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Transition Meeting for Upcoming Grade 8s and their families

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1 Transition Meeting for Upcoming Grade 8s and their families
Delview Secondary Transition Meeting for Upcoming Grade 8s and their families

2 Objectives Highlight major differences between elementary and high school. Briefly introduce the graduation requirements. Introduce grade 8 courses and elective choices 9-12 at Delview. Introduce special services offered at Delview. Suggest tips for success at Delview.

3 Differences Between High School and Elementary School
Number of students in Grade 8 Number of teachers Counsellor Pass/Fail by course Cafeteria Teams Independence

4 Number of Grade 8s (30 vs over 100)
Some students are excited. They are eager to build new friendships. Some are worried and may feel that they could get lost in the crowd. What happens if no one likes me? They fear any change in friendships.

5 Number of Teachers Each teacher could have over 200 students.
Students could have 9 or more teachers at one time. Students have to familiarize themselves with the similarities and differences of the routines and expectations of each classroom environment. Communication is key!

6 Who is and what is the role of a Counsellor?
Teacher with extra training (Masters in Counselling Psychology) Assisting with academic concerns Assisting with career concerns Assisting with personal concerns Parental permission is not required to see a Counsellor (this is different from elementary)

7 Referrals Who can refer? How to sign up (slips, drop-in, email)
Self Friends Parents/Family Teachers/Administrators How to sign up (slips, drop-in, ) Emergencies (we have to prioritize)

8 Pass/Fail courses Failure in an academic course will result in repeating the course not the entire Grade 8 year. Students can be recommended for summer school which lasts for four weeks and is free.

9 Cafeteria Students no longer have to eat in their classrooms
The cafeteria is a common eating room. There are a wide variety of healthy food available from an assortment of wraps to sushi. The approximate cost of lunch is between $3.00-$5.00 daily.

10 School Teams Try out system (12-24 students participating)
A smaller population at Delview means the chances of making the school team are greater than larger population schools Wide variety of teams: soccer, basketball, rugby, golf, volleyball, and track and field.

11 Independence Greater freedoms
More responsibilities around meeting deadlines such as handing in assignments and studying for tests Trying to balance and schedule activities

12 2004 Graduation Requirements
2004 Graduation Requirements !! There are rumours of a revised graduation program Must pass: English: up to grade 12 Social Studies: up to grade 11 Science: up to grade 11 Math: up to grade 11 Physical Education: up to grade 10 Will need one Fine Arts or Applied Skills 10, 11, or 12 course (e.g. Foods, Shop, Music, Drama, Computers, Art) Planning 10 leading up to Grad Transitions 12

13 Graduation Continued……
Minimum 80 Credits Needed to Graduate Each course is 4 credits A minimum of 16 credits must be at the Grade 12 level (includes Language Arts 12)

14 Grade 8 Program English 8 Science 8 Math 8 Social Studies 8 PE 8
Lifeskills 8 Fine Arts 8 French 8 (or Strategies for Learning)

15 Career Development Programs
See Mr. Prideaux in Career Centre Tech Stretch Apprenticeship Program ACE -IT Work Experience Program

4 OR 5 OF: Visual Arts, Music, Dance, Drama, Media GRADE 9-12 COURSES, may include: Visual Arts (Drawing and Painting, Ceramics & Sculpture) Media Arts Film & Television Graphic Design & Photography Yearbook Design* Computer Animation *after school

17 Performing Arts Fine Arts 8 rotation (includes Drama 8 portion, may include Dance 8) Drama *Theatre Production *Directing & Scriptwriting 11 & 12 *Theatre Company *After school

18 Music Fine Arts 8 rotation (includes music portion)
*Beginning Band 8/9 *Junior Band 8-10 *Senior Band 9-12 Guitar Choral Music/Musical Theatre *morning practices 7:15-8:20 (Tues/Fri) & 1 45-min sectional after school/week

19 APPLIED SKILLS: Home Economics
Applied Skills 8 rotation: 4 or 5 of: Foods, Metalwork, Woodwork, Information Technology (computers), Textiles Foods & Nutrition 9 – 12 Textiles 9-10 Family Studies 11-12

20 Business Education Applied Skills rotation (includes Information Technology 8) Business Education 10 Marketing 11 & 12 Accounting 11 & 12 Entrepreneurship 12 Economics 12 Keyboarding 9 & 11 Information Technology 9 & 10 Applied Digital Communications 11 Information and Communications Technology 11 & 12

21 Technology Education Applied Skills rotation (includes Wood & Metal 8)
Woodwork 9 & 10; Carpentry & Joinery 11 & 12 Aboriginal Studies: Creative Woodwork Electronics Power Technology 9/10 Metal Fabrication & Machining Metal Art 12 Drafting

22 Courses & Programs (Grade 8 – 12) Student Services
Learning Assistance Learning Disabilities ELL Aboriginal Support Gifted Support Peer Tutoring 10-12 Library 11 Lifeskills Program Social Learning Program

23 Extra-curricular Activities
Student Organizing Committee (SOC) Theatre Production, Entertainment Nights Fine Arts Night Multicultural Club: Global Village Bhangra Club, Intramurals Globe Trotters - travel We Committee

24 Success at Delview…………
Establish a homework routine early. Encourage your child to use his/her agenda on a daily basis. Open communication with the school staff Encourage your child to be involved in school activities.

25 What now? Please READ the course selection booklet available
through school website ( “Parents” tab—”Course Planning” Please help your son/daughter complete on line course selection after we’ve visited them at their school and given them a course selection form. Counsellors will be visiting elementary schools in late Feb. and May. We will be working on the transition process with Grade 7 teachers. Please visit the school website for more information

26 TIME TO PICK COURSES All registration will be done through
Parent Connect on the “Pck Crs” tab. It is open now and closes on March 14. Follow the links from the Delview website: Log-in using current password (see your school office if you don’t know how.

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