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Scouts Canada – Chinook Council

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1 Scouts Canada – Chinook Council
Annual Report

2 A Message from the Chinook Council
Looking back on the Scouting year, Chinook Council can be proud of many accomplishments. We made a positive impact on the lives of more than 7,200 young people across Southern Alberta, supported by a dedicated team of more than 3,600 volunteers and a small corps of employees. For the fifth time in six years, we increased the number of youth who participated in Scouting. Chinook had almost 800 Scouts and Scouters participate in the Canadian Scout Jamboree at Camp Woods and hosted 169 pre and post-Jamboree visitors to Camp Gardner. We also supported the Senator Buchanan Winter Adventure and outdoor experiences like: Iron Scout, Cub-o-Rama, Survivorman Challenge, Tom Pratt Camp, Great Escape, Scoutrees, Area soap box derbies. Members also participated in the 14th World Scout Moot.    Thank you for all you have done and will continue to do to support Scouting in Southern Alberta. Yours in Scouting, Tracey Stock Spencer Janke Doug MacDonald Council Commissioner Council Youth Commissioner Council Executive Director To meet the rest of the Council Service Team, please visit TRACEY IS WRITING THE INTRODUCTION

2013 Canadian Scout Jamboree – Camp Woods, Sylvan Lake, Alberta SPENCER We’ll highlight the success of CJ with some of the stats above THE NUMBERS TELL THE STORY OF CJ 2013 7 Days of sunshine, 29 Challenging Programs 638 Patrols – Scouts, Scouters with Patrols 1,520 Jamboree volunteers (including 675 teenagers) Total participants = 6, % from Alberta 600 Visitors, 450 Cub Scout Day attendees

4 at the Bert Sheppard Scout Reservation
Fun Friends, Adventure, Challenge at the Bert Sheppard Scout Reservation 2,600 Scouts and 893 Scouters joined in adventures at Camps Apistotoke, Gardner and Impeesa 6,535 Scouting camper days Summer Scouting camper days 5,829 community group camper days. SPENCER Mike is getting us a short list of camping and outdoor hightlights including growth in summer camp participation

5 Bert Sheppard Scout Reservation
Pre and Post-Jamboree Tours Organized for the fist time in Canada 169 Participants from across Canada experienced more of Alberta than just the Jamboree! SPENCER Mike is getting us a short list of camping and outdoor hightlights including growth in summer camp participation

6 Fun with a purpose Scouts of all ages have fun and learn at activities throughout the year Kids in Scouts have fun adventures discovering new things and experiences they wouldn’t have anywhere else. Soap Box Derbies, Kub Kar Rallies and activities like Survivorman also help Scouts of all ages learn skills that will help them throughout their lives. Spencer We’ll have a brief piece from the national annual report talking about what the Scouts Canada youth spokesperson program is doing

7 Do a Good Turn Every Day During Good Turn Week in April, thousands Of Scouts across Canada got together to do a good turn for someone else. Here, Council Youth Commissioner Spencer Janke and the Council Youth Network make sandwiches for the Mustard Seed in Calgary. TRACEY We’ll highlight Introducing area interview teams to help groups get leaders ready to serve in 30 days. Increased participation in on-line training Deciding to provide Scoutstracker to every section to help them effectively manage their programs more easily Continuing to focus on regular in-person support to every group Surpassing the national target for volunteer recognition

8 Avalanche Safety Training
A Commitment to Safety First Aid Training 74 Scouts and Scouts completed Standard and Wilderness First Aid Working with Inside Out Adventures, we are now able to provide affordable first aid training. Avalanche Safety Training 154 Scouts and Scouters learned about avalanche safety at the Senator Buchanan Winter Adventure at Camp Impeesa in February. TRACEY We expanded our partnership with Inside Out Adventures to offer affordable first aid training. The slide will show training results including the number of trainers and participants Safety is important to us – we icontinune to include avalanche awareness training at Senator Buchanan and I’ll have more about the partnership with Alberta Hunter Education.

