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Welcome to ADLC’s 2011 Partnership Update. ADLC’s new Assistant Superintendent Ray Battochio We welcome Ray and look forward to working with him in the.

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1 Welcome to ADLC’s 2011 Partnership Update

2 ADLC’s new Assistant Superintendent Ray Battochio We welcome Ray and look forward to working with him in the development of a 21 st Century Distributed Learning Service model for ADLC, which serves school divisions across the province. Ray has extensive teaching and administrative experience working in a variety of urban and rural school settings. In addition, he has worked at the district leadership level supporting schools in their pursuit of engaged student learning. As Ray has also worked for Alberta Education serving school divisions as a Senior Education Liaison Manager, he brings many leadership skills and talents which will be a great asset to ADLC and PHRD.

3 Authorization to Administer November and April Diploma examinations Schools must be authorized by the Minister to administer diploma examinations in November and April ADLC is authorized to administer diploma examinations in November and April

4 Eligibility to write in November and April Sessions To be eligible to write a diploma examination in November or April, a student must have received instruction in, and a school awarded mark for, the corresponding course within that session. The school mark must be awarded by a school that is authorized by the Minister to administer diploma examinations in November and April. Ineligible students who write diploma examinations in November or April will have their examination marks invalidated.

5 Examination Registration For November and April Sessions All students who write diploma examinations in November and April must be registered to write those examinations, by the school of instruction, (ADLC) on or before the registration deadline date. Unregistered students are not permitted to write diploma examinations at a November or April session (no walk-ins) November session information will be provided when available.

6 ImpoI Important Dates/Deadlines April 13 – Deadline for course transfers & June registrations. April 15 – Deadline for special cases & accommodations. June 6 – Final assignment due for Contracted Services. June 15 – Team Teaching marks due for all diploma courses June 24 – Team Teaching marks due for non- diploma courses July 4 – Deadline for course transfers & August registrations. July 15 – Deadline for special cases & accommodations. August 1 - Final assignment due for Contracted Services. August 10 – Team Teaching marks due for Aug. exam writing

7 ImpoI Exam Accommodations ADLC can only provide Exam Accommodations if we are aware of the need! Documentation (IPP, assessments) should be submitted with registration. If Web Registering, indicate need during registration, then fax in documentation with ADLC File Number stated. Diploma Courses – it is vital we provide the Accommodation during the course for similar provisions to be made on Diploma Exams!

8 Web Registration Requires a charge account … Fax the following information on your school letterhead to 780-674-7593 (Attn: Bernice) School code People approved to order for your school Most material will be shipped out of Barrhead via Canada Post (new this year) Use Special Requests area to indicate special shipping instructions – eg. will be picked up by parent at Lethbridge office on a particular date

9 Web Registration Tutorial Accessible by school username and password

10 Online Registration Guides Print guides are no longer available - PDF & HTML formats Ability to build current registration guides dynamically, with ability to print or e-mail the resultsregistration guides

11 Electronic Exam Agreement ~See agreements in your packages~ Principal signs and agree to terms listed in the agreement Specify if your school can print only black and white exams or the colour ones too Return form to Regional Office or to ADLC Exams, once approved…then a designated person in your school can receive exams via e-mail to be printed for each student Saves valuable time so students may receive exams shortly after they have been released by our Student Tracking and Reporting (STAR) system

12 Contracted Services ADLC provides courseware for students students with access to certificated teacher, evaluation, and support School provides on-site support, supervision, and facilitation School retains full CEU funding Funded enrollments - tuition of $28/CEU (effective June 1/11) Unfunded/Adult enrolments - $90/CEU As of Sept. 2011, adult enrolments include mandatory (unless pre- requisite completed within past 2 years) teacher-assessed placement exam

13 Team Teaching ~See 2011-2012 agreements in your packages~ ADLC provides ADLC-developed courseware for students Certificated teachers with keys, exams, assessments, support School provides on-site, certificated teacher, evaluation, and support School retains full CEU funding Waived tuition

14 2011-2012 Course Requests and Set-up for Team Teaching Schools will receive a list of all courses they currently team teach and the teacher(s) assigned for each. Please review the course list, indicating which courses will be required for 2011-2012, along with the teacher(s) assigned for each course. If the teacher is not known at the time, request the course with a temp. teacher name, and provide the actual teacher’s name when known. Submit the list of requested courses to the TT Helpdesk The more courses created in the spring will allow school’s to register students and begin using courses earlier in September.

