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You Want to have some drink?

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1 You Want to have some drink?

2 Dasani mineral Water (A product of Coca-Cola)
What is Dasani? What does the name Dasani mean? Is it the "Roman god of water?" When was the Dasani launched? Why not Dasani?

3 Dasani mineral Water Why was Dasani launched?
Need Want Why not Dasani?

4 Dasani mineral Water Where does the water for Dasani come from?
Where can I find Dasani Why not Dasani?

5 Dasani mineral Water What is the Marketing Concept?
- The societal marketing concept Why not Dasani?

6 Dasani mineral Water Internal forces: Company departments
Suppliers departments Marketing Intermediaries Customers Public Why not Dasani?

7 Dasani mineral Water External forces Demographic Economic Natural
Technology Cultural Political Why not Dasani?

8 Dasani mineral Water Consumer behaviour Social Personal
Why not Dasani?

9 Dasani mineral Water Conclusion Thanks Why not Dasani?

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