9 Scouts Canada puts a youthful foot forward
Hannah and Michael from Chinook Council represent Scouts Canada as Youth Spokesperson. Since the launch of the program in 2010, Scouts Canada youth from across the country have shared their passion for Scouting with the country through hundreds of media interviews and campaigns that focus on Registration, the Uniform Launch, Good Turn Week, Canadian Scout Jamboree and Camping Skills. You can read some of those stories here. Spencer We’ll have a brief piece from the national annual report talking about what the Scouts Canada youth spokesperson program is doing

10 Scouters are the Narrators of the Journey.
Volunteer Support Scouters are the Narrators of the Journey. The Youth are the ones who decide to "Challenge the Dragon" or "Go for the Loot.“ More than 3600 volunteers give their time every week 1/3 of our Scouters are new volunteers every year The 3 main reasons people become Scouters – they are parents of Scouts, they are former Scouters or the sponsors of their Scout group asked them 766 volunteers completed basic training – 685 took advantage of our new on-line learning resources TRACEY We continued our successful Good Turn Week project to reinforce that Scouting is about helping others

11 Volunteer Recognition
27% of Volunteers received an award for Outstanding Service in 2013 1264 Outstanding Service Awards – including 8 Silver Acorns (the highest award to a Canadian Scouter) In addition, Scouters were recognized for: 2 Awards for Fortitude 1 Certificate of Gallantry 3 Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medals 372 long service pins 75 Long Service Medals – for 10 years of faithful, effective service 23 Other Awards TRACEY We continued our successful Good Turn Week project to reinforce that Scouting is about helping others

12 We continue to grow! For the fifth time in 6 years, the Chinook Council grew. Participation grew in both year-round programs (Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Venturers and Rovers) as well as our short term programs. Families agree, Scouting is the start of something great! SPENCER WE’LL HAVE THE CENSUS FOR LAST YEAR ON THIS PAGE SHOWING MODEST GROWTH IN YOUTH PARTICIPATION

13 We continue to grow! 2011-12 2012-13 Change
Change Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Venturers, Rovers 6,889 7,009 120 Scoutsabout, Extreme Adventure, Schools & Scouting 196 221 25 Scouters 3,167 3,603 436 TOTAL 10,227 10,969 742 SPENCER WE’LL HAVE THE CENSUS FOR LAST YEAR ON THIS PAGE SHOWING MODEST GROWTH IN YOUTH PARTICIPATION

14 Beaver Scout Colonies that grew
271st Copperfield-New Brighton 210th McKenzie 264th Somerset-Bridlewood “B” 401st Woodcreek 1st Standard 175th Whitehorn 242nd Rocky Ridge/Royal Oak 'A' Colony 31st St. Cyprian's 1st Crowsnest Colony 4th Elks Triwood 75th Calgary Fish Creek 20th Ogden 85th Lakeview United Church 253rd South Heritage 1st Bow Valley/Langdon 101st Glendale 251st Chaparral 'B' 239th Northern Hills 10th Calgary Sara Hall 1st Olds 169th Bowmont 2nd Airdrie 1st Crossfield 1st Banff 1st Oilfields/Turner Valley 1st Priddis 15th Lethbridge 108th St. Bernadette 1st Claresholm 148th Oakridge 1st Irricana 236th Penbrooke Meadows 257th Elbow Valley 719th NE Properties 245th Arbour Lake 1st Nanton 1st Brooks 86th Woodcliff United Church 273rd Al-Iman 159th Silver Springs - Scenic Acres

15 Cub Scout Packs that grew
1st Crowsnest 8th Raymond LDS 44th Lethbridge 245th Arbour Lake 4th Elks Triwood 267th L.D.S. Chaparral Ward 36th Lethbridge 18th ANAFV 1st Bow Island 1st Airdrie 75th Calgary Fish Creek 1st Bow Valley/Langdon 7th Airdrie 1st Magrath 19th Medicine Hat 222nd LDS Richmond Ward 2nd Taber LDS 261st L.D.S. Tuscany 5th Raymond 73rd LDS 4th Ward 246th L D S Panorama Ward 719th NE Properties 3rd Magrath 1st Barnwell LDS 2nd Brooks 215th Strathcona Thursday 215th Strathcona Tuesday 4th Coaldale 1st Taber LDS 1st Cardston 242nd Rocky Ridge/Royal Oak 86th Woodcliff United Church 144th Lake Bonavista 1st Vauxhall LDS 3rd Taber LDS 4th Magrath 1st Brooks 167th Parkland 2nd Barnwell LDS 4th Airdrie 4th Raymond 6th Cardston 1st DeWinton LDS 46th Lethbridge Heritage LDS 1st Olds 264th Somerset-Bridlewood 7th Raymond LDS 206th L.D.S. Sunridge 108th St. Bernadette's 1st Cochrane 26th Lethbridge Henderson LDS 101st Glendale 263rd L.D.S. Cranston 159th Silver Springs - Scenic Acres

