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Club Forum 2010/2011 Rotary Year July 19, 2010 1.

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1 Club Forum 2010/2011 Rotary Year July 19, 2010 1

2 Officers  Rick Meuller (President)  Tim Quinn (President-Elect)  Jim Evans (Vice President)  Mike Benson (Secretary)  Jack Lintner (Treasurer) Directors  Patricia Peterson (Administrative Service Director)  Frank Gonzalez (Community Service Director) New  Joe Britton (Vocational Service Director)  Angeles Emory (International Service Director)  Al Chariton (Public Relations) Non-voting Board Members  Lou Kuttner (Sgt-at-Arms)  Bruce Dockter (Foundation Chair) 2

3  Net increase 1 % (threshold) 2% (objective)  Club meetings to promote Rotary  Help achieve an outstanding DG Conference!  Ensure every Rotarian is invited to participate in club activities  Conduct literacy and education projects  Promote Understanding of International Goals of Rotary  Speaker Gifts to Boys and Girls Club 3

4  Hold weekly attendance consistently above 75%  Build a Club Photo/Information Directory  Continue to personalize and promote the induction ceremony of new members  Target new members for involvement in leadership positions or volunteer activities to “cement” their support to the Rotary effort local and world-wide! 4

5  The Administrative Service committee is responsible for all actions Rotarians must take within the club to help it function successfully. This includes:  Lunch meetings (meals, guest speakers, songs, pledges, 4 Way Tests, invocations)  Other events (dine-arounds, holiday dinner, installation dinner)  Weekly club bulletin  Media relations (press releases)  ‘Sunshine’ efforts  50/50 drawing for scholarships 5

6  Perform tasks necessary for the club to function: meetings, programs, dinners, picnic, etc.  Hold a Rotary seminar/program dedicated to recruiting new members.  Encourage incoming officers and all members to attend PETS, district assembly, district Rotary Foundation seminar, and/or district conference.  Highlight our club’s service to the community by conducting regular outreach to the media. 6

7  Patricia Peterson (Director)  Chuck Potucek (Programs/Speakers)  Phil Tucker (Publicity & Public Relations)  Kevin Peterson ( Photographer)  Rich Besselman (Weekly Bulletin Organizer)  Corporal-at-Arms (50/50 drawing sales) 7

8  The Community Service committee is responsible for all service activities the club undertakes to improve the quality of life for in our local community. This includes:  4th of July Celebration  Dictionaries for Students Project  Thesaurus Project  Hands of Love (House Painting)  Buena HS Project Graduation Program  Other programs/needs as they become known 8

9  Make a positive difference in the lives of those near us  Continue our trademark support of 4th of July events  Support efforts to donate dictionaries to 3 rd graders  Thesaurus Project for 7 th graders  Project Graduation for the High School  Support our Soldiers and their families  In spring, consider participating in Hands of Love House Painting  During Holiday season, support the Salvation Army with Turkey Carvers and Bell Ringers  On call helping hands whenever and wherever! 9

10  Randy Sueskind- Director and 4th of July Coordinator  Frank Gonzales– Dictionaries for Students Program  Elsie McMillan – Buena HS Project Graduation 10

11  Mike Strange – Event Director  Randy Sueskind – Asst. Event Director (Will take over in 2011)  Rich Besselman - Master of Ceremonies at Stone Complex  Pat Call - Fireworks Show  Susie Rice - Entertainment  Les Orchekowsky - Novelty Sales and Gate Donations  KJ Wigton – Hot Dog and Beverage Booths  John O’Neill – Beer Booth  Bob Fusco – Chili Cook Off  Tim Cervantes – Fund Raising  Randy Sueskind – Vendors  Bob Strain – Noon Ceremony  Al Chariton – Public Relations  Jack Lintner – Accounting  Ken Kimmel – Safety/Security/Parking  Bill Miller – VIP Coordinator 11

12  The Vocational Service committee functions include promoting high ethical standards in business & professions, recognizing the worthiness of all useful occupations, and recognizing those employed or studying to enter these occupations. This includes:  Employee of the Month program  Student of the Month program  Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA)  4-Way Test Speech Contest 12

13  Initiate a new program that recognizes community members who’ve made outstanding professional achievements while maintaining high ethical standards.  Sustain our program that encourages Rotary Members to share their professional experiences (Exempt Badge).  Continue to recognize outstanding employers and employees that exemplify the ethics and integrity of RI by maintaining the Employee of the Month Program.  Organize a special vocational month service activity during Vocational Service Month (October) 13

14  Continue recognizing literacy and education in the community by maintaining the Student of the Month Program.  Encourage club members to share information on RI and the club’s activities in their place of business and professional organizations.  Participate in the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) Program.  Continue participation in the 4-Way Test Speech Contest.  Participate in opportunities for youth career mentoring. 14

15  Joe Britton (Director)  Vacant (Employee of the Month)  Nancy Montgomery (Student of the Month)  TBD (Rotary Youth Leadership Award)  TBD (4-Way Test Contest) 15

16  The International Service committee undertakes those activities to advance international understanding, goodwill and peace by getting acquainted with people of other countries, their cultures, customs, accomplishments, aspirations and problems, and through cooperation in all club activities and projects – including those of the Rotary Foundation – that will help people in other lands, with particular emphasis on Mexico. 16

17  Develop better local cross-border friendship between more people in the clubs  Maintain and improve relationships  Undertake appropriate projects (Gardening, Backpacks, Bikes 4 Better Grades, Orphanage, etc)  Consider further development of other International Activities, including GSE Program and Student Exchange  Improve Member Awareness of International Service 17

18  Angeles Emory (Director)  Edward Bottomley  Jeff Emory  Other club members dependent on the project 18

19  Get Weekly article about Rotary into the Local Newspaper (Sierra Vista Herald)  Advertise” the Fourth of July Celebration and other important Rotary events in the newspaper.  Thank participants, sponsors and donors for Rotary events with follow-up letters to the editor in the newspaper. 19

20  $2,000 from the Club for Rotary’s $200 Million Challenge Goal for Polio Eradication  Annual Program Fund Goal = $10,000, avg $125 per member  One new Benefactor 20

21  Boys and Girls Club  Cowboy Poets and Music Gathering  Forgach House  Habitat for Humanity  Good Neighbor Alliance  Red Cross  United Way  Others based on approval of board(s) 21

22  The Sierra Vista Rotary Club will continue a proud record of service in support of the principles of Rotary International 22

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