15 Courses unavailable for Team Teaching due to low inventory of materials: MAM1050- AGRICULTURE CONSUMER PRODUCTS & SERVICES MAM3010 - MAN AND MARK 3010 MAM3040 - MAN. AND MARKETING 3040 DES1010 - DESIGN STUDIES 1010 LGS1010 - PRIVATE LAW LGS1020 - PUBLIC LAW LGS2010 - LEGAL STUDIES 2010 LGS3080 - LEGAL STUDIES 3080 TOU3080 - TOURISM 3080 FNA1400 - BASIC ART 10 FNA1405 - BASIC ART 11 FNA2400- BASIC ART 20 FNA3400- ART 30 PR Exceptions upon coordinator approval only – manual registrations only – should schools already possess current materials.

16 Through this agreement, ADLC will design and deliver three courses, HCS 3000, HCS 3010 and AGR 3000, as well as 2, HCS3000 level projects, based on the resources developed by JSSS and ADLC. All Alberta students can access these through ADLC and its many partner schools. Students who successfully complete these courses and pass the summative evaluation approved by the JSSS will qualify for Level 1 or Level 2 Job Safety Certification by the JSSS. To enroll your students in these new online courses and for technical support, please contact the ADLC coordinator in your region. To obtain information regarding the JSSS resources and student credentialing, contact the JSSS Office at ADLC and JSSS Memorandum of Understanding ADLC and the Job Safety Skills Society (JSSS) are pleased to announce a formal partnership that will benefit the academic growth of students in Alberta as well as keep them safe as they begin their working lives.

17 Building Engagement through Relationships: Effective Student Monitoring in Distributed Learning Alberta Distance Learning Centre Cycle 4 AISI Project Fanning the Spark: Getting Distributed Learners Started

18 Fanning the Spark Goal: To increase the number of ADLC high school students who complete their DL courses Strategy 1: Build effective learning relationships between ADLC staff and students

19 ADLC Student Monitoring Process Consistent, detailed processes assist ADLC teachers and Student Monitoring staff in tracking student progress in Contracted Services

20 Automated Processes Database enhancements streamline and automate monitoring processes Phone checklists Letter and e-mail templates

21 The First Five School Days Beginning of student-teacher relationship Teacher contacts students by phone Student Monitoring staff send and e- mail welcome letter Cc contact to school facilitator

22 Timeline Start & End Dates Accurate start and end dates allow monitoring processes to work effectively

23 Working Students Support student progress by responding to student questions –Phone, e-mail, VC, Elluminate, F2F Monitor student progress through course/assignments Intervene when student appears to be struggling

24 Key Check Points 30 and 60 Day Statuses –No Work Student has never submitted work since registering in the course. –Stalled Student began the course and submitted work but has not submitted for the past 30 or 60 days.

25 30 and 60 Days No Work Submitted Student Monitoring staff phone student or contact school DE facilitator for work status update

26 Stalled – 30 and 60 Days Since Last Submission Monitoring staff phone student or contact school DE facilitator about students whose work progress has stalled

27 Final Exam Written – Missing Assignment(s) Course cannot be finalized because coursework is incomplete Lead teacher, student, and facilitator collaborate to determine how to proceed

28 All Assignments Completed – Final Exam Missing Course cannot be finalized Lead teacher, student, and facilitator collaborate to determine when exam will be written

29 Enhancements to the Process Since its implementation on Sept. 1, 2010, we made many revisions to the process Process maintains philosophy with revised enhancements

30 Suspension of Monitoring Processes Critical illness of student or student’s family member Unique personal circumstances May be short or extended

31 Student Responses … just sent in the booklet. I’m very excited for you to see what I did … you can really tell which ones were done first and which ones were done last because I feel I improved a lot … Hello, I'm pleased to be a part of this course! I just received my package today with all my modules. I will give a call if I need help with any of the sections. Thank you very much for making it possible for me to be a part of the distance learning program!

32 Facilitator Responses … ** … will be starting the course in November, after basketball season is over… has a plan. Thank you very much for this email! Have you initiated a new process … good to know, then I can use that too as a tool for combating these long delays. “This is a good double check.” ** moved... took a lot of patience and understanding to complete… was successful. We'll do it again!