16 Cub Scout Packs that grew
273rd Al-Iman 2nd Fort Macleod 2nd High River L.D.S. 1st Mountain View 238th L.D.S. Crescent View 39th Lethbridge 288th Calgary Chinese 7th Cardston 239th Northern Hills 3rd Claresholm 211th LDS 5th Ward 2nd Coutts 1st Banff 48th Lethbridge LDS 1st Carstairs 268th LDS Evergreen 1st Nanton 181st L.D.S. Midnapore 1st Didsbury 175th Whitehorn 1st Oilfields/Turner 271st Copperfield-New Brighton 1st Okotoks 22nd LDS Heritage Ward 10th Calgary Sara Hall 2nd Okotoks L.D.S. 221st L.D.S. Rockyview Ward 38th Simons Creek 252nd Hon Viet 52nd L.D.S. Woodbine Ward 1st Spring Coulee 12th Lethbridge LDS

17 Scout Troops that grew 267th L.D.S. Chaparral 245th Arbour Lake
1st Oilfields/Turner Valley 248th LDS Somerset Ward 1st Okotoks 3rd Raymond 14th Lethbridge 118th St. Andrew's Church 243rd Tuscany 1st Lethbridge Coulee Ridge LDS 1st Barnwell LDS 184th L.D.S. Chestermere 2nd Pincher Creek 210th McKenzie 191st L.D.S. Prairie Winds Ward 231st L.D.S. Sundance 2nd Stirling 10th Calgary Sara Hall 203rd Ismaili 1st Olds 216th L.D.S. Shawnessy Ward 288th Calgary Chinese 104th Centre Street Church 1st Canmore 401st Woodcreek 149th Dover 6th St Barnabas' Church 222nd LDS Richmond Ward 1st Crossfield 211th LDS 5th Ward 6th Cardston ' 1st Carstairs 1st Cochrane 'A' 31st St. Cyprian's 1st Welling 1st High River 84th L.D.S. Bow Valley Ward 1st Banff 2nd Raymond 2nd Strathmore LDS 18th Medicine Hat 255th LDS Royal Oak Ward 7th Raymond LDS 5th Okotoks LDS 2nd Brooks 1st Chestermere 24th Lethbridge Legacy LDS 224th Sandstone Valley 172nd Queensland 11th Medicine Hat 2nd Taber LDS

18 Scout Troops that grew 2nd High River L.D.S. 4th Raymond '
1st Didsbury 85th Lakeview United Church 5th Magrath 169th Bowmont 206th L.D.S. Sunridge Ward 12th Lethbridge LDS 221st L.D.S. Rockyview Ward 219th Portuguese Scouts 47th Lethbridge Chinook LDS 261st L.D.S. Tuscany Ward 19th L.D.S. 2nd Ward 207th St. Patrick's 1st Strathmore 238th L.D.S. Crescent View Spanish 20th Ogden 19th Medicine Hat 4th Elks Triwood 268th LDS Evergreen Ward 1st Aetna 6th Airdrie 1st Cardston 1st Balzac 2nd Cardston 1st Irricana 1st Spring Coulee ' 5th Airdrie Adventure 147th L.D.S. 8th Ward 2nd LDS Cochrane Ward

19 Venturer Scout Companies that grew
1st FACES Extreme Adventure 214th Hawkwood 252nd Hon Viet 1st Aetna 1st Stirling 1st Bow Valley/Langdon 4th Airdrie 7th Cardston 2nd High River L.D.S. 186th Ranchlands/Crowchild 1st Spring Coulee 2nd Stirling 52nd L.D.S. Woodbine 20th Medicine Hat 4th Magrath 144th Lake Bonavista 85th Lakeview United Church 4th Cardston 13th Lethbridge LDS 101st Glendale 203rd Ismaili Scout Group 3rd Raymond 2nd Taber LDS 47th Lethbridge Chinook LDS 222nd LDS Richmond Ward 6th Magrath 46th Lethbridge Heritage LDS 5th Magrath 19th L.D.S. 2nd Ward 36th Lethbridge 251st Chaparral 264th Somerset-Bridlewood 262nd L.D.S. Coventry 216th L.D.S. Shawnessy 268th LDS Evergreen Ward 5th Okotoks LDS 1st Glenwood 73rd LDS 4th Ward 18th Army Navy Air Force Vets ' 215th Strathcona Venturer 2nd Magrath 127th Huntington Hills 165th LDS Valley View Ward 193rd Edgemont 192nd L.D.S. Canyon Creek 1st Strathmore 6th Airdrie 267th L.D.S. Chaparral 210th McKenzie 1st Bow Island 1st Olds 184th L.D.S. Chestermere 2nd Okotoks L.D.S. 2nd Brooks 5th Airdrie Adventure

