMEC Enabling RecommendationsDean a. Realign Accreditation StandardsDr Sheila Harding b. Build Capacity for ChangeDr Marcel D’Eon c. Increase National CollaborationDr Sheila Harding d. Improve the Use of TechnologyDr Grant Stoneham e. Enhance Faculty DevelopmentDr Femi Olatunbosun


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