33 Monitoring Staff Observations SM Clerk’s Daily Summary … a few different teachers… response was "that's why I am receiving so many phone calls from students." … several students … made contact with their teachers within one week of them receiving a letter/phone call for not working … 25 minutes on phone with [mom] and son … appreciated the fact that they could speak with "someone from ADLC". A mother … appreciates the calls… called teacher [after] introductory letter and had nice little chat... So far the facilitators love the follow-up …

34 Monitoring Process: 2010-2011 Stats Contact Log Stats, to date SMG Log Statistics between Sept. 1 to Feb. 18 Welcome Letters15 824 30 Day No Work Letter Sent3 047 30 Day No Work Contact Made250 30 Day Stalled Letter Sent1 150 30 Day Stalled Contact Made930 Student Start Pushed Back2 200 60 Day No Work Letter Sent1 027 60 Day No Work Contact Made1 233 60 Day Stalled Student Moved to Teacher1 607 30 Day Exam Overdue Email Sent6 12 Exam Comp Course Inc Email Sent20

35 Impact of Student Monitoring Process Observations of ADLC staff More students beginning courses More students have personalized timelines due to new start and end dates More students submitting regularly More students are contacting their teacher for support Increased contact between ADLC and DE Facilitators Increased communication due to accurate student contact information

36 Impact of Student Monitoring Process on Course Completions Year-round intake of student registrations Year end August 31, 2011 –Completion rates –Non-submitter rates For more information about ADLC AISI project initiatives, go to

37 What’s New in English? We are moving to one variant courses, where the online and print content will be the same. We plan to streamline the assessments and make the courses more engaging for students.

38 English Department


40 Lead Teacher: Randy Fidler Print and Online Versions Assignment Books currently under review and revision. Lead Teacher: Nicola Ramsey Print and Online versions Revised assignment booklets – 2010 Course is currently under review and revisions are planned.

41 Lead Teacher: Larry Lemieux Print and Online versions New exam structure for Sept. 2011 Course is being revised to 1 course variant to mirror SS30 - Scheduled implementation 2012

42 Social Studies 20-2 Understandings of Nationalism Social Studies 20-2 Understandings of Nationalism Lead Teacher: Randy Fidler Print and Online versions Authorized textbook incorporated into course material; Understanding Nationalism – McGraw-Hill Ryerson New exam structure for Sept. 2011 Course is being revised to one course variant to mirror SS 30 - Scheduled implementation 2012

43 Social Studies 20-1 & 20-2: Supervised mid-term exam 10% Supervised cumulative final exam 30% There are 3 exams available for each unit 1 unit exam 1 appeal exam 1 Team Teaching exam. Students who score 40% or less in either unit exam will be offered an appeal exam by the teacher. If a student receives a mark average of less than 40% on their combined unit exams they will be assigned the exam assessment mark for the course.

44 Co- Lead Teachers: Nicola Ramsay & Larry Lemieux Lead Teacher: Ralf Lemire

45 Social Studies 30-1 & 30-2Social Studies 30-1 & 30-2 Designed as an all-in-one course in which all students would be enrolled in 1 version of the course. Online and print courses are identical. Students may choose to work in either print or online according to their strengths or circumstances. Students using print materials will be able to access all online features Print students can choose to download assignments and submit assignments through the dropbox or by assignment booklet. This will make these courses very flexible to student needs. Includes access to self quizzes and multimedia The development of this course had as its main goal accessibility, flexibility, reliability and fairness for all of ADLC partners, both school and student.

46 Social Studies 30-1 & 30-2 No final exam in SS 30-1 or -2. Supervised Unit exam RI 1 & 2 20% Supervised Unit exam RI 3 & 4 20% There are 3 exams available for each unit: 1 unit exam 1 appeal exam 1 Team Teaching exam

47 Sr. High Math

48 Grade 10 Level Courses Math 10-C and Math 10-3 are available in both print and online versions Print and online versions of the courses are the same Students can work in one version of the course or the other …or both. Both print and online students have access to multimedia pieces such as video solutions, video tips and games in the online version of the courses

49 Grade 11 Level Courses Math 20-3, 20-2, and 20-1 will be available September 1, 2011 for Contracted Services and February 1, 2012 for Team Teaching Both print and online versions are the same Allows for flexibility to students Similar in format to our grade 10 level courses Practice work Graded assignments Unit quizzes Final exam

50 Math 20-3 All-in-one course Does not connect to a textbook Students receive lesson booklets that contain all the course materials (Units, Chapters, Lessons) Instruction Examples Practice Questions Assignment End of Unit Project Final Exam (supervised)

51 Math 20-2 Textbook reference is Nelson, Principles of Mathematics 11 8 units with 3 lessons each Lesson booklets consist of instructions and examples practice questions from the text book with full solutions assignment questions End of unit open book quiz Midterm Review (not an exam) Final exam (supervised)

52 Math 20-1 Textbook reference is McGraw-Hill-Ryerson Pre-Calculus 11 7 modules or unit booklets Each module has several lessons within it Each lesson has an assignment Each module has a module assignment or project type assignment with higher level thinking and real life scenarios 7 open book unit quizzes at the end of each module Midterm exam Final exam

53 Who to Contact:

54 Science Department Forensic Science 25 and 35 Forensic 25 - substantial changes made to the look of the course in recent months Changes are largely aesthetic (images etc.) Assessment and key changes are minor Forensics 25 remains ADLC's highest enrollment and highest completion rate course Forensic 35 (3 credit) will undergo the same evergreening as Forensic 25 course with the next print run. Forensics 35 (5 credit) launched in Sept. 2010 - YAY!!!