20 Venturer Scout Companies that grew
1st Canmore 2nd Coutts 199th Beddington Heights 147th L.D.S. 8th Ward 2nd Lethbridge LDS ' 239th Northern Hills 255th LDS Royal Oak Ward 3rd Taber LDS 246th L D S Panorama Ward 84th L.D.S. Bow Valley Ward 44th Lethbridge 38th Simons Creek 1st Rosemary 48th Lethbridge LDS 58th Thorncliffe/Greenview 1st Cardston 231st L.D.S. Sundance Ward 7th Airdrie 4th Raymond LDS 191st L.D.S. Prairie Winds 7th Raymond LDS 36th Crossroads 14th Lethbridge 104TH Centre Street Church

21 The flood affected many communities in Southern Alberta
The flood of 2013 The flood affected many communities in Southern Alberta It caused extensive damage at Camp Gardner and affected communities supporting many Scouting groups, including High River, Canmore, Turner Valley, Black Diamond, Calgary, Crowsnest Pass, Pincher Creek, the Siksika Nation, Lethbridge, & Medicine Hat TRACEY A report on the past year has to include the impact of the flood This slide will be a brief overview of the impact across the council

22 The flood of 2013 The 10th Calgary lost the historic Sara Scout Hall. Rebuilding the Sara Hall is now being lead by Empire Custom Homes.  Support from across Chinook Council and from Telus, empowered the 1st High River to participate in CJ'13 despite the destruction of their hall and loss of personal equipment.  TRACEY A report on the past year has to include the impact of the flood This slide will be a brief overview of the impact across the council

23 The flood at Camp Gardner
Thanks to tremendous efforts of our staff and volunteers and the community, including the LDS Relief Society, and a work crew from Schlumberger Canada (Red Deer) through YYC Helps, we were able to have Camp Gardner operational by July 1st for its summer program including our pre and post Jamboree tours. The pool was destroyed. Two longhouses, the obstacle course and the Nature Centre were lost.  Katimavik and 2 service buildings needed repairs. TRACEY A report on the past year has to include the impact of the flood This slide will be a brief overview of the impact across the council

24 The flood at Camp Gardner
Equipment strewn through the forest was recovered, repaired, and returned to service. Collicutt Lodge, 3 longhouses, the archery range, and the Ceremonial Campfire were undamaged. Gardner will continue to support great, safe Scouting adventures for many more years.

25 Camp Gardner Rebuild We have much to rebuild. The Nature Centre and Obstacle Course were destroyed by the flood and many areas in the camp were changed forever by the flood. We will be working to plan the future of the camp this coming year. Once we have the final settlement from our insurer we will be working with the Alberta Government and the Red Cross to investigate our funding options to rebuild the camp. We will have to work with the County of Rocky View and Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resources to plan where structures will be located.

26 FINANCIAL REPORT Please visit to download a copy of the annual financial statements and read frequently asked questions about the statements.

27 Balance Sheet Thousands of $ August 31, 2013 August 31, 2012 Change
Current Assets 994.8 1406.6 -411.8 Investments 91.5 0.0 Capital Assests 646.5 724.5 -78.0 Total Assets 1732.8 2222.6 -489.8 Liabilities 695.6 1299.0 -603.4 Fund Balance 1037.2 923.6 113.6 TOTAL LIABILITIES & FUND BALANCE Ako Key Changes to the Balance Sheet are: Slightly more cash on hand at end of year Slightly lower accounts receivable Scout Popcorn incentives liability (due to change in legislation)– we will need to create a policy to write off these Scoutbucks over time Despite deficit, we increased asset replacement reserve The major change in our assets came with a timing change on when membership fee revenue is due to the National Operation of Scouts Canada reducing cash on hand and liabilities.

