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What Do You Need ? To Feel Alive. What Do You Need ? Right Now.

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1 What Do You Need ? To Feel Alive

2 What Do You Need ? Right Now

3 What Do You Need ? To Feel Powerful

4 What Do You Need ? To Feel Free

5 What Do You Need ? To Have Fun

6 What Do You Need ? To Feel Like You Belong

7 What Do You Need ? RIGHT NOW

8 Right Now You need them ALL

9 This climber has his life in his hands…. RIGHT NOW POWERFUL Can anything be more….

10 …or Feel more FREE

11 We need the Freedom to do what we want…. RIGHT NOW

12 The Freedom to speak out

13 Right Now This is powerful

14 Right Now So is this Which leads to this

15 Right Now Education is Powerful

16 Right Now It Feels Good To be Good at Something

17 Right Now It Feels Great To be The Best

18 Right Now We need to feel like we belong….

19 Right Now They Belong And that’s all they need Right now

20 Right Now There are over 600 million internet devices in use… 600 million internet devices in use…

21 Right Now 230,000 new users signed up for My Space Today There were 60 million visitors in 2006

22 Right Now 60 Million people Looking to Belong

23 Since September 2005 there were over 150 Million visitors to Connecting TOThe world RIGHT NOW

24 Right Now Billions of Dollars are spent by people on technology Just so they can stay Connected To Other People

25 Right Now We Need Freedom and to Feel Powerful And Belong

26 Right Now We Also Need To Play and Have Fun

27 Right Now Tiger Woods’ annual salary including endorsements is estimated at $80.3 Million Dollars That’s a lot of money to play golf

28 Right Now Peyton Manning is playing Football And is getting paid $42 Million to play.

29 Right Now The Video Game Industry Is making 10 BILLION DOLLARS A year

30 10 Billion Dollars TO PLAY TO PLAY

31 It’s what's happening because it’s what we NEED Right Now

32 What are you Waiting For?

33 You Know What you Need and You’re not alone….. 6.6 Billion people have the same needs

34 Welcome to the Planet Welcome to Existence

35 Everyone’s Here

36 How many people know the best way to meet their needs? And how many Don’t?

37 What Happens next?

38 There are over 9 Million people In Prisons worldwide Right Now Right Now their needs aren’t being met

39 In North America Right Now 50% of all new marriages End in Divorce

40 Suicide is the second leading cause of death in young people in Canada In a recent national survey…… 250,000 young people aged 15-24 had suicidal thoughts in the past year

41 Every Year people lose their life to suicide. How many……? Eight Hundred Thousand, worldwide….give up the fight..but some don’t

42 Welcome to Resistance THE TENSION IS HERE

43 Between who you are and who you could be

44 Between how it is…. …and how it should be

45 Every Year the standard of living improves We have more and more…. FoodEntertainmentClothingConveniencesHousingElectronicsStuff

46 And Yet….. With all that….. Recent surveys indicate that people are just as unsatisfied with their lives…. ….as they were 10 years ago, 20 years ago, 30 years ago……

47 What’s Missing?

48 The Power of Knowledge

49 Knowledge of What you Need And Finding a Healthy way to meet that need…..

50 You Can Choose to Meet your needs in different ways… Will you meet your need for freedom this way?

51 Or this way….

52 Power How will you meet yours? OR

53 It’s your choice

54 Right Now You Know DARE YOU TO MOVE !

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