55 Currently, resources available via CD will be converted to USB drives that contain all of the course content, simulations, and assessments Timeline: As soon as we run out of CDs in each course, future production will be available only on sticks; CDs are becoming extinct. Chemistry 20, 30 & Science 20, 30

56 Fast Track Diagnostic tutorial tool that provides students with an alternative pathway (actually multiple pathways) to progress through an online course (a course within a course). How Fast Track Works: Course is divided into sections - units, modules, etc. Each section begins with a diagnostic test that tests every concept in the section If student succeeds at a certain test item, they skip the relevant lesson(s) that teach these concepts. If student performs poorly on a particular test item, immediate feedback is provided and is linked to the relevant lesson tutorial At conclusion of a tutorial, the student writes a quiz to demonstrate understanding before returning to the diagnostic tool at which time the student gets another opportunity at another question that tests the same concept the student got wrong previously.

57 Students Who will Benefit Most From Fast Track? All students because they are provided with individualized instruction during which their time is used most efficiently (on the concepts they find challenging). Students who took prerequisite course a long time ago. Students who performed poorly but passed the prerequisite course. Students who passed the course already but need to upgrade their mark. Students from other school jurisdictions or educational systems for which readiness for a course cannot be easily predicted. Tentative Fast Track Timeline: John Pachkowski (ADLC Chem teacher and creator of Fast Track) hopes to launch a pilot with Chem 20 students, possibly starting as early as this spring.

58 Physics Physics 30 print course currently being evergreened to make navigation easier and eliminate contradictory instructions. at conclusion, print and online assessments will be the same. unit review assessments are being added to both the print and online courses target release date - Sept. 2011 Physics 20 will undergo equivalent evergreening next year. target release date = Sept. 2012.

59 Science 10 Project In Sept. 2011, a partnership with R.F. Staples High School (Westlock) for a 21st Century Learning pilot will occur Staples’ approx. 70 students from several feeder schools in two sections of Sci. 10 will be in 1 class taught in a traditional way by one teacher, with a 2 nd teacher responsible for determining which students are deficient in certain skills or prerequisite knowledge. The 2 nd teacher will pull students from class when necessary, provide specialized tutorials and/or labs. After achieving success, students rejoin regular class. A complex system of randomly generated diagnostic, formative, and summative tests, are being devised with several versions of each that address the same concepts so small groups of students can complete tests when they are ready to do so without compromising the security of the tests. Students will be allowed to advance ahead of the class, finish before semester end, if appropriate, or may be allowed to complete the course more slowly after the end of the semester if required.

60 Science Department Lead TeacherCourses TaughtTelephone 1-866- 774-533 E-Mail Derrick ToporowskiScience 10 Science 20 Science 30 Ext Dale WeimerBiology 20 Biology 30 Ext Doug PinderScience 14 Science 24 Chemistry 20 Ext John PachkowskiFast Track Shane AndersenChemistry 30 Forensics Sci 25 Forensic Sci 35 Ext Werner BrozekPhysics 20 Physics 30 Ext Helen HamptonChemistry 20 Forensic Sci 25 Forensic Sci 35 Ext Karen CampbellPhysics 20, 30 Amber ShelleyVista Virtual – present Bio 20, 30 – May/June Ext

61 Second Languages Meeting the needs of the 21 st Century Learner Did you know that… globally, bilingualism or multilingualism is the norm?

62 Knowing Other Languages Brings Opportunities Greater opportunities for higher education Enhance ability to travel Enhance employment capacity – due to globalization Building and keeping cultural connections Greater grasp of one’s first language Increases cognitive skills – math, analytical thinking

63 Second Languages Department

64 Language Courses 3 year High School Program (3Y). Grades 10 - 12; no prior knowledge of the language is required. 9 year Elementary/Junior High/High School Program (9Y) Grades 4 - 12.