28 Statement of Operations
$ thousands August 31, 2013 August 31, 2012 Change Revenue 2788.0 2688.6 99.4 Expenditure 2698.6 2787.1 -88.5 Gain on disposal of assets 1 -1.0 Write down of Capital Assets (flood damage) 29.5 Excess on Disaster recovery expenses 10.2 Allowance for unredeemed Scoutbucks 63.8 Surplus/deficiency 113.5 -97.5 211.0 Ako Key Changes to the Statement of Operations include Significant drop in Popcorn sales Despite membership drop, fees increased Camp revenue declined – 2011 revenues included Helaman’s Encampment Modest growth in grant revenue

29 Where the money comes from
As you can see, our biggest source of revenue is the annual popcorn sale followed by membership fees and camping.

30 Where the money is spent

31 Chinook Scout Foundation
The annual financial statement is posted on . August 31, 2013 August 31, 2012 Assets Current Assets $141,640 $119,505 Cash surrender value of life insurance 18,253 17,753 Investments 5,026,571 4,861,766 TOTAL ASSETS 5,186,464 4,999,025 Liabilities Current liabilities 156,743 137,882 Net Assets Unrestricted 4,979,721 4,861,143 Restricted 50,000 GREG KURAN GREG HAS HIS MESSAGE READY

32 How the Scout Foundation helps
Camping – The foundation contributes $27.36 per youth member to help operated the Bert Sheppard Scout Reservation which includes Camps Apistotoke, Gardner and Impeesa Group & Area Support – $18.75 per youth member is contributed to help support our Area Support Teams, Area Support Managers, the Council Youth Network and the Child & Youth Safety Team. These funds also help us start new groups and initiate outreach projects like the Calgary Young Offender Centre and Woods Homes. Volunteer Support – The Foundation grant provides $7.75 per volunteer to subsidize volunteer screening, training and recognition. Without the grant, we could pay for police record checks, Wood Badge 1 woggles for e- learners or provide outstanding service awards. No One Left Behind families wouldn’t be able to afford to join Scouting without the support of our Foundation. The grant pays for membership fees, uniforms and activity fees. GREG KURAN GREG HAS HIS MESSAGE READY

33 Thank you 2013 Gardner Club Breakfast Sponsors
Macquarie Group Foundation Al Lennox Nexen Inc. Lou MacEachern Westjet First Student Canada Ask the donors to stand and ask everybody to shake their hands.

34 2013 Gardner Club Breakfast donors
N. Murray Edwards Charitable Foundation B'nai Brith Calgary Lodge No. 816 Stanley Weber Bowness Road Investment Corp Brawn Family Foundation Secure Energy Services Inc. ARC Resources Ltd. Richard Haskayne McLennan Ross LLP Marg Southern TransCanada Pipelines Ltd. Bonavista Energy Corporation FirstEnergy Capital Corp FMC Technologies Canada Ltd. FGL Sports Ltd. Donald Campbell John Armstrong Professional Corporation Woodridge Ford Lincoln RBC Foundation Alcom Investments Ltd. Atlas Concrete Inc. Louie Marchesin Derek Martin John Cranston The CRN Group Edward Ostrowski Scott Beaton JF Forget Lorne Larson Nose Creek Forest Products Corp Bancor Inc. Don Snyder Jack Williams George Brookman Paul Edwards Paul Gagnon Mawer Investment Management David Bannatyne Darlene Ward Joey's Seafood Restaurant John Sparks Barbara Brookes Glen Hammerlindl Carolyn Phillips David Fettig Ralph Garrett Robert Iverach Gregory Kuran Tracey Stock Walter Chayka Cheryl Cohen Doug McPhee Peregine General Pest Control Inc. R. W, Thompson Professional Corporation Walter Shoults Sigma Exploration Inc. Jerry Spevako Tresoor Financial Services Al Lennox Ajit Silas Bruce Watson Neville Wells Jack Crawford Debbie Degenstein Gord Ellison Eric Keyser Maurice Shevalier Steve Conquergood Bob Pearson Doris Kutrowski John Carswell FMC Technologies Canada Ltd. Brian Hook Little Red Inc. SAGE Investment Advisors Ernest Seguin Thomas Yanota Martha Cohen Ask the donors to stand and ask everybody to shake their hands.

35 2013 Foundaton Felloship Donors
Scott Beaton Gregory Kuran Lorne & Pat Larson Leigh & Barbara Cotterill Marg Southern Eric Haffenden John & Mary Cranston Robert Riley Douglas MacDonald Harry & Martha Cohen Foundation John Armstrong Sarah Birdsey-Bailey Duane Bailey

36 Chinook Scout Foundation supporters
Kids+ Other Chinook Scout Foundation Donors John Armstrong John & Elsie Collins Foundation Penn West Petroleum Ltd. Mike Bingley Thomas Whittingham Colin Cook Scott Beaton Larry Adams Grace Belzner Ralph Garrett Cheryl Cohen Barbara Vincent Evelyn Kelly The employees of Fluor Canada were the lead donor for the Kids+ campaign that helped 500 families afford to join Scouting.

37 2013 Council Donors Robert Schwartzenberger Brent King Tracey Stock
Walt Matthies Blue Collar Temps David Forbes Maunders McNeil Foundation Inc. Corey Olynik Michael Strachey Victor Fournel Robert Dickson Tracee Collins Gran Tierra Energy Inc. Michael Bingley EPCOR Energy Alberta Inc. Canadian Tire Association Store #302 Penn West Petroleum Ltd. Jack Grant Douglas MacDonald Daniel Woods Gordon Ellison Denny May Glenbriar Technologies Inc. John Hind Harold Wyatt Robert Bartlett Wards Rentals Ltd. ATCO Power Ltd. Larry Yasman Pat Fawcett ATCO Gas Jody Saunders Irene Harris Wayne Krywolt Leanne Wilson

38 2013 Donors to our Groups Medicine Hat Community View Lions Club
Army, Navy & Air Force Veterans Alberta Ltd. KCJ Mechanics Ltd. TransCanada Pipelines Ltd. Woodridge Ford Lincoln E-Treme Packaging Services Inc. ConocoPhillips Canada Resources Corp Devon Canada Corporation Yu Wang Scott Beaton Desmond Lai L. Crichton Kinsmen Club of Okotoks Worley Parsons Kelly Johnson Westburne West Enbridge Pipelines Inc. Alberta Ltd. Apache Canada Ltd. Medicine Hat Community View Lions Club Darren Scheirman Professional Corporation Cenovus Energy Inc. Tracy Parker Alberta Ltd. FYI Eye Care Services & Products Inc. EnCana Corporation Marvin Smith Golder Associates Ltd. High Park Industrial Construction Inc. John Motyer Timbercraft Renovations Inc. TDG Resources Ltd. Manulife Financial Dorothy Caine Shell Canada Ltd. Precision Hyundai Big M Ford Lincoln Ltd. First Calgary Trevor Stensby George Simpson Scotiabank Alberta Ltd. Donald Wakelam Imperial Oil Limited Alykhan Merani Ray Burridge Focus Corporation Robert Evans Paul O'Gorman Nexen Inc. Greg Dennis Brent Jones Teck Coal Limited Johanna Kortenschyl-Allan Albert Haynes Export Development Canada Jeremy Satnik James Owen RBC Foundation Sian Weaver Michael Prime Montgomery Power Management Inc. High River Block Parent Program Herbert Stroh Michael Brown Fidelity Investments Canada Ltd. Stantec Consulting Ltd. Bradley Krusky Shaw Communications David Simpson Marc Savoie Telus Badin Consulting Ltd. RBC Royal Bank

39 2013 Donors to our Groups Wallace McGruther Robert Kotler
Caryle Schroeder Clotilda Agbojo Matthew Gibb Spring Hill Chiropractic Donna Wood G Alexander Richard Allen Jaime Easdon Dustin Berhara Dr. Derek Shaw Prof Corp Paul deRosenoil Maggie Lindsay Lisa Cao Diane Carter Colleen Matthews C Dickson Evelyn Nott Sherry Falkenberg Joe Bauer Oscar Gomex Donna Paynter Eva Rutledge Frank Friesen Kris McGeoch Shoes T. Boot Rema MacDonald Sean Meggs Herbert Melner Brian Varney Simon Evison Shades on Caribou Nwabu Nzurum Caralyn Boh Marlin Murphy Nelly Shaw Richard Parent Barbara Kroetsch Don Fry Rick Arum Michele Rondot Jason Manarintr Bob Gagnon Kelly Burney Tom Russell Mark Fietz Sandra Staerk Lucy Houchen Daniel Sander Bernard Mailloux Leighton Healey Janine Jowett Phil Sheppard Dan McCoy Janneane Wutzke Helen Martins Darren Thengs Paul Parzan Graham Venechuk Cam Mcleod Chris Whitty John Slade Greg Brown Julie Rosario Bobby Dhillon Enercan Resources Ltd. Eileen March Jon Van Engelen Kathryn Lundy Cley Brotherton Tim Voykin Mynthia Mcdanel Sandra Fraser-Dokken Ken Fryatt Heather West Arlene Round Jacquie Winter

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