65 French PRINT COURSES French 10 - 3Y Newly developed French 20 - 3Y Newly Developed French 30 - 3Y In development stage French 20 - 6Y (no longer available) French 30 - 6Y Available to end of June, 2011 ONLINE (aka LLEARN): French 10, 20, & 30 (9Y)

66 German Print Courses - Newly Developed German 10 German 20 German 30 ADLC is pleased to offer students the opportunity to write the following language proficiency exams : A2 Sprachdiplom DSD-1 Sprachdiplom

67 Spanish Print Courses: Spanish 10 Spanish 20 – Available September 2011 Spanish 30 – In development Ukrainian Online Courses: Ukrainian 10 & 20 (3Y) Ukrainian 30 – In development

68 Communicative Approach Integral part of new courses and courses being developed Encourage student to practice oral components with their teachers before lesson submission Variety of methods available to students for oral completions - details outlined in course. CD Voice Mail Cassette Voice Attachment Skype Telephone Conversation Demo Site:

69 French Immersion Program! Opportunity to pursue studies in French Immersion in current school setting. ADLC offers courses in Science, Mathematics, French Language Arts, Social Studies, and CALM as well as CTS courses, Psychology, Forensics, and Art. For further information regarding our French Immersion Program, please contact Esther Kupsch, Senior High Associate Principal at 1-866-774-5333 ext 5183. For samples of our on-line French immersion courses please visit our website: Website: User ID: immersion Password: adlc

70 French Immersion ~See list of available courses in package.~ New Courses: Études sociales 30-1 Mathématiques 10 – Combiné Mathématiques 10 – 3 Fondement des services de santé - HSS1010 Nutrition et bienêtre - HSS1020 Le système digestif - HCS 1060 Le système respiratoire - HCS 1070 Le système cardiovasculaire - HCS 1080 Présentation numérique - INF1070

71 French Immersion Enrollments

72 Career and Technology Studies (CTS)

73 Career & Technology Studies

74 Forestry Online Agriculture 3000 Online Partnership with Job Safety Skills Society Students recognize and assess the hazards and manage the risks of working in agriculture. ADLC and Job Safety Skills Society are partnering in the development of this course. ADLC is currently developing courses in Agriculture New Forestry Courses Available for Sept 2011: Forestry 1010, 1020 Please check the ADLC Reg Guide for availability of courses currently being developed.

75 Fashion Students design, manufacture and market clothing and other textile products as well as study the history, sociology and economics of clothing and textile arts. ADLC offers - Fashion: 1000, 1030, 1050, 1060, 1130, 1190 2000, 2080, 2090, 2110, 2130 3000, 3040, 3060, 3070, 3080, 3090 All Projects: 1910A, 2910B, 2920C, 3910D, 3920E These courses are in print with a flash drive containing many sewing skills and techniques. Online courses have videos embedded in the course.

76 Foods Students examine the role of food, looking beyond consumption to production, visual appreciation, nutrition, meal planning, economics and preparation. ADLC offers - Foods: 1010, 1020, 1030, 1040, 1050, 1080, 2040, 2070, 3030 and 3040 All Projects: 1910A, 2910B, 2920C, 3910D, 3920E These courses are online and have many videos embedded. ADLC is currently developing courses in both Fashion and Foods. Foods Courses Ready for Sept 2011: - 2060, 2090, 2100, 2170, 3060, 3070, 3100, 3160 Please check the registration guide for new course development.

77 HCS 3000/3010 Workplace Safety Systems Workplace Safety Practices Partnership with Job Safety Skills Society Students will gain knowledge, skills, and attitudes in workplace health and safety preparing them for workplace orientation. ADLC and Job Safety Skills Society are partnering in the development of these courses. These courses will have videos, and copy masters for teachers. Projects HCS 3910 and 3920 will be available Sept. 2011

78 Information Processing New 3 credit bundle suggestion: Word Processing INF1030 INF 2020 Project INF1910 Now available: INF 2050 (Word Level II) INF 1050 (Database Level I) Microsoft ITAcademy now available for Office 2010. ADLC will continue to offer : the IT Essentials (pathway to A+ Certification) the IC3 (basic software and computer skill) New courses : Introduction to Photography COM 1205 Digital Design COM 1005

79 Mechanics and Electro-tech Movement from Print to Online Mechanics 1040 and Electro Technology 1010 are now available as Online courses.

80 Health The one-cluster name HES no longer exists. It has been divided into 4 other health-related clusters: 1. Community Care Services (CCS) 2. Health Care Services (HCS) 3.Human and Social Services (HSS) 4.Recreational Leadership (REC) Fred Jack is the lead teacher for this cluster, which will complement the Physical Education program.

81 COMMUNITY CARE SERVICES IN DEVELOPMENT... To be ready for Sept. 2012: CCS1030 – Caring For Body Systems 1 Prerequisite: HSS1010 CCS1080 – Community Volunteerism 1 CCS2080 – Community Volunteerism 2 Prerequisite: CCS1080

82 HEALTH CARE SERVICES IN DEVELOPMENT... To be ready for Sept 2012: HCS1050 – Musculoskeletal System Prerequisite: HSS1010 To be ready for Sept 2011: HCS3050 – Reproduction & Readiness for Parenting Prerequisite: HSS1010

83 To be ready for Sept 2011: HSS1010 – Health Services Foundations HSS2020 – Nurturing Children HSS2040 – Family Foundations In development: HSS1020 – Nutrition & Wellness HSS1040 – Developing Maturity &Independence HSS3020 – Mental Health & Wellness Prerequisite: HSS1010 HUMAN AND SOCIAL SERVICES IN DEVELOPMENT

84 Design Studies ADLC currently offers 3 Design Studies courses: 3 Introductory – Print – DS 1010, 1020 & 1060 As of September 2011, the existing print Design Studies courses will no longer be offered. Course Development is underway for the new online Design Studies 1010 course, with an anticipated release date of September 2011. Development will continue for other new online Design Studies courses, to replace existing print courses, as well introduce new Design Studies course offerings. These will become available throughout the 2011/12 school year. Art & Design Studies Website: Design Studies Link:

85 Financial Management PERSONAL Fin1010 – Personal Financial Information (OL) Students explore concepts that affect the finances of an individual, including a code of conduct, the economic environment, acquiring and using financial resources and the effects of government legislation. Fall 2011 Fin2060 – Personal Taxation Students examine the Canadian income tax system through the preparation of a variety of personal income tax returns, completed manually and/or electronically. Fin3080- Personal Investment Planning 1 Students are introduced to the capital market and the available securities when building a personal investment portfolio. Students research and analyze a variety of securities, including equities, fixed income and mutual funds.

86 Financial Management BUSINESS Available Now Fin1015 - Accounting Prep Students are introduced to accounting and terminology unique to financial accounting. They become familiar with financial statements, generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) and how to prepare for the process of starting up a business. Fin1020 - Accounting Cycle 1 Students are introduced to the accounting cycle for a service business. They will analyze and record business transactions up to trial balance for the fiscal period of a business using terminology unique to financial accounting. Fin 1030 - Accounting Cycle 2 Students complete the accounting cycle for a service business, preparing financial statements and closing accounts. They also will explore other factors of a business, including budgets.

87 Financial Management Fall 2011 Fin 2020 - Retail Accounting 1 NEW Students apply specialized accounting procedures associated with buying and selling goods in a retail system with a credit system and a partnership. Fin 2030 – Retail Accounting 2 NEW Students continue to apply specialized accounting procedures by preparing financial statements, analyzing adjusting and closing entries and completing the accounting cycle for a retail business. F1n2040 – Accounting Software NEW Students learn and demonstrate use of an accounting software package for personal or business use. They will complete transactions and procedures typically used by an individual or a business. Fin 2070 - Payroll Accounting NEW Students gain knowledge for establishing and operating a payroll system. They will use proper terminology and awareness of current rules and regulations of the payroll function.

88 Financial Management Fall 2011 FIN3010 - Advanced Accounting Students apply advanced accounting procedures, including capital assets and uncollectible accounts, used by a variety of businesses. Students also prepare adjustments, using the accrual method of accounting, and examine manufacturing or departmental accounting. FIN3020 - Management Accounting Students examine and explain management accounting, which involves optimizing capital assets for maximum return on investments. Students also examine various internal systems used to safeguard business assets. FIN3060 - Financial Analysis Students use formulas and ratios to evaluate the financial status of business organizations, interpret data, report results and recommend changes based on the analysis.

89 Tourism Welcome, Bienvenue, Willkommen, Bienvenido, ようこそ,~ 환영 TOU1010 - The Tourism Sector Students will be introduced to the organizational structure of the tourism industry at local, provincial, national and global levels. In addition, you will learn about employment opportunities that exist in "Tourism" and have the opportunity to explore relevant occupations. The Tourism Sector is a prerequisite for the majority of courses in this occupational area

90 Legal Studies ADLC has ten Legal Studies courses currently available for students.

91 Legal Studies 1010 – Private Law (Online) Students explore workplace and consumer law with a focus on basic rights and responsibilities at a place of work and the legal aspects of buying, selling and renting goods and services. Prerequisite: None Legal Studies 1020 – Public Law (Online) Students explore the legal relationship between the government and the citizen with an emphasis on criminal law. Prerequisite: None

92 Legal Studies 1030 – Relationship Law (Online) Students learn about laws affecting family members through the use of realistic scenarios and case studies. Prerequisite: None Legal Studies 2010 – Family Law Students examine a broad range of legal issues relating to personal relationships. Prerequisite: None

93 Legal Studies 2020 – Employment Law Students learn about contracts of employment, unions and collective bargaining, employment insurance, and workers’ compensation. Prerequisite: None Legal Studies 2030 – Environmental Law Students identify laws related to the environment and describe how new environmental information affects the law. Students also examine the role of groups and individuals in bringing about changes in environmental law. Prerequisite: None

94 Legal Studies 3010 – Property Law Students identify laws relating to real, personal and intellectual properties and investigate the process of buying and selling real property, and legal implications associated with Internet transactions. Prerequisite: None Legal Studies 3040 – Negligence Students explore the legal meaning of negligence and legal actions relating to negligence. Prerequisite: None

95 Legal Studies 3050 – Small Business Law Students learn about laws relating to starting a business, running a business and ending a business. Students also explore challenging issues that affect small business. Prerequisite: None Legal Studies 3080 – Criminal Law Students examine the criminal justice system, including the criminal process and the roles and responsibilities of the participants. Students also explore challenging issues and law- related careers. Prerequisite: None

96 Management and Marketing ADLC currently offers five Management and Marketing courses. They have been completely evergreened this year and will be offered online as well as in print in September, 2011. There are NO prerequisites for these five courses.

97 Management and Marketing 3010 - The Business Organization This course focuses on organizational structures, management theories, and organizations as working units. Management and Marketing 3020 – Business in the Canadian Economy This course focuses on how business decisions are made within the community; provincially; nationally and internationally

98 Management and Marketing 3030 – Business in the Global Marketplace This course focuses on the opportunities and challenges that confront businesses in the global marketplace. Management and Marketing 3040 - Sales Techniques This course focuses on techniques for successful sales techniques. Management and Marketing 3050 – Distributed Goods & Services This course explores the channels of distribution and modes of transportation used to direct goods from the producer to the consumer.

99 Foundations for Training I REC 1040 - Foundations for Training I will allow students to apply basic training and movement principles to both health and performance related components of fitness training. Students will learn quality fitness activities and will strive to create and develop basic individual fitness plans to achieve goals for health- related and performance-related outcomes. Two Alberta students are videoed modeling quality exercise and fitness training habits under the direction of instructors Fred Jack and Alyson Archibald. Students learn about proper technique and a variety of exercise options to meet any students potential end goal. Prerequisite: None

100 Coaching I REC 2120:Coaching 1 will assist students in learning basic coaching skills common to all sports in the areas of planning and delivering a practice, teaching and learning, and mental skills training related to coaching. Students will develop an appreciation for the role of a coach in community recreation programs. In addition to NCCP core competencies, there are several videos interviewing Alberta coaches who have had tremendous past success coaching and mentoring athletes at each of the school, community, provincial and national level. Students are not required to be active in coaching while taking this course. Upon successful completion of this course, in addition to earning a CTS credit, students will also earn a Level I credential from the NCCP. Prerequisite: None

101 Officiating REC 3130: Officiating is a course that will have students analyze the historical development of at least one sport, including an in-depth analysis of the rules of play related to that sport. Students will analyze the roles and responsibilities of officials in sport and demonstrate officiating skills for a specific sport in simulated scenarios along with actual practices and games. A series of videos is highlighted in this course featuring elite Alberta volleyball and rugby officials. Students do not have to be an active official to take this course. This introductory course is designed for active young officials, those who want to learn more about their sport or those who would like to learn more about what is required to be an official. Prerequisite: None

102 Phys. Ed, Art, CALM

103 Art ADLC currently offer the following Art courses: Art 10, 20 & 30 (print) Art 21 & 31 (print) Art A, B & C (print) Art & Design Studies Website: ADLC Student Artwork Gallery: ADLC Art Blog: ADLC Art Events: Art

104 Career And Life Management Text and CD ROM materials available. CALM is designed to help students make well- informed, thoughtful decisions and choices in all aspects of their lives and to develop behaviors and attitudes contributing to well-being and respect of self and others now and in the future. Online and Print available for Team Teaching.

105 Psychology Print General Psychology 20 Aims to provide students with a general background in psychology, including its history and the principles of learning and thinking NEW Course Overview now included/available Personal Psychology 20 Introduces students to the science of the brain Abnormal Psychology 35 Provides an overview of abnormal behavior and the conditions that afflict individuals in Canadian society. General Sociology 20 Introduces students to group behavior, teaches the meaning of cultural norms, and discusses deviations from these norms. 3 credit courses Please make sure students are using the most current edition of each course

106 Experimental Psychology Online Provides an overview of the process of scientific experimentation in the field of psychology. The course deals with scientific method data display and interpretation, research ethics, research methods the design and completion of a psychological research experiment. *3 credit course

107 Appendix Link to Information on CTS Tiered Funding:

108 KNOWLEDGE & EMPLOYABILITY Online Format Standardized look and feel throughout the courses. Introductory course for first time users into D2L (server). Courses are divided into several themes. Each theme has a thematic evaluation upon completion Every lesson in each course has an audio component to assist student Enhancement tools such as; SuccessMaker and/or Academy of Reading and/or Math. Within the lessons are interactive activities that promote educational understanding.

109 AUDIO audio now available for all the 10-4, 20-4 and 30-4 courses presently working on Social Studies and Science 9- 4 audio all courses will have audio for next year EVERGREENING beginning a major overhaul of 10-4 courses rubrics clean up quizzes re.: consistency, auto-grade, etc

110 – Current K&E Courses Math 10-4, 20-4 Science 10-4, 20-4 Social 10-4, 20-4 English 10-4, 20-4, 30-4 – NEW Science 9 Social Studies 9 Language Arts 9 Mathematics 9 Contact Information: 1-866-774-5333 Helen Hoey (Lead Teacher) ext 7267 Christina Waller ext 5310

111 Elementary / Junior High What’s New in Div. # 1 ? Math for Grades 1 to 3 Hands on interactive learning through, RightStart ™ Math Uses AL Abacus ® (Grouped in 5’s & 10’s) & other manipulatives Provides built in Formative Assessment strategies for instructor Div. 1 Language, Science & Social are currently being developed and will be ready for Sept. 2011

112 Elementary / Junior High What’s New in Div. # 2 ? New Math courses for Grades 4 to 6 Online support @ Interactive Media Pack DVD support Print materials for all 3 grades

113 Elementary / Junior High New Social Studies 6 Online and Print Course Materials Online and Print Text - Voices in Democracy – Action and Participation Interactive DVD support resource Junior High Science and Math What’s New: Math 9 Print Preview / Review 7,8 (9 is being developed)

114 Elementary/Junior High Second Languages We offer: French 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 Spanish 4, 5, 6 Print and Online

115 Please preview our courses at the demo site below. Highlights include: Vivid animations Interactive games Built in glossary with pronunciation Easy to follow module and workbook Ability to blend print and online Student can relate to characters For further information, please contact Stacy Harper, Lead Teacher 1 866 774 533 ext. 6215


117 Lead TeacherCourses TaughtTelephone 1-866-774-5333E-mail Natasha WierengaGrade 1 & 2 Thematic Grade 1 & 2 Math Ext. Heather McMillanGrade 3 Thematic Grade 3 Math Grade 6 LA Grade 6 Math Grade 6 Science Grade 6 Social Studies Ext. Bill WorkunGrade 5 LA Grade 5 Math Grade 5 Science Grade 5 Social Studies Ext. Vanessa MathesonGrade 7 Health Grade 8 LA Grade 8 Health Ext. Barb PhilipsGrade 7 Math Grade 7 Math Mod. Grade 9 Science Ext. Danielle WinterGrade 7 Science Grade 9 Math Grade 9 Math Mod. Ext. Patty RogersonGrade 8 Math Grade 8 Math Mod. Grade 8 Science Ext. Donna KlemmerGrade 8 Social Studies Grade 9 Social Studies Grade 9 Health Ext. Linda BurletGrade 9 LA Phys. Ed. Ext. Isabel RempelPersonalized Learning Christian Education Bible Ext. Stacy HarperAll French/SpanishExt. Sue ReesSuccessmaker & AcademyExt.

118 Course Development Information For latest Course Development Information Contact Jason Wiks

119 15 min Nutrition Break 1:45 – 2:00pm The Rest of the Day… Lunch: 12:00 – 12:45pm First Breakout12:24 – 1:45pm AISILearning Centre What’s New in CTS?Palliser Large Boardroom Enhancement ProgramsADLC VC Meeting Suite Hands-On D2LADLC VC Teaching Suite Self-Help OptionsPalliser VC Suite Team TeachingPalliser Small Boardroom Second Breakout2:00 – 3:00pm K & EPalliser Large Boardroom New in CTS – RECPalliser Small Boardroom Extreme Makeover Div IADLC VC Meeting Suite Hands-On D2LADLC VC Teaching Suite Self-Help OptionsPalliser VC Suite Math – Sr HighLearning Centre

120 Final Items Please remember to complete and submit the survey before you leave for the day. Draw prizes

Download ppt "Welcome to ADLC’s 2011 Partnership Update. ADLC’s new Assistant Superintendent Ray Battochio We welcome Ray and look forward to working with him in the."

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